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Chess Set

I chose to make a chess set in Solidworks because I wanted something a little more challenging but not
impossible. I also really enjoy playing chess and my professor mentioned that I could Rapid Prototype
the chess set when I completed the design.
The most difficult part of the project was creating the crown on the Queen. Because I was working on a
curved surface I had a hard time trying to figure out how to cut out the triangles. I finally figured out
that I could sketch the pattern on the top view plane and cut up all the way through the crown to get
the correct shape. The cross on the king also presented difficulties but not as difficult as the crown.
I grew up playing chess with my dad and brother and now at college I play chess with my boyfriend so
making chess set really suited my hobbies.
I learned how to scale parts in Solidworks by doing this project because the pieces have a similar base
scaled down from the king. Finding this tool allowed me to be more efficient in making the parts and
assemblies. I really enjoy working with Solidworks. I really enjoyed working on my own project because
it aligned with my interests making the project even more enjoyable. The possibilities are endless when
using Solidworks.

King Chess Piece Queen Chess Piece

Bishop Chess Piece
Knight Chess Piece
Castle Chess Piece
Pawn Chess Piece