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Name: Fernandez, Reimon Patric F.

Date of Presentation: June 28

Type of Speech: Demonstratie Speech
Tit!e of Speech: "!timate
#enera! Purpose: To Demonstrate
Specific Purpose: To Demonstrate ho$ to thro$ a %ac&hand in "!timate Fris'ee.
(entra! )dea: *ery one $ho p!ays fris'ee shou!d &no$ ho$ to thro$ a 'ac&hand.
+. ) $i!! sho$ %rodie Smith,s tutoria! ideo for %ac&hand Thro$.
%. ) $i!! 'e sho$in- a step 'y step presentation on ho$ to thro$ a %ac&hand.
)). %ody
+. .ou $i!! need a Fris'ee disc.
%. Step / 0 Fi1in- your position
/. Fi1in- your stance $i!! ma&e your thro$ stron-er and faster.
2. Doin- this $i!! a!so enhance your aim.
After you have fixed your position, you should now fix your grip.
(. Step 2 0 Fi1in- your -rip
/. .ou shou!d p!ace your fin-ers correct!y in order to -ain contro! of the
2. .ou $on,t 'e a'!e to thro$ the fris'ee efficient!y $hen your fin-ers are
not a!i-ned.
The next step is to ready your shoulders and throw the frisbee.
D. Step 2 0 Thro$in- the disc
/. .ou need to t$ist and step to ma&e a po$erfu! thro$.
))). (onc!usion
+. +!! .ou need to do is to a!i-n your fin-ers correct!y $hen ho!din- the disc and tor3ue
'oth your upper and !o$er 'ody $hen thro$in- in order to do it efficient!y.
%. *ach step is critica! in thro$in- the disc correct!y that,s $hy it,s important for us to