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Location: My garden Date/Time:

Equipment: DSRL Camera

Light Writing Photography

When its dark at night, I will go out into the garden and test out the light writing first by either getting
myself or a helper to write basic shapes and words to test that the camera is at the correct settings.

I will adjust the ISO setting as well as the aperture so that my images will come out the best quality
they can be.

Once the appropriate settings have been secured, I will make have to test the exposure times as this
will effect whether I will be able to achieve the photographs in the time limits. I will attempt to create
light images of plants as well as animals, although I would like to keep them simple as it would be
difficult and rather time consuming if they were to be very detailed.

The images will be taken various times as this will ensure I have the correct shapes.

If post-production is needed on the images, I will use it as it could make them look even better than
the originals.