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Fresno City College School of Business

CIT 12 Computer Literacy

Instructor# Michael Catlapp, B.A.
$hone# None.
%mail# michael.catlapp@fresnocitycollege.edu
Office &ours# By arrangement
'e( site# http://blackboard.fresnocitycollege.edu
Login an) $ass*or)# https://fcc.simnetonline.com/sp/!"#
$tudent %& including leading 'eros
Days Schedule No. Times Room
M-TTh CIT%12 12:00PM 2:35PM 127
Course $urpose+O(,ecti-es# (he ob)ecti!es of this introductory course are to introduce common computer
terminology and e*perience popular soft+are packages including +ord processing and spreadsheets. (he class
e*amines computer hard+are, net+orking, databases, the %nternet, current and future uses of computers and
social issues created by computers. (his class fulfills the computer literacy graduation re,uirement. Ad!isory:
-ligibility for -nglish .#/ and .#0 or -$1 02 and 03 recommended.
Stu)ent Learning Outcomes#
At the end of this course the student +ill be able to:
.. 4se Microsoft 5ffice 6or the current soft+are application suite currently used for instruction by the 7resno
City College Computer %nformation (echnology 6C%(8 &epartment8.
4se a +ord processing application program to design and create a document +ith specified font
characteristics, margins, )ustification, line spacing and other specified format characteristics.
4se a spreadsheet application program to design and create a spreadsheet +orkbook containing
formulas, predefined functions, and graphs
4se a relational database application program to design and build a functional database
4se presentation soft+are to create an electronic slide presentation
#. 4se and operate a microcomputer to perform basic business functions including:
$ending and recei!ing e9mail
4sing the :indo+s file management system to locate electronic files
Conduct searches on the :orld :ide :eb for specified information
&escribing basic microcomputer hard+are components
;. &esign and create a <isual Basic 6or other programming language as specified8 program.
=. %dentify and e*plain common telecommunications net+ork models as determined by his/her performance on
assignments, e*aminations, and participation.
Re.uire) Te/t an) 0aterials# All students should ha!e their books and materials no later than the beginning
of the third +eek of class.
.. Re.uire) Concepts Te/ts: Using Information Technology, 10e Complete
Edition; Williams/Sawyer IS!" #$%&0&0$&$'$0(#)
#. Re.uire) "pplication Soft*are: SI*!ET +ffice )010 +nline.
>age . of /
CIT 15 Computer Literacy
;. Recommen)e) Soft*are: $ome assignments use Microsoft 5ffice :ord, -*cel, and >o+er>oint
#?.? soft+are. M$ 5ffice is a!ailable in our classroom, the 7CC 1ibrary computer lab, and the lab
classes listed belo+. 5r the students may purchase the soft+are for use off campus.
=. "))itional 0aterials# $torage media or cloud storage and a computer +ith internet access to
complete lab assignments. (his class @-A4%@-$ the use of a computer.
Teaching 0etho)s an) 0etho)s of -aluation#
.. $articipation+Class 0eetings: @egular attendance and participation is e*pected. $tudents are
responsible for taking tests, acti!ely listening to lectures, participating in class discussions and group
+ork assignments. :hen additional time is a!ailable, students are e*pected to +ork on their
assignments. $ince an absent student can not participate, studentBs participation points +ill be reduced
for absences, as +ell as non9participation.
#. 1ra)ing Criteria# 1etter grades +ill be determined based on the percentage of possible points earned
during the semester, based on the items outlined belo+.
$articipation 22 -ents 3 14 567
SI08T "ssignments 15 La(s 3 17 each 157
La( "ssignments or $ro,ects 6 $ro,ects 3 47 each 577
$o*er$oint $resentation Oral presentation to class 94
Chapter :ui;;es en) of Chapter < 3 17 points each <7
Final /am 1 Final 3 94 54
Total# 1777
= The a(o-e may (e mo)ifie) to meet the nee)s of the class> as )etermine) (y the Instructor?
1ra)ing Scale# " C?D9.??D, B 3?D93CD, C 2?D92CD, @ 0?D90CD, F Belo+ 0?D
;. SI08T "ssignments: (here are multiple $%MN-( assignments. >oints a+arded are based on
percentage correct. 1abs re,uire the use of a computer +ith %nternet access and $%MN-( soft+are. (he
$%MN-( assignments +ill shut off automatically as they are completed and on the due dates listed in
the tentati!e course schedule.
=. La( $ro,ects: (here are se!eral hands9on lab assignments re,uiring critical thinking and the application
of skills learned in class to real +orld situations. Many of the labs re,uire group collaborationE failure to
+ork in a group +ill reduce the possible points by half.
/. Su(mitting assignments: Fo+ assignments are submitted depends on the (G>- of assignment.
mail assignments must include your name, C%( ./ and class schedule number in the sub)ect area.
SI08T assignments must be completed using the $%MN-( soft+are program.
$resentation is done during class using M$ >o+er>oint. Fandout on grading +ill be pro!ided.
$rinte) assignments should be turned in during class. Gou +ill lose points for improperly labeled,
unprofessional appearance, or out of order assignments. Attach a co!er page +ith the follo+ing
information on all printed assignments:
Gour name 6and team members names8
C%( .# and days and times your class meets
Class $chedule Number
(itle of the assignment
>age # of /
CIT 15 Computer Literacy
Current date
0. Tests an) Final /am: (here are three tests and a comprehensi!e final. (he tests assess the studentBs
comprehension of material in the concepts te*t. (he re,uired final is comprehensi!e.
2. @ue )ates# $ee the tentati!e course schedule for assignment due dates, scheduled lectures, ,ui''es and
tests. &ue dates are based on class meeting times. 4nless other+ise specified, M classes ha!e
:ednesday due dates. All labs are due.
Late "ssignments an) 0aAe ups#
.. Late "ssignments# $ince the 1ab and $%MN-( assignments are a!ailable +eeks in ad!ance and may
be completed and turned in early, late assignments are not accepted.
#. :ui; an) Test 0aAe ups# (here +ill be no make9up for ,ui''es, or in9class lab assignments. A
make9up test +ill be allo+ed +ithin one +eek of scheduled test, but +ill be lo+ered by one
letter grade. (he final e*am must be taken +hen scheduled.
Course $olicies#
A. "ca)emic @ishonesty: >lagiarism and cheating are serious !iolations of school policy and +ill not be
tolerated. 4nless specified, all assignments are e*pected to be done indi!idually. Completing a non9
group assignment as a team is considered cheating. Cheating on an e*am or assignment +ill result in
recei!ing a 'ero for the entire e*am or assignment, ha!ing a copy of a &ishonesty %nfraction 7orm put in
your permanent record and can lead to e*pulsion from the class or the College.
B. Classroom Courtesy: No food or drinks are allo+ed in the computer lab. >lease turn off cell phones,
pagers, and other electronic de!ices before entering the classroom. -lectronic de!ices interrupting the
class are unprofessional. $tudents are e*pected to act appropriately and respect others. &isrupti!e
students +ill be asked to lea!e the class. Any students asked to lea!e +ill be marked absence and/or
tardy and +ill not ,e allowed to ma-e .p missed wor-.
C. @ropping the Class# -*cessi!e absences 6t+o absences in the first three +eeks or four absences before
the drop deadline8 and/or unsatisfactory performance may result in a student being dropped from class.
(+o tardies count as one absence. Fo+e!er, do not count on being dropped. %t is the responsibility of
the student to drop this class if he/she +ishes to do so. $ee the tentati!e schedule for the drop deadline.
&. /tenuating Circumstances# (he school has a policy for e*tenuating circumstances. Any student
e*periencing an unusual situation that affects their class participation or assignments, please contact the
instructor to discuss dropping/grading options.
-. Internet B mail: Most assignments for this course +ill re,uire the use of the %nternet including email,
$%MN-( and Blackboard. $tudents need to enter their email address in Blackboard during the second
+eek of class. %f they do not ha!e an email address, they need to set one up.
7. 0isse) Classes: (he student is responsible for obtaining material distributed on class days +hen he or
she is absent. (his can be done by contacting a classmate, the instructor during office hours, !ia phone
or e9mail or accessing the class +ebsite. &ue dates +ill N5( be e*tended due to student absence.
H. 8ee) for "ssistance: >lease notify the instructor during the first +eek of class if any special
accommodations are needed for this course, due to a !erifiable physical or learning disability.
F. Technical @ifficulties: (he student is responsible for submitting assignments on or before due dates
regardless of technical difficulties.
>age ; of /
CIT 15 Computer Literacy
%. "ccommo)ations for Stu)ents *ith @isa(ilities# %f you ha!e special needs as addressed by the
Americans +ith &isabilities Act 6A&A8 please notify me immediately after class. @easonable efforts
+ill be made to accommodate your special needs, but you must notify me in the first +eek.
>age = of /
CIT 15 Computer Literacy
Tentative Course Schedule*
@ay @ate Lecture $ro,ects+In%Class Sim8et+:ui;;es+Rea)ing
Mon 09#;9.= Course %ntroduction I
5!er!ie+ @egister
Het te*t and $imNet soft+are
-mail account !erification
@ead Ch.. 4%(, send message on
(ues 09#=9.= Lecture Ch?1 'e(site 'ee(ly %nternet
:ed 09#/9.= Lecture Ch?1 0enu $ro,ect 1 Rea) Ch?1
:in 2
(hurs 09#09.= Lecture Ch?2 0enu $ro,ect 1 Quiz Chapter 1 Rea) Ch?2
:in 2
Mon 09;?9.= Lecture Ch?2
Week 3 Drop Deadline
0enu $ro,ect 1 Quiz Chapter Rea) Ch?5
'or) 1
(ues 29.9.= Lecture Ch?5 0enu $ro,ect 1 'or) 2
:ed 29#9.= Lecture Ch?5 0ail 0erge $ro,ect 2 Quiz Chapter 3 Rea) Ch?2
(hurs 29;9.= Lecture Ch?2 Buil)ing Computers 'or) 5
Mon 2929.= Lecture Ch?4 Buil)ing Computers Quiz Chapter ! Rea) Ch?4
(ues 2939.= Lecture Ch?4 Buil)ing Computers
:ed 29C9.= Lecture Ch?4 Buil)ing Computers
(hurs 29.?9.= Lecture Ch?6 Bu)get /cel $ro,ect 1 Quiz Chapter " Rea) Ch?6
/cel 1
Mon 29.=9.= Lecture Ch?C Bu)get /cel $ro,ect 1 Quiz Chapter # Rea) Ch?C
/cel 2
(ues 29./9.= Lecture Ch?C Bu)get /cel $ro,ect 2
:ed 29.09.= Lecture Ch?C Bu)get /cel $ro,ect 5 /cel 5
(hurs 29.29.= Lecture Ch?9 Quiz Chapter $ Rea) Ch?9
Mon 29#.9.= Lecture Ch?< Create >o+er >oint
@ream Dacation
Quiz Chapter % Rea) Ch?<
$$T 1
(ues 29##9.= Lecture Ch?< @ream Dacation
:ed 29#;9.= Lecture Ch?< @ream Dacation $$T2
(hurs 29#=9.= Lecture Ch?17 @reamDacation Quiz Chapter & Rea) Ch?17
Mon 29#39.= Lecture Ch?17 $resentation
Start $resentations
Quiz Chapter 1'
(ues 29#C9.= $resentation
Start $resentations
>ractice 7inal
:ed 29;?9.= Cross :ord 7inal @e!ie+
/e0iew for 1inal; 2rade
Si(net La) *inal
(hurs $+31%12 Need $cantron J 33# Comprehensi!e &epartmental 7inal
*Any chanes to the schedule or due dates !ill "e announced in class and may "e modi#ied to meet the needs o#
the class$ as determined "y the Instructor.
>age / of /