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Humphrey St.

Francis Schools
Library Selection Policy and Procedures Manual

Reading is a window to the world.
Inquiry provides a framework for learning.
Ethical behavior in the use of information must be taught.
Technology skills are crucial for future employment needs.
Equitable access is a key component for education.
The definition of information literacy has become more complex
as resources and technologies have changed.
The continuing expansion of information demands that all individuals
acquire the thinking skills that will enable them to learn on their own.
Learning has a social context.
School libraries are essential to the development of learning skills.

We are committed to the 21
century learner.
Come on in!

The above quotes are based on the standards for the 21
Century learner and taken from G. Formanak, (2008)

St. Francis Schools Mission Statement
The mission of St. Francis Schools is to provide a faith-based environment for all students to achieve
academic excellence and spiritual growth based on Gospel values and Catholic traditions.

St. Francis Schools Library/Media Center Mission Statement
The mission of the St. Francis libraries is to provide our student patrons in preschool through grade
12 with the best quality, most updated variety of materials, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as
print and electronic, to aid in the success of their educational experience at St. Francis Catholic
Library Personnel Job Descriptions
1. The librarian is responsible for selecting, purchasing, cataloging, and maintaining the library
collection; however, legal responsibility for materials rests with the school president and
2. The librarian will inventory all print library materials in the Follett Library Resources Program
(FLRP) before it is put on the shelves for use by the students and faculty.
3. The librarian, in conjunction with the home and school association, will organize and manage
the Scholastic Book Fair, each fall, coordinating this with the week before and during parent-
teacher conferences.
4. The librarian will conduct classes in library skills with the elementary classes once per week as
established in the school specialties schedule at the beginning of every school year.
5. The librarian will be present in the high school library a minimum of three days per week
during 7th and 8th grade Accelerated Reader classes.

Library media specialists must take a leadership role in shifting the educational culture away from
one that values the collection and memorization of factual knowledge. Library media specialists must
step up and become instructional leaders by collaborating with classroom teachers in the design of
learning experiences that require inquiry into essential questions tied to real-world, complex issues
(Formanak, 2008).

Library Media Center Goals and Objectives
1. To provide the most up-to-date, relevant print, Internet, and recorded resources for use by our
students and faculty
2. To support the curricula of all teachers, pre-K 12, through consultation and collaboration
3. To offer students and staff guidance on the proper use of library resources,
including tutorials on copyright laws and plagiarism
4. To keep students and staff apprised of the Internet resources available through Educational
Service 7
5. To promote and teach the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Standards for the
Century Learner

American Association of School Librarians
Standards for the 21
Century Learner

1. Inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge.
2. Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply knowledge to new situations,
and create new knowledge
3. Share knowledge and participate ethically and productively as members of our
democratic society
4. Pursue personal and aesthetic growth

Selection and Acquisition of Materials
1. Materials will be evaluated based on currency relevance (to curricula & needs/interest of
students & staff).
2. All materials will be researched and selected by the LMS with final authority for purchase
resting on the president and principal.
3. The LMS will use professional selection aids, such as Titlewave.com, Scholastic, and the School
Library Journal, to determine the appropriateness and quality of library materials.
4. The LMS will use the professional direction of the faculty when choosing curricular reference
5. The LMS will list desired and needed items, print and non-print, in the St. Francis Schools
Wish List binder for purchase by patrons and supporters of St. Francis Schools. The binders
go out twice annually to all St. Francis School families.
6. Gifts given to the library will be accepted based on relevance, curricula and interests of the
students and faculty.
7. As St. Francis is a member of the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic School System, selection of
materials will ultimately follow the mandates of the Catholic Schools Office. Books that go
directly against Catholic teaching will not be placed on the library shelves. The library does,
however, shelve books on all world religions.

Professional Collections
The LMS will purchase materials specifically for professional development of the staff on the
direction of the school president and/or principal. These materials will be kept in on bookshelves in
the teachers lounge and the faculty will be notified of the arrival of materials for their use. The staff
will be trusted to use and return the materials at their discretion.

Weeding of Print Materials
Materials are removed (weeded) from the library on an as needed basis throughout the school year as
deemed appropriate by the LMS. Removal will occur for the following reasons:
Entire Collection
1. The school president and/or principal calls for removal of the book due to archdiocesan
requirements or an approved challenge of material.
2. A book is damaged beyond repair.
Fiction Collection
1. A book has not been checked out of the library for four years according to the Follett
Library Resources Program.
2. Pictures show that the book is outdated; this is particularly important for childrens books.
Nonfiction Collection
1. A more up-to-date and accurate replacement for the book has been purchased and shelved.
2. A more recent copyright of the same title has been purchased and shelved.

Challenged Materials
Materials will not be removed from library shelves based on a verbal challenge alone. The following
procedures must be followed when requesting removal of library material:
1. Fill out the Library Material Challenge Form on the last page of this manual. Print out a
copy or request one from the school.
2. Either mail the form to the principal or bring it to the school office.
3. The principal will notify the school president of the challenge and provide a copy of the
challenge to him.
4. Within one week of receiving the challenge form, the principal will make appointment to
speak in person with the challenging party and the school president in the principals
5. After the meeting, a determination will be made, based on the argument presented in
writing and in person by the challenging party, by the principal and school president.
6. The challenging party will be notified by mail as to the decision made by the principal and
school president.
7. A copy of the letter will be given to the LMS. If removal of the challenged material is
determined, it will be removed by the LMS on the day a copy of the letter is received or as
soon as possible thereafter.
8. As St. Francis is a Catholic school, and, therefore, a privately funded facility, we do not
shelve materials that speak directly against Catholic teaching. However, if a parent or
guardian requests that only their child not read or check out the material in question, this
will be a personal matter between the parent and child and the school will not interfere or

Communication of Library Policies and Procedures to School Staff
1. The Library Policy and Procedures Manual will be made available to all faculty and staff in
the Documents tab on the Sycamore homepage.
2. Staff will be made aware of the location of the manual each year at one of the faculty in-
service meetings at the beginning of the school year in August.
3. In the event that there is a revision to the library manual, staff will be informed of the
changes at one of the faculty in-service meetings at the beginning of the school year in

Adoption and/or Revision of Policies
1. The Library Selection Manual will be reviewed each year in May by the library media
specialist and the principal.
2. If it is determined that revisions or additions are necessary, they will be written by the LMS
and submitted to the school president and principal for approval by June 1 of each year.
3. The revisions will be presented at the June school board meeting. As they are an advisory
panel, any suggestions they have will be heard; however, the final decision on adoption of
revisions will be determined by the school president and principal.
4. After the June school board meeting, the principal will contact the LMS to confirm or deny
adoption of the revisions to the Library Selection Manual.
5. The school principal will upload the modified document to Sycamore by August 1.

This version of the Library Selection Policy and Procedures Manual was written by Tina Schumacher,
current LMS, and approved by principal, Jennifer Dunn, and school president, Fr. John Andrews, on
____________, 2011.

American Association of School Librarians (2007). Standards for the 21
century learner.
Chicago: American Library Association.
Bishop, K. (2007). The collection program in schools. (4th Ed., pp. 33-57). Westport, CT:
Libraries Unlimited.
Formanack, G. (2008). The importance of language: The partnership for 21st century
skills and AASL standards. School Library Media Activities Monthly, 25(1),
Retrieved from http://elibrary.bigchalk.com
Library Material Challenge Form
Title of the Book: ______________________________________________________________
Author: ______________________________________________________________________
Have you read the entire book? Yes No
Does your challenge relate mostly to a scene or scenes from the book, language used by the
characters, an overall theme or themes, or something else?
Please provide your reasons for requesting removal of the material from the library. Be specific.
Include the reason or reasons you believe the inclusion of this material on the St. Francis
Library shelves is detrimental to your child(ren).
Include specific page numbers and quotes from the book with your reasons for the challenge.
Include, if there is any, Catholic theology that supports your challenge of the material.

Signed ________________________________________________ Dated _____________________________