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Battle of the Beaks Lab

Objective: Students will be able to learn about adaptive advantage, based on beak
function, by simulating birds competing for various foods.
Include in..
- Attach ecording Sheet
- Answer:
o !hat did you notice about your feeding abilities"
o #id everyone with the same types of beaks have the same success rate
with the same foods" !hy or why not"
o !hat did you notice about your behavior and the behavior of others"
o !hat was your strategy when all types of foods were available"
o $ow were these strategies different from the previous eating e%periences"
- &reate a bar graph showing the different types of beaks and food types.
Include in.
- !hat would happen if all the bird types we have been working with flew to an
island where no birds have been before and the only food type available was
macaroni munchies, which bird beak type would be most likely to be successful"
'%plain your answer thoroughly.
- If a food value was given for each type of food, would this change your feeding
- $ow much more of one type of food would you have to eat to e(ual only on of
something else"
- !hat would happen if there was a change in the environmental conditions causing
the loss of one of the food items" )hint: bird population*