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South Africa-Hungary Business Network

(Business Comes Home)

Kalman Meszaros, dr.
Economic and Commercial Counsellor
HITA / Embassy of Hungary, Pretoria
Business network launched in SA in September 2011 by HITA (www.hita.hu)
Main goal: to boost business opportunities between SA and Hungarian
firms, primarily SMEs
Network services: members receive invitations to all business events
organised by SAHUN /HITA in SA (sectoral/sub-sectoral, regional/sub-
regional, workshops, business weeks - 3 - 4 per year are foreseen)
Members can continuously send offers and enquiries for partner seeking
and matching through the network


Network operation:
Lead manager/s: Hita / Hun-SA Chamber of Commerce (recruitment
and registration; continuous partner matching service; annual
agenda; management and implementation of business events and

Sponsors: KwaZulu Natal Trade@Investment (www.tikzn.co.za)
(interested firms, enterpreneurs, organisations which assist in
network operation, contribute to network prizes and awards) -

Membership is gratis, registration requests (company name,
contact person, e-mail address, website) and further info on the
following contact points: pretoria@hita.hu,kmeszaros@mfa.gov.hu

Websites: www.hita.hu;www.hunsachamber.co.za;www.tikzn.co.za

Operation Summary up to July 2014: 386 members registered;
457 business offers intermediated between SAHUN and SUSAN
(Hungarian counterpart) with over 50 deals concluded and scores in
the pipeline