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Le Chateliers Principle


Karlo Ignacio E. Reyes

To unlock the secrets of the Le Chateliers Principle in the physical equilibrium involving the
sodium chloride saturated solution in the changes of concentration.
Experiment Procedures
1. Place a 2 ml Saturated NaCl solution in a clean test tube. Before using the saturated sodium
chloride solution, test if it is really saturated by adding a crystals of sodium chloride. If the
crystal dissolves, add another until at least one crystal remains undissolved.
2. Once assured that your solution is really saturated, add drop-by-drop concentrated HCl until a
change in the crystals is observed.
3. Record your observation.
Ionic Equation for the saturated NaCl

Observed Results
- After dropping HCl to the solution the concentration of the Cl- initialy increased that is why the crystals
formed before droping HCl dissolve. Le Chateliers Principle, which states that when stress is placed on a
system in equilibrium, the system will react to relieve the stress. The stess placed on the system at
equilibrium was the Cl ions and the formation of more sodium chloride crystals is the systems way to
relieve the stress.
What is the Principle involved in the test?
The Principle Involved in this test is Le Chateliers principle which stated that a change in one of
the variable that describe a system at equilibrium produces a shift in the position of the
equilibrium that counteracts the effect of this change.
What will happen if you skipped checking if your solution is saturated?
The account result of the experiment using the principles will not give ideas about the principle.