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Educational Uses of Second Life

The Second Life Experience

Construct identity, play with roles, develop shared

Support experimentation

Encourage play Motivates students (Squire, 2005; Vygotsky, 1978)

Construct scaffolded spaces Practical experimentation; minimal risk
Opt out of lecture and passive approaches Learn through seeing, knowing, and doing
Nurture player choices and decision-making Control and own the learning process
Design "realistic" environments (special
Immersive and authentic experiences

Lead students toward a sense of space

Context, activities, action
(Kalay, 2004)
Increase student learning Greater than via text alone (Van, 2007)
Foster the formation of a learning culture Collaborate; create of new knowledge; develop
(Nardi et al., 2007) greater understanding
Enhance technology-focused skills Visual skills, information literacy, critical thinking