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Editing in iMovie

Click on the home drive (house icon, top right): password:

To fnd iMovie: Push Command and space!ar" #t the top
right corner o$ the screen, t%pe in iMovie and click on the
&nce in iMovie, select Create 'ew Pro(ect and choose a
name" )ave to *eel + *eel, ,roup #"
To add the $ootage to iMovie, open the M*-kids drive (!lue
rectangle with . white people on it) and fnd %our $older"
To watch a video clip, dou!le click" To add the clip to iMovie,
le$t click and hold, then drag the clip to the iMovie !in" Each
clip will take some time to import, so please !e patient"
/onger clips take longer 0 !ecause o$ this, make sure each
shot is no more than 1 minute in length2
3rag the clips to the timeline, and put them in order" To
watch, click the dou!le le$t arrow, then hit the space!ar"
To cut out something, move the cliphead to the desired spot,
then go to the Edit ta! at the top o$ the screen" )elect split
video clip at pla%head" 4our clip will !ecome two, and %ou
can delete the part %ou don5t want