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Risk Assessment for: Cooking Doughnuts using doughnut maker (updated July 2014 !

RA "a
#eneral Des$ription
Doughnut making has been successfully used & developed for all age groups within ALS provision. There are potentially high risks from a number of sources; euipment!
fire! burns! food"poisoning etc. #owever if well planned & controlled! it is a very valuable activity! greatly en$oyed by children & young people! encouraging engagement and
positive relationships to be developed with e%isting & new participants and is a positive way of developing life"skills! confidence & creativity for service users.
RA %tanding &rder &or all activities with young people! signing"in sheets & membership files 'with notes & emergency medical ( contact info for participants) are to be kept to hand 'but secure).
R'%( )& *+&,
C&-)R&. ,/A%0R/%
R'%(% -&)
'& recommendations)
Slips! trips! falls!
Service *sers
ALS staff & vols
+thers using
facilities ( premises.
+thers consuming
food cooked during
ALS sessions 'e.g.
parents ( family)
,itchen ( coffee bar area to be used " must be checked before the activity 'by Lead -orker for the session &(or the
worker leading the cooking activity). To include.
&irst aid kit location.
/mergency cut off valves.
&ire precautions 'e.g. blankets! e%tinguishers) checked in kitchen. Safe emergency e%its.
01 instructed on safe use of euipment & facilities at start of activity ( when $oining activity.
Assessment & action on cleanliness & suitability '& any ha2ards) of facilities for the activity.
Safety of euipment being used 'including 1AT testing where appropriate)
Activity to be run by 3 ALS staff ( volunteers! one of whom must.
4e a paid staff member & clearly in charge 'supervising ( leading) & responsible for overall safety of activity.
4e currently ualified in &ood Safety 'to Level 3 or higher) & ensure that safe practices are enforced 'e.g. hygiene!
handling & storage! euipment use etc) as reuired by environmental health procedures ( inspection.
Aid trained & ualified
1resent & in control of the activity at all times
1resent at all times " e%cept when needed to be a 6gofer7 'e.g. get euipment! people! ingredients etc. from
elsewhere in the building)
-orkers must set & enforce a ma%imum group si2e to take part at any time! based upon.
&acilities available & environment.
/%perience ( maturity of participants '& staff).
Any potential ( likely behavioural issues of participants.
-here si2e(layout of kitchen ( premises 'or nature of group taking part) may affect safety ( effectiveness of the
activity! preparation of food to be cooked may be done outside of the kitchen! in a nearby area! suitably assessed 'as
above)! ensuring that good & safe practices re &ood Safety are maintained.
Any disruptive or dangerous behaviour or distractions to staff caused by such! to result in immediate end of the
activity and safe & prompt packing away of all euipment! ingredients and all risk"related materials.
Any chilled ingredients brought to the site! must be transported in suitable cool bo%es ( containers & temperatures must
be controlled & measured with suitable thermometers at regular intervals.
-orkers must also control ( supervise access to areas being used by third parties during the activity 'e.g. other user
groups ( centre staff in multi"use premises). 8ssues arising from others use of facilities! at other times! must be reported
'to an ALS Director & appropriate 9entre management) : e.g. hygiene ( cleanliness! euipment misuse! food storage.
&ood poisoning from
incorrectly prepared (
stored ( handled ( cooked
food or inappropriate
facilities & euipment.
8n$uries to people! from
euipment 'accidents (
inappropriate use (
&ire ( /lectric Shocks
9ompleted by. ;ena #odgson Approved by 'Director). Date.
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