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Standard 1.


Standard 1.4 Diffusion of Innovations and Change
Candidates research, recommend, and implement strategies for initiating and sustaining
technology innovations and for managing the change process in schools. (PSC 1.4/ISTE 1d)

The coaching journal I completed for ITEC 7410 demonstrates mastery for standard 1.4
in the area of implementing strategies for change. The coaching journal documents topics
covered during the individual training sessions I held for the three volunteers who wanted
additional training opportunities in addition to the professional development workshops I held
after school. The journal documents time spent, topics covered, and attitudes of those being
taught. Areas for future training needs were evaluated and added into the coaching journal.
The techniques that I used for the coaching sessions reflect the coaching standards I
learned in coursework. The role I took was of mentor and facilitator. I used guided instruction to
first model the new technology, and then I acted as facilitator and coach while the three peers I
was coaching practiced navigating through the new programs. The topics that were covered
during the coaching sessions were determined in a collaborative planning sessions where I met
with the peers who had requested additional instruction and we discussed what areas they felt
they needed more direct instruction, and modeling of technology devices. Originally, we had set
up a schedule of four coaching sessions. All three made progress during the sessions, however,
still requested additional time. The announcement that administration had made that technology
implementation would now be part of the teacher assessment piece had my peers very concerned
about achieving mastery. The total number of sessions completed were twelve over the span of
the 2012-2013 school year and during the 2013-2014 school years.
In the future, changes I would make would be to keep more detailed, annotated records of
the instructional needs of those I am tutoring as the session is taking place. It is very difficult to
recall all questions and issues raised when the reflection and note taking occurs after the session
is complete. There were times when I had given my peers a chance to try some of the programs
hands on when I could have jotted down notes or questions that had been asked. This is
definitely a strategy I will implement in the future. As a special education teacher, I take
annotated notes throughout the day as I am teaching. The idea of taking notes as I went did not
Standard 1.4

occur to me until after I had completed the coaching journal. I think this may have been due in
great part to how nervous I felt with my first coaching group. As I have progressed throughout
the coursework these past two years, my confidence in addressing and teaching my peers has
greatly increased. Another change I would make for future training sessions would be to include
a survey piece at the end of the training session which would give participants to identify areas
of improvement they saw, things they thought were helpful, and future training needs that they
felt should be addressed.
By coaching fellow teachers in my school building I am an agent of change. I have
facilitated the implementation of technology integration into classroom lessons where technology
was not used previously. I have assisted my peers with becoming confident in using the
Promethean Board in order to introduce twenty first century tools into grade level curriculum.
The coaching sessions also helped reflect how technology could be used to differentiate
instruction and give all students equal access to grade level curriculum.