Personal Equipment List

All camp gear (except sleeping bag) should fit in a small backpack. We have limited space on the boat that is transporting our gear to camp. There are approximately 30 youth and adults attending. So, you can imagine the amount of gear and food needed for a week long trip. Each Scout is responsible for his own personal gear. A suggested list follows: 1 complete field uniform (worn during commute to and from Matagorda) 2 extra BSA T-shirts 2 pairs of extra swim trunks 4 pairs of socks 4 sets of underwear Old Tennis shoes or water shoes 2 towels (separate from bath towel)Towel Sleepwear 1 pair long pants (optional) Light Ssleeping bag or sheets (for overnighter – place in garbage bag) Pillow with case (optional) Sweatshirt or jacket (optional)Water-proof jacket Raincoat or poncho Hat Day pack Watch with alarm Water bottle Plate, bowl, cup (mess kit) and utensils Flashlight with extra batteries and bulb Insect repellant Pocket knife Pencil and paper Scout handbook Book of MormonScriptures Spending money (how much suggested?) Camera and film (optional) Suntan lotion Toiletry kit containing: 2 bath towels 1 wash cloth (optional) Comb and brush Biodegradable Ssoap and soap dish Toothbrush and toothpaste Deodorant Ground cloth

All personal equipment and clothing should be clearly marked with the name and Team number of the owner. DO NOT leave valuable lying around in the Camp area. Carry them along with you, even to the waterfront. On occasion, outsiders do come to this beach. What NOT to bring: Fireworks Sheath knife Radios Hand held games CB radio CD and tape players

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