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(Trial Class)

1. A small introduction session with students : 15-20 minutes

2. A Group Discussion session : 30 minutes
(Two groups of 5-6 students will conduct a group discussion from
these topics:
Should mobile telephones be banned in colleges?
Is the Consumer really the King in India?
Girls are more intelligent and stronger than boys.)

3. A small session on How to Face Interview : 30 minutes

4. An Effective Role Play session : 30 minutes

(Script of the role play: Telephonically)
Student A: You are booking into a hotel.
Elements: Book in to the hotel you dont have a reservation.
Complications: You are on your own and new in the city.
You want breakfast in the morning.
You have an early meeting and must not be late.
Student B: You are a hotel receptionist.
Elements: Welcome the guest, Find them a room.
Complications: You can't find a single room.
You only have a double room with bath available.

(Note: Activities performed in trial classes is just an overview to the total course work,
each student will get a chance to perform these activities on individual bases in future.)