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Caracas, February the 2nd English III Section A1

Carrillo, Manuel
Unsafe Abortion Practices
Every woman in the world should have the right to decide, whether she wants to interrut her
regnancy or not! "his is imortant because every year, thousands o# women die worldwide as a
result o# unsa#e, illegal abortion ractices!
$owadays, there are many countries, in which abortion is still illegal
! Forcing women, who want to
undergo such a rocedures, to do it in the clandestinity, or travelling to countries, where there is a
legal #ramewor% #or it! According to the &uttmacher Institute
'highly restrictive abortion laws are
not associated with lower abortion rates(! "he roblem with those sort o# laws is the #act that
women who loo% #or an abortion use illegal, unclean and most o# the time unsa#e methods! )nsa#e
because those rocedures are carried out by unro#essional eole *without any necessary education
#or it+! ,r they have to travel to other countries, where it is allowed *e!g! In the seventies women
#rom Sain who wanted to abort travelled to the )!-+! .ut to travel imlies an amount o# money
that not everybody has, secially eole #rom the develoing countries!
According to the &uttmacher Institute, the worldwide abortion rate has stagnated in the last 1/
years! .ut the ractice o# unsa#e abortion has increased! "hat is because o# the very restrictive legal
#ramewor% in many countries, #or e0amle in the A#rican continent or in 1atin America as well! As
a result, 23!/// women have died worldwide in 2//4
"o reduce the mortality rate among women the abortion should be legali6ed worldwide and #amily
lanning services should be imlemented by governments and its use encouraged, that is to say, the
availability o# modern contracetion should be given! In oor countries, un#ortunately, women do
not have the ossibility o# en7oying those sort o# services! A change in the olitics o# the
governments should ta%e lace in order to reduce the mortality rate worldwide by women through
unsa#e abortion ractices!
:orld =ealth ,rgani6ation *:=,+, Unsafe Abortion: Global and Regional Estimates of the Incidence of Unsafe
Abortion and Associated Mortality in 2008, si0th ed!, &eneva8 :=,, 2/11!