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Miss Youngs
Room C7

Sirrine Elementary School
Dear 5th Grade families,
My name is Miss Brittany Young and I am very excited to be your childs
fifth grade teacher. I would like to share with you a little about myself
and my philosophy of teaching.
I grew up as a military child, so I have moved around the country a bit, but was raised mostly in
Maryland. I moved to Arizona in 2010, and graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors
Degree in Elementary Education. GO ASU!!! I completed the education program with an Endorsement
in Second Language Inclusion and plan on taking courses to become a secondary history teacher in the
future. I have continued my education process through district classes and trainings. Needless to say, I
enjoy learning, and I want my students to love it as much as I do.
Although my whole family is back on the East coast, I stay very connected with them and love going
back to visit. I have a twin brother (although hes so big no one believes we are the same age) who is
pursuing officer candidate school to become an Army officer. Im a proud sister. My father is still in the
military and my mother is going back to school in the business field. In my spare time I love to read and
relax, and I am a bit health nut. I love to exercise. If Im not at school I tend to be sweating it out at the
gym! I love to travel and have some high hopes for world travel in the near future.
This year will be filled with exciting and challenging learning opportunities. I intend on creating a
positive learning environment for your child to progress both academically and socially. I am aiming for
both routine and fun along with, obviously, good learning. I want all of my students to grow in self-
confidence through learning, organization, independence, and collaboration. I have rigorous plans, but
I know that every student can reach that expectation. I want these skills to lend themselves to a sense
of community, caring, and positive attitudes in the classroom.
I encourage you to visit the classroom this year. You may contact me through the school, and in case of
an emergency, on my cell phone at 410-971-7043. My email address is bayoung@mpsaz.org
Please leave me messages if I am not available and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I hope to
work as a team to ensure the success of our students! I know how important and influential parents
are to a students learning experience, and I cant wait to start working with you to accomplish our
Miss. Young
School Information
Attendance/Tardy Procedure
This year, attendance and late arrivals are recorded in the computer. Since new skills
and concepts are taught each day, it is extremely important that you child be at school
and on time as much as possible. The bell rings at 7:45, and I hope to greet every
student in for the day at that time.
For any planned absences you may want to inform the office 480-472-3600 to prevent a
phone call home.
School Hours
On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday school hours are from 7:45-2:15
On Wednesdays school hours are from 7:45-1:45
Campus Passes
To ensure all student safety all guests must sign in at the front office. You will need to
pick up a visitors badge, but all visitors or parent volunteers are welcome.
We will be celebrating your childs birthday with a song (unless I am informed of wishes
otherwise) and treats if you choose to send them. If you would like to send treats please
notify me ahead of time so we have time during the day. If treats are edible, please
make sure they are store bought due to strict health and district codes. Due to peanut
allergy concerns please make sure the treats are peanut-less.
Water bottles
Your child may bring water bottles from home in to class. I encourage the children to
put the water on the floor for space concerns, but they may have it at their seats. Only
water is allowed at their seats, no juice or soda.
Students have restroom breaks scheduled through the day. I can only allow students to
leave class for the restroom in emergency cases, or during times when they will not miss
important information or work.
Procedures for a successful year in 5th grade
The following procedures are what we will be following in class to
ensure every student has an opportunity to succeed in the 5th grade this
year. I look forward to an exciting and productive year, and with your
help this will happen. Thank you for taking the time to read and
understand these procedures.
Miss. Young
1. Entering the classroom
Miss. Young will welcome you every day at our spot
Enter quietly
Unpack your backpack
Neatly put your supplies away and get settled in your seat

2. Get ready for class
Have homework or signed papers out and ready to turn in to the
appropriate bins
Begin the morning wake up that will be on your desk

3. Morning Wake up
Try your best. If you are asked to show work or write complete
sentences, please do. This is your chance to show me what you can do
first thing in the morning.
Work quietly
Wake that brain up!

4. Tardy
Please enter quietly
Turn in your late slip to the basket and begin settling into the task at
Limit disruption and distraction as much as possible

5. Fist to Five checks
When the teacher asks, show me a zero to five with your fingers.
This will show Miss. Young how well you are understanding what we
are learning. A fist means I dont understand anything at all, a five
means I am a master at this!

6. Instruction
When Miss. Young is talking, I am not
When Miss. Young asks for my attention I stop talking, turn to her,
and listen to what my teacher is saying.
If the bell rings, I FREEEZE
If I have a question or comment I will raise my hand

7. Leaving the classroom
Raise your hand and ask for permission to leave the room
NEVER leave without informing an adult
When allowed permission, leave and come back quickly and quietly

8. Monday Folders
Monday folders will go home every Monday. Inside will be the work
and graded tests from the previous week. Monday folders are to go
home, be looked at by an adult, and cleared out. All folders should
be back on Tuesday. Tests will be kept in the students data binder,
but the scores will be available on the progress reports that go
9. Progress reports
Progress reports will go home every week to two weeks depending on
what is being accomplished by the class during that time span. They
are to be signed and returned if the student is at a C average or
below. This lets Miss Young know that the parent is seeing whats
going on weekly in class.

10. Homework
Homework will go home almost every night. There may be nights
where homework is not given, but that will be infrequently. I record
students who do or do not turn in homework daily. Classroom
incentives are earned through turning in homework because it is such
an important part of me being able to see whether a student is getting
the information or struggling with it. I dont just want to give
homework as busy work! If a student does not turn in a homework
assignment they will give up their morning recess to finish it, and then
be able to go right out to play after.

11. End of the day dismissal
Miss. Young will dismiss the class when it is time to go
Before we leave the class, I make sure I have my agenda filled out, I
have my homework, my area is clean, and my chair is stacked.
Leave the room in an orderly fashion

12. Class participation
I want to see those little hands in the air! Show me what you
Every student has a popsicle stick in a mug, so there is always the
chance for random participation
If you need help, you may phone a friend
When another student is talking, we all listen respectfully

13. Turning in Papers
Is your name on it?
What about your name?
Make sure you have tried your best, with your best handwriting
Miss. Young will collect most work in the table folders
You and your parent will see the work in the Monday folder

14. When you are absent
Upon returning to class any worksheets will be placed on your desk
for completion.
Miss. Young would like all the work complete by the next day, but
you can always ask her for help if you need it on that next day.
If you know you are going to be absent, get your work before you
leave. That way you wont have anything to make up.

15. Working cooperatively
Everyone at the table will have a job. This will ensure students are
on task at all times, and things are getting done throughout the
I will not fight with my group members
I will not tell on my group members when it is a small thing.
I will give everyone in my group respect for their thoughts and

16. Tool Boxes
The material box on your table is the tool box. Inside is everything
you are going to need for the day (pencils, crayons, whiteboard
markers, and more) They are not toys and should not become a
distraction during the day. You will lose the right to have the tool
box if your table cannot handle it being on the desk.

17. Table Points
Each Table has a number or name, and every day tables are trying
to work together to earn table points through the week. The table
that has the most points at the end of the week will have a chance
to visit the prize binder on Monday.

18. Copying assignments in the Agenda
The agenda page will be used to record daily behavior, and parents
are asked to take a look at their students agenda page each night.
They will be recording what their color was for that day on their
agenda for their parent to see.

19. Lining up to walk around campus
When we line up to go somewhere we should be in a single file line,
and we are not talking. A quiet line will move through campus and
impress everyone, and we love our compliments!

20. Materials
As students, we go through things like pencils and white board
markers very easily. While I do have some extras, students need to
make sure they have what they need. I ask parents to ensure their
student has the materials they need every day.

Thank you very much; this is going to be a great year!
Miss. Young

Dear Parents,
As the school year is upon us, Id like to welcome you or welcome you back to Sirrine. I
am very excited about working with you to make your childs third grade year a very
successful one. Here is some information that I thought would be helpful to share with
you as we move through the year.
The supplies that your child will need this year include:
4 Folders with pockets (metal three ring clamps)
4 spiral notebooks
2 glue sticks
Pair of scissors
Pack of #2 pencils
Dry erase markers
Hand sanitizer
Box of tissue
Colored pencils
8 pack of markers
Pencil top erasers
I am looking forward to working with you and your child. Remember, my door is always
open if you have any questions or concerns or just wish to drop by. Please feel free to
contact me through the school if you need anything. If you call and I am unavailable,
please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you again,
Miss. Young

Parents! Want to know what your student is
learning this week? Want to know what the
homework for the night is? Want to know
what events are coming up for the week?
Need some extra practice for your student?
Look no farther than our class website!
I will update it every week, and almost every
day to let you and you student know what is
coming up and what the homework is. Just