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Meeting Agenda for IEEE Student Network Meet

Date : 4
May, 2014 Sunday.
Tie : !:00AM " 11:00AM #IST$
Duration : % &our'
Minute' (re)ared *y: (rateek A*hyankar
+enue : ,hi--y.' /oard 0oo.

IEEE Hyderabad Student Network 2014
1. To Run & Maintain the Student Network Website.
2. To handle the Student Network Email ID.
3. All Email Communiation to IEEE members !or an" #ur#ose to be handle
b" this team.
4. Maintainin$ %nline Database o! Student &ranhes.
1. An" in!ormation to be on'e"ed( #ublii)ed shall be dra!ted b" this team.
2. Srutin" and editin$ o! re#orts !rom 'arious student branhes.
3. *ress Releases !or e'er" setion le'el e'ent are to be dra!ted b" this
4. The SN Newsletter ontent shall be reated & Srutini)ed b" this Team
1. An" kind o! Desi$nin$ #ertainin$ to e'ent +"ers( #osters( banners to be
desi$ned b" this team.
2. The SN Newsletter shall also be desi$ned b" this team.
3. Templates for Reports, Feedback forms, Certificates to be prepared by this Team.
4. Assist the Web Desi$nin$ team. , I! re-uired.
1. All on/the/da" e'ent arran$ements shall be handled b" the lo$istis team.
2. This inludes( arran$in$ !or kits( aommodation( re$istrations et.
3. Durin$ Non/E'ent #eriods( this team is e0#eted to #ersuade S&1s to
submit their re#orts.
4. *lannin$ !or an" S& Inau$uration shall be the res#onsibilit" o! this Team.
1. This Team will handle all soial media onnetions #ertainin$ to the SN.
2. This Inludes( 2& #a$e( Twitter( 3inkedIn( 4oo$le 5( et.
3. This Team is also su##osed to take are o! %rderin$ *romotion Material.
4. E'ent *romotion shall be solel" the task o! this team.
1. This Team will ha'e to attend 'arious Inau$ural #ro$rams and Re#resent
the SN.
2. 4i'in$ Sessions on IEEE( SN( S&( S& Re#ortin$ Shall be the task o! this
3. *re#arin$ the re-uired #resentations !or the abo'e sessions is also a task
o! this team.
4. Anhorin$ & Sta$e Mana$ement at SN E'ents will be a task !or this Team.
1. Ca#turin$ $ood -ualit" #hotos o! SN e'ents.
2. Colletin$ *hotos o! 'arious S& e'ents ,In Collaboration with Setion
e'ents onl"..
3. Ca#turin$ 6ideo o! Sessions ,i! re-uired..
Web Desi$nin$ Team
Content Writin$ Team
4ra#hi Desi$n
3o$istis Team
Soial Media & &randin$
*ubli S#eakin$
*hoto$ra#h"76ideo Team