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Wonder kids

Monish Nagpal
17 years
Mumbai Home town
MMK College Mumbai, IT commerce
Maintains personal Blog
Blog contains
Marketing issues
Business articles
Business dictionary
Monika Pamecha
13 years
High school
Earns 16,000 PM
Father Support
3 Blogs
computers, Mobile working techniques
- technologies
- Latest electronic gadgets
- Wants to start a personal music
sharing site without father support

Farshad Asidwala
15 years
Chairman & CEO
Rakshit Media
Web development
His own house as a work station
Suhash Gopinath
14 years
Now 24 years
Worlds smallest web designer
CEO, Global Inc
Tanai Jaiparia
16 years
TJ Designing Company
Web designing & graphic designing
Search engine optimisation
Logo creator
Spends 20 hours in a week for the
Each logo costs $75 to $100
Developed 10 websites & sold
them for $250 to $300

Aims to start manor of silicon
valley a venture to be started
after completion of computer