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mother-of-pearl plant: graptoptalo, planta madre perla, planta fantasma

fleshy: carnoso (Bot) (fruit)

succulent: planta carnosa (Bot)
crevice: grieta, fisura (crack, fissure)
we looked in every nook and cranny: buscamos hasta el ltimo rincn
eke out a living: ganarse la vida a duras penas
pose: proponer, plantear (present, ask)
pose a question: plantear un asunto (raise an issue)
out of doors: al aire libre, afuera (outside, outdoors)
ongoing: en curso, en desarrollo (continuing)
it defies definition: se escapa a toda definicin
close-up: primer plano (photo: taken up close)
jackrabbit: liebre norteamericana (hare)
heritable: hereditario (hereditary)
trait: rasgo, caracterstica, atributo, cualidad (characteristic)
damselfly: caballito del diablo, liblula (insect resembling a dragonfly)
wondrously: maravillosamente
address: abordar (give attention to)
pervade: impregnar (affect all aspects of)
touchstone: piedra de toque, criterio (reference point)
make out: divisar, percibir (see, perceive)
teem with: rebosar de, abundar en, bullir (be full of)
unfold: aparecer poco a poco, desarrollarse poco a poco (happen in steps)
honeycombed: apanalado, lleno de agujeros
bundle: montn (large amount)
reach across: extenderse (extend over)
chlorophyll: clorofila (light-sensitive chemical in plant)
point out: sealar (=show)
unrivaled: sin par, incomparable
take apart: desarmar, desmontar (dismantle, disassemble)
infer: inferir, deducir (deduce)
take up: absorber (=absorb) (liquid)
prodigious: ingente, enorme, vasto (very large)
range: hbitat (hbitat of species)
strive: esforzarse, procurar (exert oneself)
harness: utilizar, aprovechar (resources, energy)
pound: martillear (with hammer)
at every turn: a cada paso
lightweight: ligero, de poco peso, liviano
organelle: orgnulo
cytoplasm: citoplasma
eukaryote: eucariota
prokaryote: procariota
bound: limitar, rodear
stain: teir, colorar (=dye)
dye: tinte
deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA): cido desoxirribonucleico (ADN)
embryo: embrin
newt: tritn
account for: explicar, justificar (=explain)
make up: componer (=constitute)
strand: hebra, hilo (of thread)
nucleotide: nucletido
blueprint: cianotipo (=drawing)
antibody: anticuerpo
overarching: dominante, global (all-encompassing)
hummingbird: colibr, picaflor (very small bird)
along the way: sobre la marcha (in the course of events)
porcupine: puercoespn (large spiny rodent)
in addition to: adems de (as well as)
encompass: abarcar, incluir (include)
so far: hasta ahora (up until now)
to date: hasta la fecha (up to now)
not to mention: por no hablar de (as well as)
breadth: amplitud (of experience, understanding)
scheme: esquema (=structure)
assortment: seleccin, diversidad, surtido (large selection)
split into: separar en, dividir en, partir en (divide into)
striking: llamativo (picture, clothes, colour) (=remarkable, arresting)
cilium, cilia: cilio (filament in lining of a bodily organ)
propel: propulsar, impulsar, impeler (move forward)
windpipe: trquea
cast: elenco (film, theatre)
come into focus: hacerse patente, esclarecerse (become clear)
hind: trasero, posterior (leg, foot)
insightful: revelador, profundo (comment)
branch: ramificarse, bifurcarse (river, family: divide)
liplike: con forma de labio
pollinator: polinizador (agent that transfers pollen)
tough: duro, correoso (hard to break, chew, cut)
beak: pico (of bird)
webbing: membrana interdigital (duck, frog: skin between toes)
locale: lugar (=place)
blacken: ennegrecer (go black, darken)
brush fire: incendio forestal (fire that destroys wild vegetation)
forelimb: extremidad anterior (animals front leg)
foreleg: pata delantera (animals front limb)
give rise to: dar lugar a (cause, bring about)
finch: pinzn (small bird)
no where else: en ningn otro sitio, en ninguna otra parte (not in any other
warbler: curruca (=bird)
bud: capullo (of flower)
sort out: ordenar, organizar (=organize)
sideways: de lado, lateral
twig: ramita, rama pequea (small branch)
primeval: primitivo, primigenio (primordial, earliest)
vestige: vestigio, rastro, huella (trace)
to strive to do sth: esforzarse por hacer algo
urge: impulso
overcome: superar, vencer (problema, temptation, inhibitions, disease)
setback: revs
distill: destilar
circle: cercar, rodear (=surround)
to skim through a book: echar una ojeada a un libro, ojear un libro
seedling: a very young plant produced from a seed
shoot: brote, retoo
to be on trial: estar a prueba
flashlight: linterna (=torch)
camp out: pasar la noche al aire libre
dead: agotado (battery)
burn out: apagarse (candle, fire)
figure out: entender (person)
mine: undermine (another word for)
stand out: destacar (=be conspicuous)
trace: averiguar el origen de (=find source of)
backtrack: echarse atrs, dar marcha atrs (on promise, decision)
prompt: dar lugar a (thought, question) (=give rise to)
gel: encajar (ideas, plans)
sidetrack: conducir por cuestiones de poca importancia (discussion)
i got sidetracked: me despist
malady: mal, enfermedad (ailment, illness)
lockstep: pie de la letra (rigid adherence to established procedure)
to be fair: a decir verdad (=truth to tell)
acknowledge: reconocer, aceptar (=admit, recognise)
mimicry: mimetismo
imposter: impostor
bold: llamativo (color, clothes, design)
avoidance: the act of keeping away from or preventing from happening
retrieve: recuperar (object) (=get back)
headline: titular, cabecera (in newspaper)
spin-off: derivado (originating with [sth] larger)
falsify: to prove false; disprove
spawn: engendrar, producir, generar (lead to)
lump: agrupar, aglomerar, amontonar (group together)
troubleshoot: resolver, solucionar (solve problems with)
tis: it is (contraction of)
police: vigilar, controlar (process)
crop up: surgir, presentarse (=arise)
sickle cell: clula falciforme (abnormal blood cell)
milieu: entorno, medio (social environment)
vet: repasar, revisar (article, speech)
envision: imaginar, concebir, visualizar (imagine, conceive)
hamper: enlentecer, obstaculizar, dificultad (slow progress of sthg)
unequivocal: inequvoco, claro (response, message, proff)
cataract: catarata
springtime: primavera
propellant: the gas used to carry the liquid droplets in an aerosol spray
use up: agotar (supplies)
hang around: holgazanear (=loiter)
dig up: desenterrar (treasure, body, artifacts)
pound for pound: en proporcin, en comparacin (proportionally)
phase out: eliminar gradualmente (eliminate gradually)
emerging: emergente (developing, coming out)
westerner: habitante del Oeste, occidental
pine beetle: escarabajo del pino de montaa (variety of American insect)
get together: juntarse, reunirse (gather, assemble)
cochair: copresidente (cochairman)
uplifting: edificante, inspirador (inspirational)
showcase: vitrina
vine: enredadera (=climber)
wild flower: flor salvaje
waterway: va fluvial
headwaters: the tributary streams of a river in the area in which it rises;
tract: extensin (=area of land, water)
in the foreground: en primer plano/trmino
plot: parcela, terreno (Agr)
mystify: dejar perplejo, desconcertar
stem: tallo (of plant)
weed: desherbar
blurry: not clear, blurred
sapling: rbol joven
hospitable: acogedor, hospitalario