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Journalistic Reporting & Editing

Journalistic Reporting & Editing

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Published by: Diana Burns on Dec 06, 2009
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As Education, is the organized teaching and training of students, the reporter’s job
will revolve around these areas. Education is a body of theoretical and applied
research relating to teaching and learning. Thus, the reporter has to focus on these
both areas of education. The education reporter works in different areas or
disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, computer science, linguistics,
neuroscience, sociology and anthropology

The education reporter focus on the education systems as these can be used to
promote doctrines or ideals as well as knowledge, and this can lead to abuse of the
system. these days, the education reporters focus on adult education as they have
become widespread in many countries. However, education is still seen by many as


something aimed at children, and adult education is often branded as adult
or lifelong learning.

Adult education takes on many forms, from formal class-based learning to self-
directed learning. Lending libraries provide inexpensive informal access to books
and other self-instructional materials. Many adults have also taken advantage of
the rise in computer ownership and internet access to further their informal

The reporter has to report about the Education reforms. Educational reforms are
plans, programs, or movements which attempts to bring about a systematic change
in educational theory or practice across a community or society. As the public
attention focuses on standards based education reform in response to the high
expense and poor outcomes of education, it is the duty of the reporter to bring forth
such informations.

The teaching method must be teachable! Many educators now believe that
anything that more precisely meets the needs of the child will work better.

Programs that test individual learning, and teach to mastery of a subject have been
proven to be far more effective than group instruction with compromise schedules.

Philosophers identify independent, logical reasoning as a precondition to most
western science, engineering, economic and political theory. Therefore, every
educational program that desires to improve students' outcomes in political, health
and economic behavior should include a Socratically-taught set of classes to teach
logic and critical thinking. Substantial resources and time can be saved by
permitting students to test out of classes. This also increases motivation, directs
individual study, and reduces boredom and disciplinary problems.

To support inexpensive continuing education a community needs a free public
library. It can start modestly as shelves in an attended shop or government
building, with donated books. New programs based on modern learning theories
should be quantitatively investigated for effectiveness.

The education reporter has to report education plans, durations, costs, and
scholarships of various educational programs started by national and international
universities. Thus much research with educationists, institutions and expertise is
required to prepare the report. As always, crosschecking of facts is important.
Also, the education reporter has to present counseling help to the students as they
often get confused because today we have so many options available in the
education and vocational fields.


Thus, the education reporter must be aware with different departments of
education, have good contacts with colleges and universities and get an insight into
the psyche of the students’ about their preferences and choices. These reporters
have to regularly attend functions like convocations, academic events of colleges
and universities to know the progress and the launch of new educational programs.


Q1. What does a reporter of Education Beat do?

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