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Introduction to Journalism

Introduction to Journalism


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Published by: Diana Burns on Dec 06, 2009
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A headline grabs the reader's attention, targets him or her by saying
something meaningful, and creates some curiosity in the reader. It can make a
promise for some big benefit, it can make an offer, it can challenge the reader
in some way, it can introduce some really compelling concept or idea, or it can
be something newsworthy.

A headline is a ‘window’ to the news story. Thus, a heading must fit, must tell
the story, must confirm to newspaper’s standard, must not just be a label, must be
safe and must not commit the paper to an opinion. A good headline is one that in
less than a dozen words summarizes what a reporter has said.

The earliest newspapers had no headlines on the front page, which was devoted
entirely to advertisements, and the headlines inside did no more than announce
the subject of the report. Today, every newspaper has its own style of headlining
a story. Some newspaper give straight hard headings, while some other prefer to
give exciting and sensational headings. It normally depends on the policy of the

It has been found that all daily newspapers in standard size generally prefer to
give straight headlines and tabloid newspaper throughout the world give
sensational headlines.

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