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Chesters 2
grade class

Take Home/Homework Folder
The red plastic take home folder will be coming home every night and will be sent
back to school each morning.
I know that your lives are busy, but by checking the folder every day and looking
over the papers inside, you will be teaching your child that school is important and
that their work is valuable.
This folder contains a Keep at Home pocket and a Reading Log and Homework
pocket. The Keep at Home side is usually for informational notices and reminders.
The Reading Log and Homework side is where homework or other things that
need to be signed will go.
I will be checking these folders every day for notes from your or anything else that
may need to be turned in.

I will be sending home a weekly newsletter each Monday with the students
homework packet. Please check weekly for reminders and dates.
To help keep you informed of what is happening in our classroom, I have created a
class website. Please check it out at mschester8@weebly.com

The most important thing your child can do to further his/her development is to
read. Reading will make up the majority of your childs homework. I am asking that
your child be engaged in reading for at least 20 minutes every night. They may read
books of their choice to you or to themselves. After they finish reading, some great
ways to talk about the book is discussing the character roles, reviewing beginning,
middle, and end, asking your child to retell you the story, or see if they have any
connections from this book to others they have read. All of these activities will
further their comprehension and help them truly understand the text. Also, our
reading program has an online component to it. I will send home information about
it as it becomes available.
Students will also complete a reading log each night after they finish reading.
Students should write the title of their book and how many minutes they read.
These reading logs will be turned in monthly.
Homework will be sent home on Monday and is to be turned in on Friday. In second
grade the students will complete a math and reading page each night along with a
spelling activity. The spelling activities and weekly lists can be found in their
spelling notebook.
There will be an occasional project that the student is to complete. Information will
come about that as assigned. Please let your child do the project.

Make-up Work
If a student is absent, the make-up assignments will be sent home when the child
returns from school. Sufficient time will be allowed for completion. If the work is not
returned by the given due date, the student will not receive credit.

Specials Schedule
Our specials are on a Daily Rotation rather than held on a specific day of the week. For
example, STEM will not be held on Mondays, but on every 1
day in our rotation. This
means that your child will not miss out on the same class every time we have a Monday, or
Friday, off of school.

Day 1- PE
Day 2- Music
Day 3- Spanish
Day 4- PE
Day 5- STEM

Students attending Somerset Academy at Losee in kindergarten through 8
grade will
be assessed on standards or learning goals. Teachers will use a rubric to identify the
level of mastery or proficiency relating to these learning goals. At the end of each
quarter, student performance data will be represented on report cards using the
following terms: Exceeds, Meets, Approaches, Emergent, and No Evidence shown. Each
term is defined in the school-wide assessment below: goals. At the end of each quarter,
student performance data will be represented on report cards using the following
terms: Exceeds, Meets, Approaches, Emergent, and No Evidence shown. Each term is
defined in the school-wide assessment below:

In addition to Score 3.0 performance, the student demonstrates in-depth
knowledge and applications that go beyond what was taught. Higher order
thinking is evident.
Learning evidence was complete with no major errors or omissions in the
evidence regarding any of the information and/or processes that were
explicitly taught.
Learning evidence was partially completed and/or during the learning
process, multiple errors were made. Student needed significant scaffolding in
order to complete the task.
Minimal learning evidence was shown. Minimal effort was made by student.
Student was unable to complete independently.

Volunteering in the Classroom
There is a sheet included in this folder for you to fill out if youd like to
volunteer. This is due Friday, August 29
. Ill send additional information to
only these who fill them out. Please note that I will not be taking volunteers
in my classroom for the first few weeks of school.
A volunteer calendar will be posted online at signupgenis.com and I will send
out a calendar monthly.
Also please remember if you cant volunteer in the classroom, there will be
several opportunities to do volunteer work at home.
Further, please remember that parents are not to be in the classroom unless
you have been scheduled on the volunteer calendar. I will always assume you
are coming, but if you cant, just send me an email. No Problem!

Holiday Celebrations
Throughout the year, we will have a few classroom celebrations. The
tentative dates for those are Wednesday, October 29 (Halloween),
Wednesday, November 26 (Thanksgiving Feast), and Thursday, February 12
The way I have handled these in the past is to have a room mom head up and
organize each of the holiday parties with other parents helping them out. I
mainly serve as the middleman to get parents in contact with one another.
If you would like to be our room parent, please email me and let me know!

I am asking that no food treats be brought in during the school year. Near the
end of school we will be having an unbirthday celebration so that the
students who have summer birthdays or birthdays that are not on a school
day are able to celebrate too. More information will be provided later about
Instead of a treat, on their real birthday a student may bring in their favorite
book to have read to the class.
I will also allow treat bags to be brought in and given out to the kids. I ask that
there be no candy or anything containing nuts in this bag. These bags can be
similar to the ones given out at birthday parties.

Contact Information for Ms. Chester
No evidence shown.
The best way to reach me is through email:
Please note that I will be responding to email typically from 7:45 am-4:00 pm
(Monday-Friday). I will read email outside of these hours, but I cannot
guarantee a response. During the school day, I will be checking email during my
planning time which is 12:30-1:15 and after school. Thank you in advance for
your understanding.
If youd like to set up a conference to discuss any issues or concerns, please
call the school or send me at note or email.

As always, please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns
about anything. I look forward to working with you to make it a fantastic school year
for you and your child.

Kendraya Chester