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Programming in C

Choose the correct option:

1. The double data type needs __________ bytes of memory space to store this

a. 6 b. 2 c. 4 d. 8

2. The temporary space allocated to devices is called the ___________.

a. Dump b. Buffer c. Stack d. there is nothing like this

3. A ___________ is used to separate the three parts of the expression in a for


a. Comma b. Hyphen c. Semicolon d. none of the options

4. An array declared with dimensions [4][5] will have a total of ________


a. 25 b. 20 c. 30 d. 35

5. __________ symbol is used to obtain the address of a variable

a. * b. ? c. = d. &

6. ___________ and ________________ are the only operations which can be

performed on pointers.
a. Multiplication b. Addition c. division
d. Subtraction

7. The two special operators used with pointers are ________ and _________.
a. ^ and % b. : and ? c. * and & d. none

8. A function __________ is used to indicate to the compiler the format of

syntax that the function will have.
a. Prototype b. Model c. Blueprint d. Definition

9. The function is said to be ___________ if a statement in the body of the

function calls itself.
a. Recursive b. Repetitive c. Nested d. Defined

10. By default, functions in C use _________ approach

a. Call by reference b. Call by value c. passing parameter
d. Passing arguments

11. Structures can be used to create complex data ___________

a. Structures b. Variables c. Types d. Arrays

12. ___________ information can be grouped together using functions

a. Individual b. Obsolete c. Related d. Diverse

Decision Making using Excel

1. The ______________ tool enables us to find a specific value by adjusting
the value of multiple cells.

a. Solver b. Goal Seek c. Scenario d. Data Tables

2. A _____________ is a range of cells that display how different input

values affect the results of a formula

a. Solver b. Goal Seek c. Scenario d. Data Tables

3. _____________ means combining large amount of data from various

work sheets.

a. Merging workbooks
b. Data consolidation
c. Merging worksheets
d. None of the above