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Crestwood High School

Course Syllabus

Course: Drawing and Design
Teacher: Tanya Riehle
Website: crestwoodartroom.weebly.com

This course serves as an effective introduction to the advanced courses offered at
Crestwood. The elements and principles of design are introduced and/or
reviewed through class projects. In class assignments are reinforced and explored
more fully through daily sketchbook assignments and zentangles. This class
explores the PROCESSES of art while creating quality PRODUCTS. A variety of
materials and techniques are utilized in an exploration of traditional and
contemporary subject matter.

Learners Will:
Be introduced to the elements and principles of design.
Create artwork that explores a variety of materials.
Use technology to aid you in creating art.
Take risks and explore materials on your own.
MAKE MISTAKES- and figure out how to fix them!

Students will engage in one on one learning, videos and class demonstrations. Many hands on
techniques will be used as will technology.

Schoology will be used to turn in assignments and to aid in housing videos etc.

Art Room Website:

Total Points- each assignment will average 25-50 points. Zentangles will be done
weekly and will be worth 10 points per zentangle.

Semester grades are determined by:
50% Quarter 1
50% Quarter 2

Grading Scale:
A = 100 - 93 C+ = 79.9 - 77 D- = 62.9 - 60
A- = 92.9 - 90 C = 76.9 - 73 F = 59.9 and below
B+ = 89.9 - 87 C- = 72.9 - 70
B = 86.9 - 83 D+ = 69.9 - 67
B- = 82.9 - 80 D = 66.9 - 63
No semester tests will be given in this class.

Crestwood High School
Course Syllabus

A zero (0) in the JMC grade book means that assignment or assessment was not
completed. Students need to complete it in order to earn credit.
Remediation &
Projects will have due dates or last day to work on in class, they can be turned in
until the end of the quarter. However, since I expect late work up until 2 days before
the end of the quarter I will not accept incomplete work, it must be finished and
cover the objectives for the project.
Gradebook- Once the project is over I will grade all artwork that is turned in- if it is
not turned in the grade book will show a ZERO- once the project is turned in the
zero will be changed to reflect his/her grade.
Students with certain conditions that will not allow them to fully accomplish the
course objectives and assignments should contact the instructor as soon as possible.
All school rules apply to this classroom. See Student Handbook for those.
RESPECT: people, ideas, property, and classroom norms.
RESPONSIBILITY: be prepared and on-time, use integrity, participate in class
activities appropriately, admit to your mistakes and use them to learn. Clean your
areas and put things away where they belong.
RESULTS will come with hard work from all of us.

I am frequently at school by 7:45am and stay until at least 4pm. I can be here earlier
and stay later upon student/parent request and appointment. Otherwise, contact me
via email at triehle@howard-winn.k12.ia.us

My Job/Your
You learn art by trying new materials and techniques and not being afraid to make
mistakes. Your job is to problem-solve and figure things out on your own. I will
provide the means to get there- however you wont always be told exactly what to
do! ART is about being CREATIVE

Your success hinges on whether or not you want to work hard to get things done
and turned in. Be here- work hard and try!

Your job is to let me know if you dont understand or need more
time.raise your hand, email me, stay after class/school. My room
is ALWAYS open for you to come in during studyhall, all you have to
do is ask!