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Lesson Plan

Date: 27/10/09 Level: 7th grade.

Skill: speaking

Expected outcomes:
- Test feedback.
- Pay attention to common mistakes from the test
- Finish leopard challenge game.
- 7th grade test
- Data show
- Leopard challenge (ppt presentation)
- Markers
- whiteboard
Time Comments
5 min - The teacher writes on the board the date
- The teacher writes on the board the goals
of the lesson.
- Role calling

Core of the class 20 min - The teacher tells the students they
Pre-stage are going to check students’ answers from
the test.
- The teacher reads the questions
from the test and picks up different
students from the class to answer the
- The teacher gives feedback of the
While-stage answers.

- As the students read the answers, the

teacher writes the clues on the board.
- The students write the clues in their
- The students tell the teacher how
difficult or easy was the test.
- The students are asked about the
most difficult parts of the test.
- The teacher pays attention to the
most common errors in the test.
- The teacher congratulates their
Post-stage 20 min students for their successful performance in
the test.
- The teacher remember their students
the leopard challenge game.
- The teacher projects on the board the

Closing - The students play the game answering the

- The teacher gives the winner group a
- The teacher closes the unit “the best of us”
with this game.