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From Vendor ID

To VendorID

WHERE vendor_id between :fromif and :toid

Attach the Parameters and Conditions:

===================== ================
1)Goto Toole Menu =>Parameters=>New
Select the Column Name and Define the Parameter

Use Parameter in the Condition:

1)Goto Tools Meneu=>Conditions=>New
Selct Condition , Item And Value
2)If we would like to provide multiple conditions by using either AND (or) OR
we will use the Add Button

3)Double click on the AND it will be changed to OR

LOV Creation:
Goto Admin Edition select Business Area => Folder
Right Click=> Item Classes =>Select column Name.

2)Goto the Desktop Edition Parameters attach the parameter

will be displayed LOV.

Display Total:
1)Goto Tools=>Total option => New button
select group function and Column Name
select either Grand Total or Sub Total (If it subtotal At what level)
2)Enter the Prompt as per that value will be displayed

Disply Formula Columns:

1)Toolsmenu=>Calculations options=>New
select the Function an pass the Aruments select column in the Workbook

Register UserDefined Functions:

1)Goto SQl Prompt create Function with return value compile succesfully.
2)Goto Admin Edition => Toole=>Register PL/SQL Function=>
Enter the Function Name (If package function enter package name also)
3)Goto Arguments tab enter the Parameter details also.
4)Select Validiate button and Ok button.
5)goto Desktop Edition Tools=>Calculations=>Allfunction
where we can find the function whatever we have registered.
6)Select the function pass the parameter we can get the result.