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By Kenneth E.

Second Edition
Seventh Printing 19941995
ISBN 0-892!-015-"
In the #.S. $rite%
Kenneth Hagin &ini'trie'
P.(. Bo) 5012!
*+,'a- (K 4150-012!
In .anada /rite%
Kenneth Hagin &ini'trie'
P.(. Bo) 005- Station 1
Eto2ico3e- (ntario
.anada- &94 4"0
.o5yright 6 1985 7HE&4 Bi2,e .h+rch
4K4 Kenneth Hagin &ini'trie'- Inc.
4,, 7ight' 7e'erved
Printed in #S4
*he 8aith Shie,d i' a trade9ar3 o: 7HE&4 Bi2,e .h+rch- a3a Kenneth Hagin
&ini'trie'- Inc.- regi'tered /ith the #.S. Patent and *rade9ar3 (::ice and
there:ore 9ay not 2e d+5,icated.
1 *he ;i:t o: Pro5hecy in the Ne/ *e'ta9ent .h+rch................ 5
2 Pro5hecy in the (,d *e'ta9ent.............................................. 11
0 *he P+r5o'e o: Pro5hecy....................................................... 1
4 *he 1i::erence Bet/een Pro5hecy and Inter5retation o:
*ong+e'..................................................................................... 20
5 ;+idance and the ;i:t o: Pro5hecy........................................ 29
! Seven Ste5' *o <+dging Pro5hecy.......................................... 00
Chapter 1
1 The Gift of Prophecy in the New
Testament Church
Now there are diversities of gifts, but the
same Spirit.
And there are differences of
administrations, but the same Lord.
And there are diversities of operations, but
it is the same God which worketh all in all.
But the manifestation of the Spirit is given
to every man to profit withal.
or to one is given by the Spirit the word of
wisdom! to another the word of knowledge by
the same Spirit!
"o another faith by the same Spirit! to
another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit!
"o another the working of miracles! to
another prophecy! to another discerning of
spirits! to another divers kinds of tongues! to
another the interpretation of tongues.
#1 .orinthian' 12%4-10
ollow after charity, and desire spiritual
gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy....
But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men
to edification, and e$hortation, and comfort....
% would that ye all spake with tongues, but
rather that ye prophesied& for greater is he that
prophesieth than he that speaketh with tongues,
e$cept he interpret, that the church may receive
' "he Gift of (rophecy
)herefore, brethren, covet to prophesy, and
forbid not to speak with tongues.
Let all things be done decently and in order.
#1 .orinthian' 14%1-0-5-09-40
49ong the nine gi:t' o: the S5irit there are three gifts of
revelation, or gi:t' that revea, 'o9ething% the /ord o: /i'do9-
the /ord o: 3no/,edge- and the gi:t o: di'cerning o: '5irit'.
*here a,'o are three power gifts, or gi:t' that do 'o9ething%
the gi:t o: :aith- /or3ing o: 9irac,e'- and gi:t' o: hea,ing'.
*hen there are three gifts of inspiration#gi:t' that 'ay
'o9ething=gi:t' o: +tterance% 5ro5hecy- diver' 3ind' o:
tong+e'- and inter5retation o: tong+e'.
*he Scri5t+re' 'tre'' that the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy i' the 9o't
i95ortant gi:t. Pa+, 'aid- +nder the in'5iration o: the Ho,y S5irit-
*Greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with
tongues* >1 .or. 14%5?. So 5ro5hecy /o+,d have to 2e greater
than tong+e'- @e)ce5t he inter5ret.@
Pa+, i' 'aying that tong+e' /ith inter5retation /o+,d 2e the
eA+iva,ent o: 5ro5hecy. 4ct+a,,y- tong+e' /ith inter5retation is
5ro5hecy- 2eca+'e 5ro5hecy i' in'5ired +tterance.
"ongues i' in'5ired +tterance in an +n3no/n tong+e.
(rophecy i' in'5ired +tterance in a 3no/n tong+e.
%nterpretation of tongues i' in'5ired +tterance in yo+r o/n
tong+e to give :orth that /hich /a' 'aid in tong+e'.
*he'e are a,, re,atedB a,, are in'5ired +tterance in it' varied
:or9'. In thi' 2oo3- ho/ever- /e /i,, dea, /ith the '5eci:ic gi:t
o: 5ro5hecy.
"he gift of prophecy o:ten i' con:+'ed /ith the 5ro5hetic
o::ice. *here i' the 9ini'try o: the 5ro5het- 2+t not everyone
who prophesies is a prophet+
4 rich 9an ha' 9oney. 4,tho+gh I 9ay have 'o9e 9oney in
9y /a,,et- that doe' not 9a3e 9e a rich 9an. Co+ 9ay
5ro5he'y- 2+t o5erating the 'i95,e gi:t o: 5ro5hecy doe' not
"he Gift of (rophecy in the New "estament ,hurch -
A+a,i:y yo+ to 'tand in the o::ice o: a 5ro5het.
Nat+ra,,y- a 5ro5het /o+,d have thi' gi:t o: 5ro5hecy in
o5eration- 2+t he a,'o ha' 'o9e o: the gi:t' o: reve,ation. *o
'tand in the o::ice o: a 5ro5het- one 9+'t have a con'i'tent
9ani:e'tation o: at ,ea't t/o o: the reve,ation gi:t' >/ord o:
/i'do9- /ord o: 3no/,edge- or di'cerning o: '5irit'? 5,+'
*he o::ice o: the 5ro5het i' a 9ini'try- a ca,,ing. Everyone
doe' not have the 'a9e ca,,ing and 9ini'try. *he $ord o: ;od
te,,' +' in 8ir't .orinthian' 12%28- *And God hath set some in
the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly
teachers.... @E5he'ian' 4%11 'ay'- '5ea3ing o: .hri'tD' a'cen'ion-
*And he gave some, apostles! and some, prophets! and some,
evangelists! and some, pastors and teachers.@
Pa+, a'3ed the A+e'tion in 8ir't .orinthian' 12%29- @4re a,,
a5o't,e'E@ (: co+r'e- the an'/er i' no. Everyone doe' not have
that ca,,ing- nor co+,d everyone 'tand in that o::ice. *hen Pa+,
a'3ed- @4re a,, 5ro5het'E@ 4nd- o: co+r'e- the an'/er i' no.
*hen he a'3ed- @4re a,, teacher'E@ >$e a,'o co+,d a'3- @4re a,,
5a'tor' or evange,i't'E@? $e a,, can /itne'' :or .hri't- 2+t a,, o:
+' do not have a ca,,ing to the :ive:o,d 9ini'try.
$e can 'ee that the 5ro5hetic gi:t i' di::erent :ro9 the o::ice
o: 5ro5het 2eca+'e Pa+, enco+raged the /ho,e .h+rch at .orinth
to covet to 5ro5he'y. He te,,' the9 to *desire spiritual gifts, but
rather that ye may prophesy* >1 .or. 14%1?. He a,ready had
'tated in the 12th cha5ter o: 8ir't .orinthian' that ;od had 'et
the'e di::erent 9ini'trie' in the .h+rch- 'o heD' not te,,ing
everyone to 'ee3 the office of prophet. In'tead- heD' te,,ing the9
that a,, 9ay prophesy.
In the 21't cha5ter o: 4ct'- G+3e record' that Pa+, and hi'
co95any /ent do/n to .ae'area and entered the ho+'e o: Phi,i5
the evange,i't. *he Scri5t+re' te,, +' that Phi,i5 had :o+r
da+ghter' /ho 5ro5he'ied. It doe' not ca,, the9 5ro5hete''e'.
$hen 4ga2+' the 5ro5het ca9e do/n ,ater- he too3 Pa+,D'
. "he Gift of (rophecy
gird,e- 2o+nd hi' o/n hand' and :eet /ith it- and 'aid- *"hus
saith the /oly Ghost, So shall the 0ews at 0erusalem bind the
man that owneth this girdle, and shall deliver him into the hands
of the Gentiles* >4ct' 21%11?.
It i' one thing to 'tand in the o::ice o: a 5ro5het and it i'
another thing 'i95,y to 5ro5he'y. I: ;od ca,,' +' to the 9ini'try
o: a 5ro5het=or any other 9ini'try=He /i,, eA+i5 +' 2y the
S5irit /ith the nece''ary gi:t' to 'tand in that o::ice. 4nd 9en in
the Body o: .hri't 'ha,, 3no/ yo+ are ca,,ed and eA+i55ed.
I: other' /ho have the S5irit do not 3no/ yo+ are ca,,ed and
eA+i55ed /ith the'e gi:t'- ta3e no o::en'e /hen they donDt acce5t
/hat yo+ 'ay. 7ather- h+92,e yo+r'e,: 2e:ore yo+r 2rethren and
ta3e a ,e''er 5,ace. I: the Gord 'ee' :it to e)a,t yo+- He /i,, e)a,t
yo+. *hen yo+ /i,, have 5rai'e o: 2oth ;od and 9an.
It /o+,d 2e ea'y to 'ay- @I a9 a 5ro5het.@ It /o+,d 2e ea'y to
i9itate 'o9eone e,'eD' 9ini'try. It i' another thing entire,y to 2e
eA+i55ed and ca,,ed o: ;od. *ho'e /ho are not ca,,ed or /ho
on,y i9itate other'D 9ini'trie' are o2no)io+' to the 2rethren and
they can ca+'e con:+'ion=even divi'ion=in the Body o: .hri't.
*he gi:t o: 5ro5hecy o:ten i' con:+'ed /ith 5rediction.
Peo5,e thin3 @5ro5hecy@ 9ean' to 5redict /hat /i,, ha55en in
the :+t+re. 4ct+a,,y- the simple gift of prophecy carries no
prediction with it whatsoever. 4' /e read ear,ier- @...he that
prophesieth speaketh unto men to 12%%,A"%3N, and
14/35"A"%3N, and ,3635"* >1 .or. 14%0?. Notice that
5rediction i' not 9entioned.
So9eone 9ay a'3- @B+t /a'nDt 4ga2+' 5redicting /hat
/o+,d ha55en to Pa+,E@ Ce'- 2+t he /a'nDt 5ro5he'ying.
4,tho+gh a 5ro5het 9ay 5ro5he'y /hat i' revea,ed- 4ga2+' /a'
'i95,y te,,ing /hat the Ho,y S5irit had to,d hi9. 4ga2+' 'aid-
*"hus saith the /oly Ghost....@
*he gi:t o: 5ro5hecy a,'o i' con:+'ed /ith 5reaching.
.ertain deno9ination' teach that 5reaching i' a,, there i' to
5ro5hecy. Ho/ever- the /ord' @5reach@ and @5ro5he'y@ co9e
"he Gift of (rophecy in the New "estament ,hurch 7
:ro9 t/o entire,y di::erent ;ree3 /ord'.
*o 5reach 9ean' @to 5roc,ai9- to anno+nce- to cry- to te,,.@
<e'+' 'aid- *Go ye into all the world, and (51A,/ the gospel...@
>&ar3 1!%15?. He didnDt 'ay to 5ro5he'y the ;o'5e,.
Gi3e/i'e- Pa+, did not 'ay that 9en /i,, 2e 'aved @2y the
:oo,i'hne'' o: 5ro5he'ying.@ He 'aid they /i,, 2e 'aved *by the
foolishness of (51A,/%NG* >1 .or. 1%21?.
*he 5reacher i' to preach the $ord. Pa+, to,d *i9othy-
*Study to shew thyself approved unto God...@ >2 *i9. 2%15?.
So the 5reacher- the 5a'tor- and the evange,i't need to 't+dy.
I: 5reaching a,/ay' /ere 5ro5hecy- the 5reacher /o+,d not need
to 't+dyB he a,/ay' /o+,d '5ea3 entire,y 2y in'5iration.
*here i'- ho/ever- an e,e9ent o: 5ro5hecy in 5reaching
/hen the 5reacher 2eco9e' 'o in'5ired 2y the Ho,y S5irit that he
'ay' thing' he nor9a,,y /o+,dnDt thin3 o:. *he Ho,y S5irit
in'5ire' hi9 to 'ay it and it i' '+5ernat+ra, +tterance.
*here a,'o i' an e,e9ent o: 5ro5hecy 'o9eti9e' in
/itne''ing. I have heard 5eo5,e 'ay- @I 2egan to /itne'' and I
'5o3e Scri5t+re' I had never tho+ght o: and didnDt even 3no/ I
3ne/. I :o+nd 9y'e,: 'aying thing' that didnDt co9e o+t o: 9y
*hat /a' the '5irit o: 5ro5hecy on the9 in a 9ea'+re to
'5ea3 to a certain 5er'on. >Pro5hecy i' a '+5ernat+ra, +tterance
in a 3no/n tong+e.? *hey /ere '5ea3ing '+5ernat+ra,,y=
2eyond the nat+ra,.
F 8or a detai,ed 't+dy o: the :ive:o,d 9ini'try gi:t'- 'ee 7ev. Kenneth E.
HaginD' 't+dy g+ide entit,ed "he 6inistry Gifts.
Chapter 2
2 Prophecy in the Old Testament
In the 2eginning- ;od ca9e do/n and ta,3ed to 4da9 in the
;arden o: Eden. *hro+gh the age'- there ha' 2een a ,onging in
the heart o: 9an :or a ret+rn to thi' direct co99+nication /ith
hi' .reator. *hro+gh the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy /e co9e c,o'e to
direct co99+nication /ith Hi9. It i' a gi:t ;od ha' 5rovided
5ri9ari,y :or that 5+r5o'e.
(,d and Ne/ *e'ta9ent 5ro5hecie' di::er. (,d *e'ta9ent
5ro5hecy e''entia,,y i' foretelling, /herea' Ne/ *e'ta9ent
5ro5hecy e''entia,,y i' forthtelling.
8ir't .orinthian' 14%0 'ay'- *But he that prophesieth
speaketh unto men to edification, and e$hortation, and comfort.@
*hat i' not :orete,,ingB that i' :orthte,,ing.
(,d *e'ta9ent 5ro5hecy dea,t 9o't,y /ith the :+t+re-
'o9eti9e' 5roHecting into cent+rie' to co9e. Ne/ *e'ta9ent
5ro5hecy i' not 'o 9+ch te,,ing /hat i' going to ha55en in the
:+t+re- 2+t it i' a 9ini'try to 9a3e 5eo5,e 2etter and 9ore +'e:+,
.hri'tian' no/.
*here are vario+' 3ind' o: 5ro5hecie' in the Bi2,e. *he :ir't
9entioned /ere the prophecies of the patriarchs o: o,d. 8or
e)a95,e- /hen it ca9e ti9e :or <aco2 to die- he gathered hi'
chi,dren aro+nd hi9- ,aid hand' +5on the9- and to,d the9 thing'
that /o+,d ha55en in the :+t+re.
;ene'i' 49%1 'ay'- *And 0acob called unto his sons, and
said, Gather yourselves together, that % may tell you that which
shall befall you in the last days.@ 7eading :+rther in the cha5ter-
/e 'ee that <aco2 '5o3e o: event' that /ere to occ+r cent+rie' in
the :+t+re. *hi' 3ind o: 5ro5hecy /a' one o: :orete,,ing- and it
/a' e)erci'ed 2y :aith and 2y ,aying on o: hand'.
1$hortation i' another ty5e o: 5ro5hecy :o+nd in the (,d
*e'ta9ent. 8or e)a95,e- &o'e' in 1e+terono9y to,d o:
2,e''ing' that /o+,d co9e +5on the 5eo5,e :or their o2edience to
;od and c+r'e' that /o+,d co9e +5on the9 :or di'o2edience.
89 "he Gift of (rophecy
Pro5hecy in the (,d *e'ta9ent a,'o ta3e' the :or9 o: songs
or poetry, a' recorded in the P'a,9'. *he 5rayer' and 'ong' o:
tho'e in'5ired /riter' /ere given 2y the '5irit o: 5ro5hecy /hen
they /ere going thro+gh 'o9e tria,. *oday- /hen /e have a
'i9i,ar tria,- /e can 2e 2,e''ed and in'5ired 2y reading ho/ the
S5irit o: ;od 9ini'tered to the9.
Pa+,- /riting to the .h+rch at E5he'+'- 'aid- @...be filled
with the Spirit! Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and
spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the
Lord* >E5h. 5%18-19?. Ho/ 9+ch 9ore co+,d /e 2e enco+raged
in te't' and tria,' 2y '5ea3ing to o+r'e,ve' in 5'a,9'.
So9e 5eo5,e thin3 that /hen yo+ ta,3 to yo+r'e,:- 'o9ething
i' /rong /ith yo+. I re9e92er a conver'ation I had once /ith a
:riend /ho 'aid- @&y :ather-in-,a/ i' over 80 and hi' 9e9ory
ha' gotten 2ad d+e to hardening o: the arterie'. So9eti9e' he
ta,3' to hi9'e,:.
@(nce /hen I /a' he,5ing hi9 /ith 'o9e re5air'- he /a'
/or3ing on one 'ide o: the ho+'e and I /a' on the other. $hen I
:ini'hed 9y 'ide- I /a,3ed aro+nd to hi' 'ide and :o+nd hi9
ta,3ing +5 a 'tor9=to hi9'e,:. I a'3ed- DPa- /ho /ere yo+
ta,3ing toED He '9i,ed and 'aid- D$e,,- at ,ea't I /a' ta,3ing to a
4t ti9e' itD' a,, right to ta,3 to yo+r'e,:. *here /ere ti9e'
/hen 1avid ta,3ed to hi9'e,: +nder the anointing o: the S5irit.
1avid enco+raged hi9'e,: in the Gord. Gi3e 1avid- /e a,'o can
ta,3 to o+r'e,ve' in 5'a,9'.
4 5'a,9 i' a '5irit+a, 5oe9 or ode. It ha' an e,e9ent o:
5oetry to it. It 9ay or 9ay not rhy9e. It can 2e recited or
Hy9n' and '5irit+a, 'ong' are 9eant to 2e '+ng.
I '5ea3 in 5'a,9' 2eca+'e ID9 not 9+ch o: a 'inger. >*ho'e
/ho are given to 'inging 5ro2a2,y /o+,d 'ing 9ore.?
S5ea3ing in 5'a,9' i' in the '5irit o: 5ro5hecy and :i,,' the
'a9e 5+r5o'e% to co9:ort- e)hort- and edi:y +'. &any ti9e' in
(rophecy in the 3ld "estament 8:
9y o/n ,i:e I have 2een he,5ed i99ea'+ra2,y a' I have '5o3en
to 9y'e,: in 5'a,9' ho+r a:ter ho+r in the night a' the S5irit gave
in'5iration. *he'e 5'a,9' didnDt co9e o+t o: 9y headB they
:,o/ed o+t o: 9y '5irit in direct co99+nication /ith ;od. By
thi' 9ethod ;od '5ea3' to +' and /e conver'e /ith Hi9.
In 8ir't .orinthian' 14%2! Pa+, 'aid- */ow is it then,
brethren; when ye come together, every one of you hath a
psalm....@ *hey had a 5'a,9 2eca+'e they got a 5'a,9 /hen they
/ere '5ea3ing to the9'e,ve' in 5'a,9' at ho9e- 5raying in the
S5irit. @... every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a
tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things
be done unto edifying.@
*hen in .o,o''ian' 0%1! Pa+, 'aid- *Let the word of ,hrist
dwell in you richly in all wisdom! teaching and admonishing one
another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with
grace in your hearts to the Lord.<<
*h+'- thro+gh thi' gi:t o: 5ro5hecy- /e can 'ing
'+5ernat+ra,,y. $e can 5ray '+5ernat+ra,,y. $e can '5ea3 to
o+r'e,ve' thro+gh the '5irit o: 5ro5hecy. 4nd /e can 5ray :or
other' /ith thi' '5irit+a, gi:t.
$e are e)horted to covet thi' in'5irationa, gi:t o: 5ro5hecy.
#nder the anointing o: the 5ro5hetic gi:t- one 9ay 2e '5ea3ing
direct,y to ;od- 5o+ring o+t hi' dee5e't devotion. He 9ay 2e
reHoicing 2e:ore the Gord- 9agni:ying the 9ercy /hich ;od ha'
a2+ndant,y 2e'to/ed- or he 9ay 2e g,orying in a de,iverance.
(r- in the S5irit- he 9ay 2e grieving over the hardne'' o: 9enD'
heart' /ith a grie: and dee5 'o,e9nity /hich heaven a,one can
Cet another ty5e o: 5ro5hecy 9entioned in the (,d
*e'ta9ent i' the prophecy of =udgment. *here are conditiona,
5ro5hecie' and +nconditiona, 5ro5hecie'.
*he 'tory o: King HeIe3iahD' 'ic3ne'' i' an e)a95,e o: a
conditiona, 5ro5hecy.
In Second King' 20%1-0 /e read- *%n those days was
8> "he Gift of (rophecy
/e?ekiah sick unto death. And the prophet %saiah...said unto
him, "hus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order! for thou shalt
die, and not live. "hen he turned his face to the wall, and prayed
unto the Lord, saying, % beseech thee, 3 Lord, remember now
how % have walked before thee in truth and with a perfect heart,
and have done that which is good in thy sight. And /e?ekiah
wept sore.@
Notice HeIe3iah 'aid he /a,3ed 2e:ore the Gord /ith a
5er:ect heart. ;od i' 9ore intere'ted in o+r having a 5er:ect
heart than in o+r a,/ay' having 5er:ect action'.
$e read :+rther in thi' cha5ter- @...the word of the Lord
came to him JI'aiahK- saying, "urn again, and tell /e?ekiah the
captain of my people, "hus saith the Lord, the God of 2avid thy
father, % have heard thy prayer, % have seen thy tears& behold, %
will heal thee& on the third day thou shalt go up unto the house
of the Lord. And % will add unto thy days fifteen years...@ >vv. 4-
;od to,d HeIe3iah that +nder the 5re'ent circ+9'tance'=i:
thing' contin+ed a' they /ere=he 'ho+,d 'et hi' ho+'e in order-
2eca+'e he /a' going to die. B+t the 3ing changed thi'
5ro5hecy. No2ody changed it :or hi9B he changed it :or hi9'e,:.
*he Bi2,e 'ay' he t+rned hi' :ace to the /a,,- /e5t- and 5rayed.
*hen ;od 'ent :+rther /ord thro+gh the 5ro5het- 'aying- @I have
heard yo+r 5rayer. ID9 going to hea, yo+ and give yo+ :i:teen
9ore year'.@
*here a,'o /ere conditiona, 5ro5hecie' o: 2,e''ing' in the
(,d *e'ta9ent. ;od '5o3e thro+gh &o'e'- 'aying- *And it shall
come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of
the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments
which % command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set
thee on high above all nations of the earth& And all these
blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee...But it shall
come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord
thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes
(rophecy in the 3ld "estament 8@
which % command thee this day! that all these curses shall come
upon thee, and overtake thee* >1e+t. 28%1-2-15?.
I have 'een e)a95,e' o: conditiona, 5ro5hecie' today. ;od
ha' tried to enco+rage Hi' 5eo5,e individ+a,,y or co,,ective,y
thro+gh 5ro5hecy that certain 2,e''ing' /o+,d co9e +5on the9
or that certain thing' /o+,d ha55en to the9. (:ten- ho/ever-
5eo5,e have :a'tened their 9ind' on H+'t one 5art o: a 5ro5hecy
/ith the attit+de- @;od 'aid it. No/ ID,, H+'t 'ee i: it co9e' to
5a''.@ *here /a' no :aith or action on their 5art. Gater they 'aid-
@It ha'nDt co9e to 5a'' yet- 'o it 9+'t not have 2een o: ;od.@
$e have a 5art to 5,ay in 'eeing conditiona, 5ro5hecie'
co9e to 5a''. Ce'- ;od ha' 5ro9i'ed +' 2,e''ing'- 2+t it i' +5 to
+' to 3ee5 o+r'e,ve' +nder ;odD' :,o/ o: 2,e''ing' and in Hi'
/i,,. *he :+,:i,,9ent o: conditiona, 5ro5hecy- /hether :or
2,e''ing or H+dg9ent- i' the re'5on'i2i,ity o: the individ+a,.
Chapter 3
3 The Purpose of Prophecy
But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men
to edification, and e$hortation, and comfort.
#1 .orinthian' 14%0
GetD' ,oo3 in the Bi2,e :or 'cri5t+ra, 5+r5o'e' and +'e' o: the
gi:t o: 5ro5hecy.
8ir't- 5ro5hecy i' :or '5ea3ing to 9en '+5ernat+ra,,y% */e
that prophesieth speaketh unto men.@ It i' '+5ernat+ra, +tterance.
Second- it i' given to edi:y the .h+rch% */e that speaketh in
an unknown tongue edifieth himself! but he that prophesieth
edifieth the church* >1 .or. 14%4?.
I: one '5ea3' in tong+e' 5+2,ic,y and inter5ret' it- the
.h+rch i' edi:ied- 2eca+'e the congregation 3no/' /hat the
'5ea3er ha' 'aid. I: I '5ea3 in tong+e'- it /o+,d edi:y 9e- 2+t it
/o+,d not edi:y other' 5re'ent- 2eca+'e they /o+,d not 3no/
/hat /a' 'aid. B+t i: I inter5ret- other' /o+,d 2e edi:ied.
;ree3 'cho,ar' te,, +' /e have a /ord in o+r vernac+,ar
today that i' c,o'er to the origina, ;ree3 than the /ord @edi:y.@
@Edi:y@ 9ean' @to 2+i,d +5.@ ;ree3 'cho,ar' 'ay the /ord
@charge-@ a' /e +'e it in connection /ith charging a 2attery- i' a
c,o'er tran',ation.
@He that '5ea3eth in an +n3no/n tong+e edi:ieth hi9'e,:.@
He 2+i,d' hi9'e,: +5. He @charge'@ hi9'e,: ,i3e a 2attery. *h+'-
/e 'ee the nece''ity :or S5irit-:i,,ed 2e,iever' to 5ray 9+ch in
tong+e' in their 5rivate 5rayer ,i:e. It edi:ie' the9. It charge'
the9. It 2+i,d' the9 +5 '5irit+a,,y. *hen- /hen /e co9e
together a' a 2ody- /e are co9ing together to 2e edi:ied% */e
that prophesieth edifieth the church.@
"hus, prophecy is given to edify the ,hurch! to build it up
spiritually! to charge the ,hurch with spiritual power like a
4nother 'cri5t+ra, +'e o: the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy i' to e)hort the
8. "he Gift of (rophecy
.h+rch. *he ;ree3 /ord tran',ated @e)hort@ here 9ean' @a
ca,,ing near.@ */e that prophesieth speaketh unto men to
edification Jto 2+i,d the9 +5- to charge the9 '5irit+a,,yK- and
e$hortation Ja ca,,ing nearK- and comfort.@
Cet another 'cri5t+ra, +'e o: thi' gi:t i' to co9:ort. God
wants to comfort us+ &any 5eo5,e have the /rong 9enta, i9age
o: ;od. *hey i9agine Hi9 a' a 5o,ice9an H+'t /aiting to 2,o/
the /hi't,e. (ther' 5ict+re ;od a' an a+'tere H+dge /ho i' H+'t
/aiting to @thro/ the 2oo3@ at the9.
*he Bi2,e 'ay' that ;od i' ,ove >1 <ohn 4%8?. I: yo+ /ant to
'ee ;od- ,oo3 at <e'+' ><ohn 14%9?. I: yo+ /ant to 3no/ /hat
;od i' ,i3e- 'ee /hat <e'+' i' ,i3e- 2eca+'e <e'+' i' ;od
9ani:e'ted in the :,e'h.
<e'+' 'aid- */im that cometh to me % will in no wise cast
out* ><ohn !%0?. He 'aid- *or the Son of man is come to seek
and to save that which was lost* >G+3e 19%10?. <e'+' a,'o 'aid-
*"hey that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick*
>&att. 9%12?.
So9eone 9ay 'ay- @B+t So-and-'o i' terri2,y /ic3ed.@ He
need' a @5hy'ician@ a,, the 9ore. Gi3e one /ho i' 'ic3- i: he
doe'nDt 'ee the ;reat Phy'ician- he /i,, die. No one /o+,d ca,, a
doctor to co9e 2eca+'e 'o9eone /a' /e,,. It i' the 'ic3 /ho
need he,5. God wants to comfort people. He /ant' to ca,, the9
So9e 5eo5,e /ho '+55o'ed,y '5ea3 2y 5ro5hetic +tterance
never '5ea3 comfort to the .h+rch- ho/ever. *hey never edify or
build up the .h+rch=they give on,y 'cathing den+nciation'.
*hat i' not the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy in o5eration.
1+ring a 'e9inar I he,d once in 4riIona- I 'en'ed that a
:e,,o/ 'itting near the :ront had a /rong '5irit and he /a' going
to interr+5t the 'ervice i: he co+,d.
S+re eno+gh- /hen I /o+,d 'to5 :or a 'econd to catch 9y
2reath- he /o+,d H+95 to hi' :eet and ye,, at the to5 o: hi' voice.
So9e 5eo5,e thin3 they can convince other' they are
"he (urpose of (rophecy 87
anointed i: they di'5,ay 'o9e 3ind o: 5hy'ica, 9ani:e'tation.
*hey thin3 i: they H+95- Her3- ye,,- or ta,3 in a :a,'etto voice-
5eo5,e /i,, thin3 they rea,,y have '5irit+a, 5o/er. @*he Ho,y
;ho't 9ade 9e do that-@ they /i,, 'ay. *he Ho,y S5irit doe'nDt
/or3 that /ay- 2eca+'e /e 'ee in 8ir't .orinthian' 14%02- *"he
spirits of the prophets are sub=ect to the prophets.@
$hen thi' :e,,o/ ye,,ed- I 'to55ed teaching. Hi' 2ehavior
/a' 9o't +nedi:ying. It 'ee9ed a' i: 'o9eone had 5o+red a
2+c3et o: co,d /ater over the congregation. 4' 'oon a' he
'to55ed- I 'tarted ta,3ing a' :a't a' I co+,d to 2ring 9y 9e''age
to a conc,+'ion.
*he ne)t night- the :e,,o/ ret+rned. I decided that i: he
5er:or9ed again- I /o+,d have to give 'o9e in'tr+ction to the
congregation- ,etting the9 3no/ >/itho+t e92arra''ing the 9an?
that thi' /a'nDt right.
$hi,e teaching- I tried to ta,3 a' hard and :a't a' I co+,d- not
giving hi9 a 5,ace to 2rea3 in. He :ina,,y H+95ed to hi' :eet-
ho/ever- and too3 o:: any/ay. 4gain it /a' 9o't +nedi:ying.
I 9entioned that i: /e :e,t ;od /a' trying to +'e +'- /e
'ho+,d 2e care:+, not to interr+5t 'o9eone /ho /a' '5ea3ing.
*he Ho,y S5irit i' a gent,e9an- I e)5,ained. I: I a9 anointed 2y
the Ho,y S5irit and the other 5er'on i' anointed 2y the Ho,y
S5irit- the Ho,y S5irit /o+,d 2e interr+5ting Hi9'e,:.
Hearing thi'- the :e,,o/ 2eca9e angry. He didnDt co9e 2ac3
:or three night'. I had 2een '5ea3ing a2o+t ten 9in+te' that third
night /hen he ,ea5ed to hi' :eet and 'aid- @ID9 going to give yo+
one 9ore chance. I: yo+ donDt re5ent- the /ho,e gro+5 i' going
to he,,.@ He /ent on and on and :ina,,y /o+nd +5 2y 'aying-
@*hi' i' yo+r ,a't chance.@
I /ent on teaching a' i: nothing had ha55ened- 'o he
'to95ed o+t o: the 9eeting. He /a' not in the S5irit. *hat /a'
not the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy.
Peo5,e ,i3e hi9 5ro2a2,y do receive 'o9ething :ro9 ;od to
2egin /ith- 2+t they are i99at+re .hri'tian'. It i' a' i: they got a
9A "he Gift of (rophecy
,itt,e red /agon :or .hri't9a' and a,, they /ant to do i' 5+,, it
2ac3 and :orth in :ront o: their ho+'e 'o everyone can 'ee it.
8ir't .orinthian' 14%02 'ay'- *"he spirits of the prophets are
sub=ect to the prophets.@ *hi' 9ean' yo+ have the 5o/er to 3ee5
A+iet or to ta,3. "he Amplified Bible 'ay'- @8or the '5irit' o: the
5ro5het' Jthe '5ea3er' in tong+e'K are +nder the '5ea3erD' contro,
Jand '+2Hect to 2eing 'i,enced a' 9ay 2e nece''aryK.@ Ler'e 40
'ay'- *Let all things be done decently and in order.@ 7e9e92er-
the Ho,y S5irit i' not going to interr+5t Hi9'e,:M
In 8ir't .orinthian' I4-@Pa+, te,,' +' that the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy
a,'o i' a2,e to convict the +n2e,iever and to 9a3e 9ani:e't the
'ecret' o: hi' heart%
1 CORINTHIANS 14:23-25
23 If therefore the whole church be come together ito
oe !l"ce# "$ "ll %!e"& with togue%# "$ there come
i tho%e th"t "re ule"re$# or ubelie'er%# will the(
ot %"( th"t (e "re m"$)
24 *ut if "ll !ro!he%(# "$ there come i oe th"t
belie'eth ot# or oe ule"re$# he i% co'ice$ of "ll#
he i% +u$ge$ of "ll:
25 A$ thu% "re the %ecret% of hi% he"rt m"$e
m"ife%t, "$ %o f"llig $ow o hi% f"ce he will
wor%hi! -o$# "$ re!ort th"t -o$ i% i (ou of " truth.
(nce /hi,e I /a' 5reaching in *e)a'- thi' '5irit o: 5ro5hecy
9oved +5on 9e H+'t a:ter I had 5reached 9y 'er9on. *he ch+rch
/a' :+,,. I :o+nd 9y'e,: 5ointing to a 'tranger in the 2ac3 o: the
2+i,ding. I 'aid- @Stand to yo+r :eet and 'te5 o+t in the ai',e.@
*hi' ,ong- ta,, *e)an 'te55ed o+t. *he tho+ght then cro''ed 9y
9ind- 2ear Lord, what am % going to do now;
I heard 9y'e,: te,,ing hi9- @Be:ore yo+ ca9e to ch+rch
tonight- yo+ 'aid to yo+r /i:e....@ I to,d hi9 e)act,y /hat he had
'aid to hi' /i:e ear,ier. He /a' +n'aved. He had 'aid 'o9e
thing' to her a2o+t ;od and 'a,vation and /hat he never /o+,d
"he (urpose of (rophecy 98
Be:ore I 'to55ed ta,3ing- he '+dden,y ran do/n the ai',e and
:e,, at the a,tar /ith hi' hand' rai'ed. He gave hi' heart to <e'+'
that night and /a' :i,,ed /ith the Ho,y S5irit.
He to,d 9e a:ter/ard'- @Co+ 9+'t have 3no/n the 'ecret' o:
9y heart- 2eca+'e I 'aid that very thing.@
Chapter 4
4 The Difference Between Prophecy
and nterpretation of Ton!ues
In 't+dying 5ro5hecy- /e need to note the di::erence
2et/een inter5retation o: tong+e' and 5ro5hecy. *he Bi2,e 'ay'-
@... greater is he that prophesieth than he that speaketh with
tongues* >1 .or. 14%5?- a,tho+gh 2oth are in'5ired +tterance'.
*ong+e'- o: co+r'e- i' in'5ired +tterance in an unknown
tong+e. *he inter5retation o: tong+e' i' in'5ired +tterance te,,ing
that /hich /a' '5o3en in tong+e'.
Pro5hecy i' in'5ired +tterance in a known tong+e. *he
di::erence 2et/een inter5retation and 5ro5hecy i' that
inter5retation i' de5endent +5on tong+e'- /herea' 5ro5hecy
*here can 2e no inter5retation /itho+t tong+e'. 4nd then it
i' interpretation o: tong+e'- not @tran',ation@ o: tong+e'. 8or that
rea'on- the 9e''age in tong+e' 9ay 2e ,ong and the
inter5retation 'hort 2eca+'e the inter5retation on,y give' the
meaning. (r one 9ay '5ea3 a 'hort ti9e in tong+e' and then
give a ,engthy inter5retation. *here a,'o are ti9e' /hen the
inter5retation 9ay 2e a,9o't /ord :or /ord. I have e)5erienced
thi'. I have '5o3en in a ,ang+age not 3no/n to 9e- 2+t 3no/n to
'o9eone in the congregation. 4:ter/ard' they 'aid I gave the
9eaning a,9o't /ord :or /ord.
*he Ne/ *e'ta9ent e95ha'iIe' the e$hortational 3ind o:
5ro5hecy rather than 5ro5hecy o: revelation. 8ir't .orinthian'
14%0 'ay'- *But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to
edification, and e$hortation, and comfort.* *he Ne/ *e'ta9ent
doe' '5ea3 o: the reve,ation 3ind o: 5ro5hecy- 2+t it i' not
e95ha'iIed. *he e)hortationa, 3ind i' the 9o't need:+, in the
congregation. *he reve,ation 3ind o: 5ro5hecy 9ay 2e
de9on'trated occa'iona,,y- 2+t +'+a,,y it /o+,d 2e 9ani:e'ted
thro+gh a 5ro5het rather than thro+gh one /ho H+'t 5ro5he'ie' or
9> "he Gift of (rophecy
thro+gh the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy a,one.
Pa+, teache' concerning reve,ation 5ro5hecy% *Let the
prophets speak two or three, and let the other >5ro5het'K =udge.
%f any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first
hold his peace. or ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may
learn, and all may be comforted* >1 .or. 14%29-01?. *hi'
5a''age 'ho+,d not 2e ta3en o+t o: conte)t and a55,ied to
everyone. Pa+, i' re:erring here to 5ro5het'- 2eca+'e in the 02nd
ver'e he 'ay'- *And the spirits of the prophets are sub=ect to the
So9e have 9i'inter5reted the 2!th ver'e in thi' cha5ter
=*when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath
a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an
interpretation @=to 9ean that each 5er'on had a,, the'e. *he
;ree3 /ord :or the 5hra'e @every one o: yo+@ i' an a,,-inc,+'ive
ter9 9eaning @/ithin the /ho,e 2ody.@
In other /ord'- 'o9e /o+,d have a 5'a,9- other' a tong+e-
and 'ti,, other' a reve,ation. Each /o+,d not have the 'a9e thing-
:or there /o+,d 2e no 5+r5o'e in '+ch d+5,ication. *hat /o+,d
2e a' i: I /ere to a'3 three 5eo5,e to 'ing a '5ecia, 'ong- and
each 'ang the 'a9e 'ong.
So9e have gotten the idea that /hen tong+e' and
inter5retation or 5ro5hecie' are given- ;od act+a,,y i' '5ea3ing.
*here i' a sense in /hich it i' ;od '5ea3ing- 2+t i: ;od act+a,,y
/ere '5ea3ing- /e /o+,d not have any right to H+dge it.
Second- i: ;od act+a,,y /ere '5ea3ing- /e /o+,d not need
any in'tr+ction' :or the +'e o: the gi:t'=/hen to '5ea3 and
/hen not to '5ea3=2eca+'e ;od doe' not need any in'tr+ction'.
*he gi:t' o: ;od are 5er:ect. *he Ho,y S5irit i' 5er:ect. B+t
the'e gi:t' are not a,/ay' 5er:ect in manifestation, 2eca+'e they
are 9ani:e'ted thro+gh an i95er:ect channe,% 9en and /o9en.
*he S5irit o: ;od :,o/' thro+gh +' a' /ater :,o/' thro+gh a
5i5e. So9eti9e' a' the S5irit o: ;od :,o/' thro+gh +'
'o9ething :ro9 o+r o/n 5er'ona,ity get' 9i)ed in /ith the
"he 2ifference Between (rophecy and %nterpretation of "ongues 9@
divine :,o/. >4:ter a,,- ;od +'e' 5er'ona,itie'.?
;od doe'nDt 5+t a 5re9i+9 on ignorance or ed+cation- 2+t
He ha' to +'e the ve''e, a' it i'. I have 'een the anointing o: the
S5irit o: ;od +5on one /ho i' ed+cated- c+,t+red- and re:ined-
and I /a' great,y 2,e''ed. (n the other hand- I have heard
inter5retation' o: 9e''age' /hich inc,+ded '+ch /ord' a'
@hainDt-@ @ainDt-@ @yo+D+n'-@ and @/eD+n'.@ *ho'e giving the
inter5retation' co+,d not go 2eyond their ca5acity. *hey +'ed the
2e't voca2+,ary they had. It /a' the S5irit o: ;od in
9ani:e'tation- 2+t it /a' not a 5er:ect 9ani:e'tation.
4 9ini'ter te,,' that in one o: hi' 'ervice' the inter5retation
o: a 9e''age in tong+e' /a'% @&y ,itt,e chi,dren- donDt 2e 'cared.
B+t i: yo+ are 'cared- I donDt 2,a9e yo+- 2eca+'e 'o9eti9e' I get
'cared 9y'e,:.@
4,tho+gh thi' /a' not a 9ani:e'tation o: the S5irit o: ;od- it
doe' not 9ean that the dear one /ho gave it /a' not a .hri'tian.
It doe' not even 9ean that 'he /a'nDt :i,,ed /ith the Ho,y S5irit-
She /anted ;od to +'e her- 2+t 'he /a' H+'t '5ea3ing o+t o: her
o/n 9ind.
&any ti9e' /e ,et '+ch 9ani:e'tation' 'care a ,ot o: good
5eo5,e o:: in'tead o: giving 5eo5,e the right teaching. $e need
the o5eration o: the gi:t' in o+r congregation'. $e need
everything ;od ha' 5rovided- 2+t /e need to :o,,o/ ;odD'
in'tr+ction' :or the 5ro5er +'e o: the'e gi:t' 'o that *all things be
done unto edifying* >1 .or. 14%2!?.
So9e e)c+'e their '5irit+a, e)ce''e' 2y 'aying- @I co+,dnDt
he,5 that. *he Ho,y S5irit 9ade 9e do it.@ *hey 2,a9e the Ho,y
S5irit :or their 2eing o+t o: order. B+t the Ho,y S5irit- thro+gh
Pa+,- ha' given +' in'tr+ction' 'o /e 3no/ ho/ to 2e in order.
4,tho+gh /e 9ay 2e in'5ired to '5ea3=/e 9ay have a
9e''age in tong+e' and inter5retation- or even a /ord o:
5ro5hecy=it i' not a,/ay' /i'e to H+95 +5 at any ti9e. I: o+r
in'5iration co9e' at an ino55ort+ne 9o9ent /hen it /o+,d not
2e edi:ying- then /e 'ho+,d ho,d o+r 5eace. 4t the right ti9e /e
9' "he Gift of (rophecy
can give /hat /e have.
&any ti9e' /hen attending :e,,o/'hi5 9eeting' and
ca959eeting' /here I /a' not the '5ea3er- I co+,d have '5o3en
/ith tong+e' 2+t didnDt. *he ,eader' o: the 9eeting' /ere 9en
/ho 3ne/ ;od- /ho /ere :i,,ed /ith the S5irit- and they co+,d
give the 9e''age the9'e,ve'. *here /a' no need o: 9y 2+tting
in :ro9 o+t in the congregation. In a ,arge gathering i: 'o9eone
'5ea3' in tong+e' or 5ro5he'ie' :ro9 the congregation- :e/ hear
it. I: it co9e' :ro9 the 5,at:or9- ho/ever- everyone hear' it- and
it i' edi:ying.
*he in'5irationa, and the reve,ation gi:t' are a 5rod+ct o:
2oth ;od and 9an. It i'nDt a,, ;od and it i'nDt a,, 9an. *hi' i'
/here 9any have 9i''ed the 2,e''ing o: 2eing :i,,ed /ith the
S5irit. *hey co+,d have '5o3en in tong+e' 9any year' ago.
So9e have 'aid to 9e- @I: I had 3no/n that I had a 5art to
5,ay in it- I co+,d have ta,3ed in tong+e' 25 year' ago. I had an
+rge to 'ay 'o9ething that /a'nDt Eng,i'h- 2+t I tho+ght i: I
'5o3e that o+t- it /o+,d H+'t 2e me doing it. I have 2een /aiting
:or the Ho,y S5irit to ta,3 /ith tong+e' a,, the'e year'.@
Ho/ever- He doe'nDt rea,,y ta,3 /ith tong+e'. No/here in
the Bi2,e doe' it 'ay that the Ho,y S5irit ever ta,3ed /ith
tong+e'. In'tead- /e read that the Ho,y S5irit give' you
+tterance- and you do the ta,3ing. *hat i' /hat ha55ened on the
1ay o: Penteco't% *And they were all filled with the /oly Ghost,
and JtheyK began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave
them utterance* >4ct' 2%4?. He gave the9 the +tteranceB they did
the ta,3ing.
4:ter hearing thi' 5reached- 'o9e 5eo5,e have a'3ed 9e-
N$hy didnDt 'o9eone te,, 9eE I have 2een a:raid to ta,3 in
tong+e'=a:raid it /o+,d H+'t 2e the :,e'h.O B+t /hen yo+ ta,3 in
tong+e'- it will 2e yo+ in the flesh. ;od 'aid He /o+,d 5o+r o+t
Hi' S5irit on all flesh. Everyone /ho ever ta,3ed /ith tong+e'
/a' in the :,e'h- 2+t he /a' in'5ired 2y the S5irit.
*he 'a9e thing i' tr+e /ith the in'5irationa, and reve,ation
"he 2ifference Between (rophecy and %nterpretation of "ongues 9-
gi:t' o: ;od. *hey are a 5rod+ct o: 2oth 9an and ;od.
(rophecy is a result of the merging of the divine and the
8ir't *i9othy 4%14 'ay'- *Neglect not the gift that is in thee,
which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the
hands of the presbytery.@ Second *i9othy 1%! 'ay'- *)herefore
% put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God,
which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.@ Co+ are
re'5on'i2,e :or 'tirring +5 the gi:t /ithin yo+=not ;od and not
the Ho,y S5irit- a,tho+gh He i' the 9otivating 5o/er.
In 8+,, ;o'5e, circ,e' /e have a Penteco'ta, Hargon that
o:ten 2,ind' +'. 8or in'tance- 'o9e 5ray- @Po+r o+t yo+r S5irit
+5on +'- Gord. $e need an o+t5o+ring o: the Ho,y S5irit.@ Cet
/e cannot :ind in the Ne/ *e'ta9ent /here the Ho,y S5irit /a'
ever 5o+red o+t on a ch+rch- /here they /ere ever to,d to 5ray
:or an o+t5o+ring- or /here the Ho,y S5irit ever /a' 5o+red o+t
on S5irit-:i,,ed 2e,iever'.
"he /oly Spirit is poured out on people who don<t have the
/oly Spirit+
*he o+t5o+ring o: the Ho,y S5irit ca9e on the <e/' on the
1ay o: Penteco't. *he o+t5o+ring o: the Ho,y S5irit ca9e to the
;enti,e' one day at .orne,i+'D ho+'e. *he /or,d 9ay need an
o+t5o+ring o: the S5irit- 2+t the .h+rch doe'nDt. Be,iever'
a,ready have the S5irit. $hat they need to do i' to 'tir +5 /hat
they haveM
*he .h+rch o:ten i' 'itting aro+nd 5raying :or an
o+t5o+ring- drying +5- 'tarving to death- /hen they a,ready are
thoroughly eBuipped /ith a,, they need. I: they /o+,d H+'t 'tir +5
/hat they a,ready have- they /o+,d 2e revivedM
$e- not the Ho,y S5irit- are re'5on'i2,e :or the +'e o: ;odD'
5o/er. Every no/ and then /e have to do e)act,y /hat Pa+, to,d
*i9othy to do% @Stir +5 the gi:t o: ;od.@
Chapter "
" Guidance and the Gift of Prophecy
And now, behold, % go bound in the spirit
unto 0erusalem, not knowing the things that
shall befall me there&
Save that the /oly Ghost witnesseth in
every city, saying that bonds and afflictions
abide me....
CAgabus the prophetD took (aul<s girdle,
and bound his own hands and feet, and said,
"hus saith the /oly Ghost, So shall the 0ews at
0erusalem bind the man that owneth this girdle,
and shall deliver him into the hands of the
#4ct' 20%22-20B 21%11
;od ha' 'evera, /ay' o: 'ho/ing Hi' chi,dren Hi' /i,, :or
their ,ive'. He '5ea3' thro+gh the /ritten $ord=the Bi2,e. He
'5ea3' thro+gh the 5reached $ord a' Hi' 9ini'ter' 5reach the
Bi2,e. He g+ide' thro+gh contro,,ing circ+9'tance'. 4nd He
'5ea3' thro+gh the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy at ti9e'.
*hi' i' an area in
/hich great care 9+'t 2e e)erci'ed- ho/ever- a' 'o9e have
:a,,en into error here. $e 9+'t 2e care:+, to :o,,o/ 'cri5t+ra,
$hen ;od '5o3e to Pa+, thro+gh the 5ro5het 4ga2+'- a'
A+oted in the a2ove Scri5t+re- the S5irit on,y to,d Pa+, /hat /a'
going to ha55en. It /a' then +5 to Pa+, to choo'e /hether or not
to go.
*here ha' 2een a trend in recent year' :or deno9inationa,
.hri'tian' /ho have 2een :i,,ed /ith the Ho,y S5irit to gather in
one anotherD' ho9e' :or 5rayer 9eeting'.
(ne /o9an /ho reg+,ar,y attended '+ch 9eeting' ca9e to
9e- con:+'ed- 'aying- @In o+r 5rayer 9eeting'- the 5eo5,e '5end
:A "he Gift of (rophecy
ho+r' ,aying hand' on one another and 5raying and 5ro5he'ying
to one another. &ay2e itD' a,, right- 2+t it 'ee9' to 9e that a,, o:
the 5ro5he'ying i' concerning 'o9ething 2ad. (ne ti9e they
5ro5he'ied that 9y 9other /a' going to die- 2+t 'he ha'nDt died
yet. She i'nDt even 'ic3. It 'ee9' a' i: I a,/ay' get a 2ad
5ro5hecy. It di't+r2' 9e.@
(:ten '+ch 9eeting' degenerate into ,itt,e 9ore than :ort+ne-
te,,ing- /hich i' a5art :ro9 the S5irit o: ;od entire,y. *he gi:t'
o: the S5irit are not to 2e 5,ayed /ith ,i3e chi,drenD' toy'. *hey
are to 2e reverenced. *hey are to 2e 2ro+ght into the o5en- /here
they can 2e H+dged.
God didn<t set prophecy or prophets in Sister 0ones< kitchen.
/e set them in the ,hurch. *hat doe' not 9ean that it /o+,d not
2e a,, right to 5ro5he'y in yo+r 3itchen or ,iving roo9- 2+t it
9ean' that /e 'ho+,d 5ro5he'y 5ri9ari,y in ch+rch- /here a,,
can H+dge the 5ro5hecie'.
I 3no/ 5eo5,e /ho have entered into 9arriage' 2eca+'e
'o9eone 5ro5he'ied they 'ho+,d 9arry a certain individ+a,B then
,i:e 2eca9e 9i'era2,e :or 2oth o: the9. *he Bi2,e ,ay' do/n
certain r+,e' concerning 9arriage. $e 'ho+,d ,oo3 to ;odD'
$ord and a'3 Hi9 :or g+idance a,ong the'e ,ine'.
*he gi:t o: 5ro5hecy i' not to 2e +'ed to introd+ce ne/
doctrine. *he Bi2,e i' o+r 'o+rce o: doctrine. $e 'ho+,d 2e/are
o: 'o-ca,,ed 5ro5het' /ho co9e /ith their ne/ doctrine'-
@dee5er tr+th-@ @ne/ ,ight-@ or 'o9ething e,'e. #'+a,,y the'e
5eo5,e- /ho are '+55o'ed to get 'o9e ne/ reve,ation that no one
e,'e ha'- do 9+ch da9age to the ca+'e o: .hri't.
Pro5hecy i' 5ri9ari,y '5ea3ing *unto men to
12%%,A"%3N, and 14/35"A"%3N, and ,3635"* >1 .or.
14%0?. *he S5irit o: ;od i' not going to give 'o9ething that
/o+,d divide the .h+rchM *hat i' not the '5irit o: ,ove.
(:ten the'e 5eo5,e 2eco9e :i,,ed /ith 5ride. So9e have to,d
9e they are right and everyone e,'e i' /rong. *hey have 'aid-
@#n,e'' yo+ 2e,ieve a' I do- yo+ are going to 2e ,o't.@ $hen
Guidance and the Gift of (rophecy :8
a'3ed to give Scri5t+re :or their ne/ @reve,ation-@ they have
re5,ied- @Co+ have to have the reve,ation. *hi' i' beyond the
4 9ini'ter /ho at one ti9e /a' very 'o+nd 'aid- @I donDt
need that 2oo3 any 9ore. I a9 2eyond it.@ *hen he thre/ the
Bi2,e on the :,oor- 'aying- @I have the Ho,y S5irit. I a9 a
5ro5het. ;od 'end' 9y in'tr+ction' direct.@ It /a' not ,ong +nti,
he /a' 5ro5he'ying that 5eo5,e 'ho+,d each give hi9 a h+ndred
do,,ar'. He /a' getting hi' in'tr+ction' direct=2+t direct :ro9
*he gi:t o: 5ro5hecy i' not to 'ett,e arg+9ent'. *he t/e,:th
cha5ter o: G+3e record' that 'o9e 5eo5,e /anted <e'+' to 'ett,e
an arg+9ent- 2+t <e'+' re:+'ed to do 'o. 4rg+9ent' 'ho+,d 2e
'ett,ed according to the $ord o: ;od.
*he gi:t o: 5ro5hecy i' not to 2e +'ed 9ere,y to 'ati':y
c+rio'ity. It i' not to 2e +'ed a' a gi99ic3. *here i' a va't
di::erence 2et/een the gi:t o: 5ro5hecy and the 5rying into the
:+t+re 2y :ort+ne-te,,er'- 'orcerer'- a'tro,oger'- etc. 4,, the'e
thing' are a co+nter:eit o: the tr+e gi:t o: 5ro5hecy.
4 tr+e 9e''age o: 5ro5hecy /i,, edi:y- e)hort- and co9:ort
5eo5,e- he,5ing the9 to 2e 2etter .hri'tian'.
So9e o: the'e 9y'tic' and 5'ychic 9edi+9' even /i,,
5redict /hich hor'e i' going to /in /hich race- or /hich
candidate i' going to /in a 5o,itica, race. B+t ;od i' not in that.
7e9e92er that the Bi2,e :or2id' o+r having anything to do /ith
'orcerer'- :ort+ne-te,,er'- 5'ychic 9edi+9'- and the ,i3e. *he
S5irit o: ;od can te,, +' thing' i: He /i'he'- 2+t /e need to
3no/ the di::erence 2et/een the tr+e and the :a,'e. I: /e donDt-
/e had 2etter 'tay a/ay :ro9 any o: it +nti, /e do.
Ho/ can /e te,, the di::erence 2et/een an o5eration o: the
S5irit o: ;od and an e)tra'en'ory 9ani:e'tationE "hat which is
of God centers around ,hrist. It i' not 'o9ething to 2e +'ed to
5rove that I have 'o9ething- or that I a9 'o9e2ody.
Sa+, once had the S5irit o: ;od- 2+t /hen he got a/ay :ro9
:9 "he Gift of (rophecy
;od- an evi, '5irit ca9e to hi9. *here are 5eo5,e today /ho
once /ere +'ed o: ;od- 2+t ,ater they 2egan o5erating +nder an
evi, '5irit.
4 certain 9ini'ter I 3no/ /a' at one ti9e +'ed o: ;od in the
/ord o: 3no/,edge and the reve,ation gi:t'. He /a' vi'iting a
ch+rch /here I /a' 5reaching- and the 5a'tor a'3ed hi9 to 'ay a
:e/ /ord'. $hi,e he /a' '5ea3ing- the S5irit o: ;od 'aid to 9e-
@He ha' a :a9i,iar '5irit.@
*he 9ini'ter 'aid- @Co+ thin3 I a9 not a 5ro5het o: ;odE
$hy- yo+r na9e i' So-and-'o. Co+r addre'' i' '+ch-and-'+ch.
Co+ are 'o 9any year' o,d- and in yo+r 2i,,:o,d yo+ have 'o
9any do,,ar'. I'nDt that 'oE@ *he 5er'on 'aid it /a' 'o.
(ne 9an had a va,+a2,e dia9ond ring at ho9e. *he 9ini'ter
'aid to hi9- @Co+ have a va,+a2,e dia9ond ring at ho9e in '+ch-
and-'+ch a dra/er. ;od 'aid :or yo+ to give it to 9e.@ *he 9an
3ne/ that thi' /a' '+5ernat+ra,. It had to 2e ;od- he tho+ght- 'o
he got the ring and gave it to the 9ini'ter. .har,atan' ,ine their
5oc3et' thi' /ay. B+t that /a' not ;odD' 5o/er in
de9on'trationB it /a' a :a9i,iar '5irit.
8a9i,iar '5irit' are :a9i,iar /ith yo+. *hey 3no/ a2o+t yo+
and they te,, 5eo5,e thing' a2o+t yo+. By the 'a9e to3en- the
S5irit o: ;od co+,d do the 'a9e thing thro+gh the /ord o:
3no/,edge i: He 'a/ :it to do 'o. B+t it /o+,d not 2e H+'t a
5+2,ic di'5,ay :or 9ere c+rio'ity. It /o+,d 2e :or yo+r
edi:ication- not to attract attention to a 9an- to ca+'e 5eo5,e to
thin3 he i' 'o9eone great- to ,ine hi' 5oc3et' /ith 9oney- or to
5+t dia9ond' or /atche' in hi' hand.
*he gi:t o: 5ro5hecy i' rea,. It i' good. It i' right. It can 2e
+'ed :or good.
F 8or a detai,ed 't+dy o: thi' '+2Hect- 'ee 7ev. Kenneth E. HaginD' 2oo3 /ow
Eou ,an Be Led by the Spirit of God.
Chapter #
# $e%en $teps To &ud!in! Prophecy
4' Ne/ *e'ta9ent .hri'tian' /e need the o5eration o: the
gi:t' o: the S5irit in o+r ch+rche' today. $e 'ho+,d enco+rage
every :,a9e o: :ire that co9e' :ro9 ;od. B+t /e a,'o 'ho+,d
rea,iIe that there are 2oth tr+e and :a,'e gi:t'. Ho/ever- there i'
no need to 2e a:raid o: the gi:t' o: the S5irit H+'t 2eca+'e 'o9e
:a,'e e,e9ent' have cre5t in.
<e'+' /arned again't :a,'e 5ro5het'- 'aying- *Beware of
false prophets, which come to you in sheep<s clothing, but
inwardly they are ravening wolves* >&att. %15?. Pa+, and Peter-
/riting to the .h+rch in their day- /arned again't :a,'e 5ro5het'-
:a,'e a5o't,e'- and :a,'e 5ro5hecie' >2 .or. 11%10B 2 Peter 2%1?.
4nd i: '+ch a /arning /a' nece''ary then- it i' nece''ary no/.
Ho/ can /e recogniIe :a,'e 5ro5het'E
<e'+' 'aid- *Ee shall know them by their fruits. 2o men
gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles ; 1ven so every good
tree bringeth forth good fruit! but a corrupt tree bringeth forth
evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a
corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. ... )herefore by their fruits
ye shall know them* >&att. %1!-18-20?.
4 9ini'ter /ho 'ee9ing,y /a' 9ighti,y +'ed in 5ro5hecy
/a' a55roached a2o+t A+e'tion' that /ere 2eing rai'ed
concerning hi' 9ini'try. He re5,ied- @*here i' no tr+th in that=
itD' a,, ,ie'.@ He ,ater to,d another gro+5 con:identia,,y- NI donDt
,et the9 3no/ I 2e,ieve thi'. ItD' a,, right to ,ie a' ,ong a' yo+Dre
,ying :or good.O
It i' /rong to ,ie regard,e'' o: the rea'onM *hat 5reacher
co+,d 5ro5he'y ,o+d and ,ong- 2+t /ho co+,d 2e,ieve hi'
So the :ir't 'te5 in H+dging 5ro5hecy i'- NBy their fruits ye
shall know them.F
*he 'econd 'te5 in H+dging 5ro5hecy i'% @1oe' it g,ori:y
.hri'tE@ <e'+'- '5ea3ing a2o+t the Ho,y S5irit- 'aid- */e shall
:> "he Gift of (rophecy
glorify me* ><ohn 1!%14?.
Get +' ,oo3 at 'o9e Scri5t+re' a,ong thi' ,ine.
7eve,ation 19%10 <<And % fell at his feet to worship him Jthe
ange,K. And he said unto me, See thou do it not& % am thy
fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of
0esus& worship God& for the testimony of 0esus is the spirit of
prophecy.* I: the 5ro5hecy i' right- and the 5ro5het i' right- they
/i,, te'ti:y o: <e'+'. I: either attract' attention to 9an- ho/ever-
it i' /rong- 2eca+'e G/e shall glorify me.F
8ir't .orinthian' 12%0% @... no man speaking by the Spirit of
God calleth 0esus accursed& and that no man can say that 0esus
is the Lord, but by the /oly Ghost.@ >Pa+, 'aid in the :ir't ver'e
o: thi' cha5ter- *Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, %
would not have you ignorant.*H He i' 'aying that /hen '5irit+a,
gi:t'- inc,+ding 5ro5hecy- are in o5eration- they /i,, 9a3e <e'+'
8ir't <ohn 4%1-2% *Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try
the spirits whether they are of God& because many false
prophets are gone out into the world. /ereby know ye the Spirit
of God& 1very spirit that confesseth that 0esus ,hrist is come in
the flesh is of God.@
I: the 5ro5hecy i' o: ;od- it 5oint' to <e'+'. *here:ore- /e
can H+dge 2oth 5ro5het' and 5ro5hecie' according to their
attit+de to/ard <e'+'. I: they ,ead +' a/ay :ro9 Hi9- or i: they
create divi'ion in the Body o: .hri't- they are /rong. I: they
9agni:y 9an rather than .hri't- they are /rong.
I have heard 5ro5hecie' go :orth that e,evated 9an and
a55ea,ed to h+9an and '5irit+a, 5ride. (ne '+ch 5ro5hecy- given
to a Iea,o+' yo+ng 9an /ho /anted to do 'o9ething :or ;od-
'aid- @*h+' 'aith the Gord% I: yo+ /i,, :o,,o/ 9e- yo+ng 9an- I
/i,, 9a3e yo+ the greate't 5reacher that the /or,d ha' ever 'een.
In :act- yo+ /i,, have a 9ini'try that i' greater than a,, the
a5o't,e' and a,, the 5ro5het' o: a,, age' 5+t together. *here i' not
a 9ini'ter in 49erica today /ho /i,, 2e a' great a' yo+.@
Seven Steps "o 0udging (rophecy :@
*hi' 5ro5hecy nat+ra,,y thri,,ed the yo+ng 5reacher- 2eca+'e
he /anted to 2e 'o9eone great and i95ortant. B+t the 9i'g+ided
/o9an /ho gave the 5ro5hecy /a' not anointed o: the S5irit o:
;od /hen 'he '5o3e '+ch /ord'- 2eca+'e they e)a,ted 9an- not
;od /ant' +' to 2e h+92,e 2e:ore Hi9. Co+ng and
i99at+re .hri'tian' 'o9eti9e' are h+rt 2y '+ch :a,'e
5ro5hecie'. *hi' i' /hy /e need 'o+nd teaching concerning the
gi:t' o: the S5irit.
*he third 'te5 in H+dging 5ro5hecy i' to a'3- @1oe' it agree
/ith the Scri5t+re'E@ I: it i' a tr+e 5ro5hecy- it /i,, 2e according
to the $ord o: ;od- 2eca+'e the Spirit and the )ord agree.
*he $ord o: ;od /a' in'5ired 2y the Ho,y S5irit. Ho,y 9en
o: o,d /rote a' they /ere in'5ired 2y the S5irit o: ;od. *he
Ho,y S5irit i' not going to te,, yo+ one thing in the $ord and
another thro+gh 5ro5hecy. I: it doe'nDt agree /ith the $ord o:
;od- it i'nDt rightM
*hi' doe' not 9ean that it i' nece''ari,y :ro9 the devi,. It
co+,d 2e an evi, '5irit- 2+t 'o9eti9e' it i' H+'t the re'+,t o:
h+9an rea'oning. *he :act that a 5er'on /o+,d +n3no/ing,y
,i'ten to an evi, '5irit doe' not 9ean that he i' not a .hri'tian- or
even that he i' not S5irit :i,,ed.
(ne ti9e /hen <e'+' /a' ta,3ing to Hi' di'ci5,e' concerning
Hi' death on the cro''- Peter 'aid- @Not 'o- Gord.@ <e'+' t+rned to
Peter and 'aid- @;et thee 2ehind 9e- Satan.@ <e'+' /a' not
ca,,ing Peter Satan- 2+t Peter had +n3no/ing,y ,i'tened to the
devi, and had re5eated the /rong thing.
It i' e''entia, that /e 3no/ the $ord o: ;od- 2eca+'e /e
cannot H+dge 5ro5hecy /itho+t a thoro+gh 3no/,edge o: ;odD'
*he :o+rth 'te5 i' to a'3- @4re their 5ro5hecie' :+,:i,,edE@
$e read in 1e+terono9y 18%
/01T0RONO23 14:25-22
25 *ut the !ro!het# which %h"ll !re%ume to %!e"& "
:' "he Gift of (rophecy
wor$ i m( "me# which I h"'e ot comm"$e$ him
to %!e"&# or th"t %h"ll %!e"& i the "me of other go$%#
e'e th"t !ro!het %h"ll $ie.
21 A$ if thou %"( i thie he"rt# How %h"ll we &ow
the wor$ which the 6or$ h"th ot %!o&e)
22 7he " !ro!het %!e"&eth i the "me of the 6or$#
if the thig follow ot# or come to !"%%# th"t i% the
thig which the 6or$ h"th ot %!o&e# but the
!ro!het h"th %!o&e it !re%um!tuou%l(....
*here are 'o9e /ho are 5re'+95t+o+' and 5ro5he'y o+t o:
their o/n 9ind'. *heir 5ro5hecie' are not :+,:i,,ed.
*hen again=and thi' i' 'te5 n+92er :ive=/e need to
rea,iIe that 'o9e 5ro5hecie' are not nece''ari,y o: ;od- even
tho+gh they 9ay co9e to 5a''%
/01T0RONO23 13:1-5
1 If there "ri%e "mog (ou " !ro!het# or " $re"mer of
$re"m%# "$ gi'eth thee " %ig or " wo$er#
2 A$ the %ig or the wo$er come to !"%%# whereof he
%!"&e uto thee# %"(ig# 6et u% go "fter other go$%#
which thou h"%t ot &ow# "$ let u% %er'e them,
3 Thou %h"lt ot he"r&e uto the wor$% of th"t
!ro!het# or th"t $re"mer of $re"m%: for the 6or$
(our -o$ !ro'eth (ou# to &ow whether (e lo'e the
6or$ (our -o$ with "ll (our he"rt "$ with "ll (our
4 3e %h"ll w"l& "fter the 6or$ (our -o$# "$ fe"r
him# "$ &ee! hi% comm"$met%# "$ obe( hi% 'oice#
"$ (e %h"ll %er'e him# "$ cle"'e uto him.
5 A$ th"t !ro!het# or th"t $re"mer of $re"m%# %h"ll
be !ut to $e"th, bec"u%e he h"th %!o&e to tur (ou
"w"( from the 6or$ (our -o$....
So9eti9e' 5eo5,e thin3- "hat must be right. %t came to pass.
B+t even tho+gh it ca9e to 5a''- it /a' not o: ;od.
Ho/ can yo+ te,, /hen 'o9ething i' not o: ;odE Goo3 again
at 'te5 t/o% 1oe' thi' 5ro5hecy ,ead yo+ to ;od or away from
Seven Steps "o 0udging (rophecy :-
Hi9E 1oe' it ca+'e yo+ to 2eco9e 9ore reverent to/ard ;od
and the Bi2,e- or doe' it ,ead yo+ a/ay :ro9 the Ne/ Birth and
other :+nda9enta, doctrine'E
Ste5 'i) i' to a'3- @1o the 5ro5hecie' 5rod+ce ,i2erty or
2ondageE@ Second .orinthian' 4%10 'ay'- *)e having the same
spirit of faith, according as it is written, % believed, and
therefore have % spoken! we also believe, and therefore speak.@
I: it i' in the 'a9e '5irit o: :aith that /e are in- then it /i,,
5rod+ce liberty. I: not- it /i,, 5rod+ce bondage. &any are ,ed
into 2ondage in'tead o: 2eing ,ed into ,ight and de,iverance.
In 7o9an' 8%15 /e read- *or ye have not received the
spirit of bondage again to fear! but ye have received the Spirit of
adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, ather.* ;od i' not going to
,ead +' 2ac3 into :ear. $e have 2een de,ivered :ro9 the '5irit o:
$e :ind the ,a't 'te5 to H+dging 5ro5hecy in 8ir't <ohn
2%20-2% *But ye have an unction from the /oly 3ne, and ye
know all things. ... But the anointing which ye have received of
him abideth in you....@ #nction i' anointing.
$hen thing' are not right- 'o9ething in'ide yo+=an +nction
o: the Gord- the anointing that a2ide' in yo+=te,,' yo+
'o9ething i' /rong. *he Ho,y S5irit i' there to in:or9 yo+ i:
thing' are not a' they 'ho+,d 2e- and yo+ /i,, 3no/ i99ediate,y.
1onDt ,et :anatici'9 and e)ce''e' 3ee5 yo+ :ro9 the
2,e''ing' o: ;od. Co+ canDt :ight error /ith error. *each the
Ne/ *e'ta9ent. Be,ieve in the S5irit o: ;od and the gi:t' o: the
S5irit- and enHoy a,, that ;od ha' 5rovided :or Hi' chi,dren.
F 8or a detai,ed 't+dy o: thi' to5ic- 'ee 7ev. Kenneth E. HaginD' 2oo3 Seven
Steps for 0udging (rophecy.
$ith 9i,,ion' o: 8aith Gi2rary 2oo3' in circ+,ation- the 5rinted 5age
contin+e' to 2e a 9aHor o+treach o: Kenneth Hagin &ini'trie'. *he voice o:
Kenneth Hagin &ini'trie' i' :+rther a95,i:ied aro+nd the /or,d thro+gh the
:o,,o/ing 9edia% 4 24-5age :ree 9onth,y 9agaIine- "he )ord of aith! an
internationa, radio 2roadca't- @8aith Se9inar o: the 4ir@B nation/ide 4,, 8aith'D
.r+'ade'B 8aith Gi2rary ta5e'B and 7HE&4 .orre'5ondence Bi2,e Schoo,.
*he'e o+t-reache' are vita, to the 5art Kenneth Hagin &ini'trie' 'hare' in
:+,:i,,ing the ;reat .o99i''ion=yet- there i' 9ore . . .
7HE&4 Bi2,e *raining .enter i' another dyna9ic o+treach o: Kenneth
Hagin &ini'trie'. 8o+nded in 194- 7HE&4 o::er' a high A+a,ity o:
9ini'teria, 't+die' de'igned to train and eA+i5 9en and /o9en to enter the
Evange,i'tic- Pa'tora,- *eaching- &i''ion'- He,5'- Co+th- and .hi,drenD'
9ini'trie'. *oday tho+'and' o: grad+ate' o: 7HE&4 have vent+red into every
inha2ited continent o: the earth- carrying the ;ood Ne/' o: the ;o'5e, o: <e'+'
.hri't=/ith 'ign' :o,,o/ing.
*o receive a :ree- :+,,-co,or 2roch+re
on 7HE&4 Bi2,e *raining .enter- a :ree
9onth,y 9agaIine- "he )ord of aith, or
to receive o+r 8aith Gi2rary .ata,og /ith
a co95,ete ,i'ting o: Kenneth Hagin
&ini'trie'D 2oo3' and ta5e'- /rite%
8eeth H"gi 2ii%trie%
P.(. Bo) 5012!
*+,'a- (K 4150-012!
%n ,anada write&
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