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1745 Cassel Road Coopersburg, PA 18036

(484) 560-1830 emmagb91gma!l"#om
$!s!% m& por%'ol!o a%( emmagra#ebro)*")eebl&"#om
To acquire an entry level public relations position with a meaningful and fulfilling organization that will utilize
my writing skills, promotion abilities, social media networking, and organization skills.
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Bloomsburg, P
Bachelor of !iberal rts" #ass $ommunications %.&'( $umulative )P
rea of $oncentration" Public *elations #inor" Political +cience
Related Experience_________________________________________________________________
The American Red Cross of the Greater Lehigh Valley llentown, P
Regional Communications Intern ,#ay -(.' to ugust -(.'/
0 Provided assistance and support to the *egional $ommunications 1epartment in all areas of public relations
relating to the *ed $ross 2 disaster relief, blood, health 3 human safety, service to armed forces, fundraising
0 4nhanced public relations via social media tools, including 5acebook, Twitter, 6ouTube, 7ootsuite, websites
0 ssisted with production of promotional materials, write press releases, and capture photography
0 8pdated media distribution lists and provide content management and updates for .% *egional websites
0 9ews stories : ;nterviewed contacts and wrote stories relating to *ed $ross programs, events, and services
0 ssisted and accompanied *egional $ommunications <fficer with media2related events including fundraising
events, chapter and regional events, health 3 human safety classes and trainings, service to armed forces events
afe ! ound lumber "und PR Cases ! Problems Course Bloomsburg, P ,5all -(.%/
# 1eveloped a semester2long fundraising campaign in order to provide the $olumbia=#ontour $ounty >omen?s
$enter with new and hygienic mattresses and bed frames, raising appro@imately A%,B((
# 8tilized all public relations tactics and social media tools to develop campus awareness
# ssisted in development of special events and produced several promotional materials such as flyers and logos
Buno$%com C Bloomsburg, P
Staff Writer ,<ct -(.. to <ct -(.-/
0 >rote independent articles on a wide variety of subDects, including politics, campus news, and pop news
Publications, onors, ! "#ills_______________________________________________________
The Mutchlers - Loving Couple Shares Passion for Red Cross Clara Barton Society Newsletter ugust -(.'
Family First Resource Center Seniors Get Prepared Red Cross Pocono Newsletter Eune -(.'
The Pillocase Pro!ect Red Cross Website, Distributed to schools and parents in NP! region Eune -(.'
Causes and "ffects of the #ousing $u%%le & "he Bloomsburg conomist 1ec. -(.-
$uno'com Publications & rchive" http"==bunow.com=author=egb(((F(=
&eans List' +pring -(.. continuously to +pring -(.'
Proficient in( +ocial #edia # >ord Press # #icrosoft >ord # Powerpoint # Guark # 4diting
# +trong >riting # dobe $reative +uite # Photography #
Wor# Experience___________________________________________________________________
The Bric) Tavern *nn C Guakertown, P
Ser#er, $ostess ,9ov -((H to Present/
0 Provide customer service for .'(2seat, fine dining restaurant, specializing in 9ew merican cuisine
0 ssist manager with resolving customer concerns, handle incoming calls, and book reservations
La "ontana Ristorante' Pi++eria' ! Bar C Bloomsburg, P
Ser#er ,+ept -(.- to #ay -(.'/
References $ill be available u,on re-uest%