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Social Studies

Mr. Stephen George
+971 2 556 4206

Goal of Social Studies:
Social studies provides opportunities for students to develop the knowledge, skills,
and attitudes needed to become informed, engaged and responsible citizens.
Recognition and respect for individual and collective identity is essential in a
democratic society. Social studies helps students develop their sense of self and
community as well as encourages them to affirm their place in society.

Program Description:
Students will explore the origins, histories and
movement of peoples who forged the
foundations of Canadian Confederation and
modern Canada including the aboriginal
peoples, the explorers/fur traders and the
rivalry of the British and French. They will also
examine how the political, demographic,
economic and social changes of post-
Confederation have influenced ways in which
contemporary Canada has evolved.

How will I be evaluated in this class?

Assesment of Learning

Major Assignments (Projects) 35%
Chapter Tests 25%
Minor Assignments (Questions) 25%
Midterm Exam 5%
Final Exam 10%
Total = 100%

Assessment FOR Learning
Students will be expected to come to class each day with a current event to discuss.
We will spend the first few minutes in class each day going over the details of one or
two students current events. I feel strongly that knowledge of the events affecting
our world gives students a sense of community in our globalized world and can lead
to a greater understanding of our past, and our future and this can only further their
learning. Students will also be involved in review worksheets at the end of each
chapter. This will guide the students and allow them to indicate their areas of
strengths and weaknesses on the content prior to testing. As this is not recorded for
their grades, only recorded as a complete or incomplete grade, it is a no-pressure
situation in which they are able to self-assess themselves. Questioning, Written,
and Oral Feedback will also be on-going throughout the year

General Outcome 7.1
Toward Confederation
Includes: Chapters 1-6
General Outcome 7.2
Following Confederation:
Canadian Expansions
Local and Current Affairs
Timeline: September to
January. Each Chapter
section will last
approximately 3 weeks
Timeline: February - June Timeline: Ongoing
throughout the year
Students will
demonstrate an
understanding and
appreciation of the
distinct roles of, and the
relationship among, the
Aboriginal, French and
British peoples in
forging the foundations
of Canadian
Students will demonstrate
an understanding for and
appreciation of how the
political, demographic,
economic and social
changes that have
occurred since
Confederation have
presented challenges and
opportunities for
individuals and
In order to allow
opportunities for
students to engage in
current affairs, issues and
concerns of a local
nature, the Program of
Studies provides the
flexibility to include these
topics within the time
assigned for the course.

1 binder Dividers
Pencils Pens (blue/black)
Eraser Ruler
* occasionally students may wish to have white out/crayons/markers/glue/etc.

What Is The Text Book For This Class?
We will be using the prescribed learning resource: Our Canada as well as a variety of
other books, readings, news clippings, websites, A/V materials, political cartoons, etc.

Class Expectations
1. Students are to be seated with resources ready to begin when the bell rings;
being on time is essential. It would be best to complete the activity/quiz in
pencil so that answers may be corrected easily. Students not prepared or
working ineffectively will receive one warning. A second warning will result in
a demerit. In a testing environment, a second warning results in a mark of 0%.

2. In extreme cases, if students approach Mr. George about problems with
projects, an extension may be warranted. However, last minute requests when
projects are being turned in may not receive leniency. Otherwise, all
assignments are due on the date given. Assignments/projects must be
completed as student work is assigned with a clear purpose to teach skills and
develop knowledge to meet curricular objectives. Cheating and plagiarism will
result in a mark of 0

3. When a student wishes to share information within the classroom
environment, they are expected to raise ones hand and wait quietly until
called upon to speak. Students are to be respectful speakers and listeners and
ask questions to clarify instructions or concepts. Remember, Mr. George is
here to help and is available to provide extra help whenever needed as long as
the student approaches him in advance of the DUE date or Exam date, not last

*** Students are welcome to bring electronics into class, however they must be given
permission to use them. Any electronics deemed by Mr. George to be a distraction or
interfering with learning will be confiscated until the end of the day***


I encourage communication between home and school, and it is an important means to
support learning and facilitate the best possible options for our students. Therefore I
try to keep several options available to which you as students, or your parents, can
contact me.

1. The class website: Located at http://mrgeorgesocial.weebly.com, you can find
updates on homework, what we did in class, and any other pertinent information
you may need.
2. On email: I do my best to check my email at least once every night before 9pm
so if you have any questions about an assignment or anything life may throw at
you, dont hesitate to email me at sgeorge@cisabudhabi.com
3. FOR PARENTS: Please dont hesitate to call me at the school as well as book an
appointment to come see me in person if you are ever concerned about your
childs learning or just have general questions that need answering.

I look forward to having a great year here at CIS and I cant wait to get to
know everyone!