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GYSD0809 Final Report

GYSD0809 Final Report

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Published by: mminks on Dec 14, 2009
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Participating Year:


Number of Participants:


The Municipal Council on Drug Prevention planned, prepared, and presented pres-
entations on drug prevention to two local schools. Volunteer Bulgaria mobilized 14
university students to lead teams of orphans to clean and landscape their orphan-
age's backyard. Youth Association Pernik gave 22 young journalists the opportunity
to receive free career lessons in writing, software, and video and audio program-
ming from professional journalists.

In celebration of 2008 Global Youth Service Day, the Varna Dolphins chapter of People
to People International
organized an environmental initiative and anti-smoking cam-
paign directed toward the youth of their community. Chapter members raised money
to purchase trees, which were planted in the park next to their school. In addition, stu-
dents gave anti-smoking presentations to local 5th and 6th graders and then gathered
along a busy street where they gave demonstrations about the dangers of smoking.
They even put a cardboard mummy on display with sticky clay on its lungs. People
passing by were invited to put their cigarettes out directly on the sticky lungs. Twenty
people volunteered for the effort and 100 individuals participated.

SFP affiliate Volunteers Bulgaria once again brought together young people with dif-
ferent social backgrounds volunteering for a good cause. This year it was the cleaning
and landscaping of the back yard of the Home for children without parental care in
Sofia “P. Slaveykov” to make it a friendly and colorful place to enjoy nature and play.
Fourteen university students, ages 20 to 30, took part as team-leaders facilitating the
work of the volunteers- the actual residents of the Orphanage. They had the chance
to meet and communicate with the children from the Orphanage and through various
workshops during February, March and April to get them ready for the big day on April

Thanks to their efforts, 30 orphans (half of them under the age of 14, 5 of them with
mental or physical disadvantages) experienced the transformation from being a per-
son who receives to being a young volunteer who gives. Through cleaning out their
own backyard, and planting more than a hundred trees, shrubs and flowers, with the
help of a landscaping specialist, they gained an invaluable experience in gardening
and landscaping. They also experienced how it is to work in harmony with one another
and with the environment. The project was a recipient of a Disney Minnie Grant for
$500 and spent it on GYSD t-shirts, new benches (which the children installed and ce-
mented into the ground), two swings, and a seesaw to make the backyard a more
pleasant place to play. А local landscaping company donated all the plants and pro-
vided one of its landscape architects.


Local Organizers

ZAEDNO - Communication for Support
and Development Foundation
People to People International

Participating Year:


Number of Participants:


Contact: Natalia JIvkova

The ZAEDNO Foundation mobilized youth volunteers, students, business, team leaders,
and orphanage children between the ages of 10- 25 years in Sofia (the capital of Bul-
garia) and over 14 towns and villages in the country. The GYSD campaign was cele-
brated under the slogan: “Youth Service for the Nature of Bulgaria.” The GYSD events
were organized together with the Global Earth day celebrations to help provide them
with the greater chance to cooperate and mobilize both youth and environmental
organizations all over the country. They also created a GYSD Virtual Media Center,
http:gysd.zaedno.net – a very strategic and powerful tool for mobilization and coordi-
nation – with information about the GYSD global campaign in the Bulgarian lan-
In celebration of Global Youth Service Day 2009, the Sofia, Bulgaria (The Doves) Stu-
dent Chapter of People to People International participated in a project to engage
the local community. The chapter promoted responsible waste management by ar-
ranging for special litter containers to be available for use by community members to
separate waste from recyclable materials. Then, the chapter transported the col-
lected materials to a local recycling center.
In celebration of Global Youth Service Day
2009, the Varna, Bulgaria (The Dolphins)
Chapter of People to People International
sponsored a project to benefit the commu-
nity. The chapter organized an activity on
April 25 to promote a local observatory in
Varna by performing the Horo, a traditional
Bulgarian dance, around the observatory.
The main goal of this project was to raise in-
terest and awareness of the observatory
among community members. The event was
planned in collaboration with the observa-
tory’s staff, and after the dance there was a
brief lecture and an opportunity for community members to utilize the observatory.
Student member Elitsa Pophlebarova reflected, “Our cheerful dancing resembled
more or less the unending cycle of life that began when the 9 planets started orbiting
round the sun. We are fairly confident that managed to raise the public interest and
we had a lot of promises from the random participants to spread out the word of the
exciting world of astronomy.” The group also participated in a project to promote re-
sponsible waste management by arranging for special litter containers to be available
for use by community members to separate waste from recyclable materials. Then, the
chapter transports the collected recyclable materials to be recycled.


Local Organizer

People to People International

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