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About six kilometers (half-hour in motor ride boat) from the city of Puno, is one of the most
famous islands of Titicaca Lake, about 3812 metres above sea level.
The Uros Islands is one of the most important tourist attractions in Puno and Titicaca Lake.
There are around 60 floating islands, where tourists come and live together with uros people.
These islands are made of totora reeds as well as their houses and boats. The totora redes are
very importants for the life of the Uros, because they also serve as food and fuel.
There are around 300 families that live on the islands.
The Uros offer lodging and over all teach visitors their daily activities, such as: cutting reeds,
fish, sail in reed boats, cooking, among others. The rooms are really beautiful and spend a few
days on the floating islands is unique worldwide. It is live in a world made of totora and
surround by the beautiful Titicaca Lake.
Now there are solar panels on the islands of the Uros to light at night and warm baths for
Every one is welcome to experience this unique way of life!