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The Triple Energizer has 5 main functions:

Distribute Yuan qi to enable digestion

The Triple Energizer spreads Yuan qi from the ming men to the 5
yin and 6 yang organs, from which it enters the 12 channels and
emerges at the source points Yuan qi acti!ates all physiological
functions of the "ody and pro!ides heat for digestion and
transformation of food #n this way, the TE a$ects digestion
Ensure the smooth movement of qi
The TE controls the mo!ement of !arious types of qi at !arious
stages of energy production, in particular ensuring that the
!arious types of qi are %let out& in a smooth way
The 'pper (urner lets out )ei qi *directing it to the +ung,
The -iddle (urner lets out .utriti!e qi *directing it to all the
The +ower (urner lets out (ody /luids *directing them to the
Distribute Fluids via the Upper Burner
The 'pper (urner is li0e a -ist
The 'pper (urner is in charge of distri"uting 1uids all o!er the
"ody "y the +ungs in the form of 2ne !apor This is an aspect of
the +' dispersing function
Digest Food and Drink via the Middle Burner
The -iddle (urner is li0e a -aceration 3ham"er or (u""ling
The middle "urner4s 5o" is to digest and transport food and drin0
and to transport the nourishment e6tracted to all parts of the
Excretion via the Loer Burner
The +ower (urner is li0e a 7itch The +ower (urner4s 5o" is to
separate the essences of food into a clean and dirty part and to
e6crete the dirty part
8ummary of the #ndications of the points and the
!educing fever" -any of its points are indicated for
fe"rile diseases, esp when due to e6terior pathogenic
factors 9ccording to the : le!els, the TE channel treats
fe!ers at the )ei and qi le!els while the ;ericardium treats
fe!ers at the Ying and (lood le!els, although the most
#he #riple Energi$er
distal points of the TE channel *where the ;3 and TE
channels con!erge, are a"le to treat "oth 9ccording to the
6 stages, se!eral points of the channel are indicated for
alternating chills and fe!er and malaria, the characteristic
indications of shaoyang pattern
Bene%ting the ears"
&learing 'eat from the neck( throat and tongue"
)oothing the 'eart and calming the )pirit *due to
relationship with pericardium,
'eadaches in #E channel region
'armoni$ing the * +iao *esp TE 5 and TE 6,
#he #riple Energi$er
#he Main ,atha-
1 (
gins at TE 1 and continues up the posterior surface of the
forearm and upper arm to TE 1: at the shoulder
2 /rom TE 1: a deep pathway tra!els to TE 15 *!ia 8# 12,, meets
the posterior median line at <= then passes o!er the shoulder to
<( 21 and to 8T 12 in the supra>cla!icular fossa
? /rom 8T 12 it tra!els down to 3= 1@ to connect with the
pericardium and the upper 5iao, then penetrates the diaphragm
and tra!els into the middle and lower 5iaos, connecting with 3=
12 and 3= @
#he #riple Energi$er &hannel
: 9 second deep "ranch lea!es 3= 1@, tra!els "ac0 to 8T 12, then
continues up the lateral aspect of the nec0 to TE 16 at the
posterior "order of the ear
5 The meridian runs super2cially "ehind the ear to TE 2A Bere a
deep pathway passes to <( 6, 5, : on the forehead and then
loops o!er the chee0 to lin0 with 8# 1C
6 9 deep "ranch lea!es TE 1@ and runs through the ear to emerge
at 8# 1D, lin0ing with <( ? and TE 21, 22 #t crosses o!er to TE 2?
and <( 1 at the lateral canthus of the eye
@ Bistorical te6ts say that the TE meridian connects with (+ 5?
and follows the course of the (ladder meridian to lin0 with the
"ladder itself
Divergent &hannel
This separates from the primary meridian at the !erte6,
descends into the supracla!icular fossa,
tra!els across the upperEmiddleElower "urners of the TE,
and 2nally disperses in the chest

Luo &hannel
This lea!es the primary meridian at TE 5 and passes up the
posterior aspect of the arm and shoulder, 5oining the
pericardium meridian in the chest
Muscle &hannel
This starts at the tip of the :
digit and "inds at the dorsum of
the wrist
/rom here it passes up along the forearm, "inding with the
olecranon and continuing up the lateral aspect of the upper arm
#t passes o!er the shoulder to the nec0, 5oining the 8# muscle
9 "ranch separates at the angle of the mandi"le and "inds with
the root of the tongue
9nother "ranch passes up anterior to the ear to the lateral
canthus of the eye, then tra!els across the temple where it "inds
at the corner of the forehead
#riple Energi$er &hannel
Metal point( .ell point( Entr- point / *
+ocation 'lnar nail point of the ring 2nger
The ulnar nail point of the fourth digit
Abut .1 cun proximal to the corner of the nail
Just distal to the fare of the distal phalanx
.eedling DA or :5 insertion directed pro6imally 1>2 cun, or pric0 to
/unction Metal point
.ell point
Entr- point
3lears Beat
clears TE heat
clears 'pper Fiao Beat
E6pels )ind
and dissipates pathogens
#n!igorates (lood
8tops con!ulsions
Gestores consciousness
(ene2ts the ear and tongue
3ourses channel and connecting !essels
and alle!iates
.ame ,assage 'ub
0uan1 passage, gate, door
&hong1 hu", thoroughfare, alt
surge, 1ash
2lternate names1 ;assage Bu"
+F This point is ideal for the person who is always rushing into
relationships and withdrawing upon feeling e6posed The triple
heater tends to generate a lot of 2re in social relationships and
acti!ities, e6pressed as e6cessi!e tal0ing and chatter in social
3on!ersely, this point may help a withdrawn indi!idual e6pand
their "oundaries Bence, this point may either disperse the
ha"ituated energy of constantly pushing past oneHs "oundaries,
or assist a person who is withdrawn to e6pand their horizons
This e6empli2es the a"ility of acupuncture to harmonize !arious
aspects of "eing on a continuum from e6cess to de2ciency
3onstantly rushing into the outer frontier, one may fall prey to
e6ternal pathogenic factors, hence, this pointHs function of
dispelling wind and heat 3omparing the function of this point
with that of ;3 D, it is apparent that ;3 D go!erns the 1ow of
energy toward the center, whereas TB # directs energy toward
the outer frontier
9s it is a frontier gate, it4s important qi mo!es freely through
this point
)ith a /ire im"alance you may ha!e a lot of super2cial
warmth with no lasting strength or center 'se this point to
enrich the quality of /ire, to warm rigidity, coldness,
#E / !ushing the frontier 0ate
num"ness, lac0 of sensiti!ity which may "e a -etal pro"lem
with the /ire
#t has a tremendous e$ect on speech and articulation if the
throat is num" *you can4t spea0 if metal is too cold,, frozen
shoulder, etc
'sed as a metal point when the mind is star!edEcoldErigid,
there may "e an ina"ility to recei!e or appreciate the quality
of incoming ideas
F<: This gate opens someone to a place that was closed #t
"rings ease to a new frontier, new territory #t ena"les one to
see 5oy and ad!enture in life or a situation #t4s good for
someone who doesn4t want tot dance or date )ith ;3 C,
use =# 1 to heal deep Beart wounds around loneliness,
!ulnera"ility and fragilityJ this com"ination allows them to
go inside and heal and mo!e "ac0 to the outside
#riple Energi$er &hannel
.ater point( )pring point / *
+ocation In the posteral>medial "order of the ring 2nger
Fust distal to the "ase of the pro6imal phalan6
Distal to the metacarpo-phalangeal joint
Just distal to the fare of the base of the proximal phalanx
of the fourth digit
Proximal to the eb margin! just "isible hen a #st is
.eedling DA insertion ?>5 cun
/unction .ater point
)pring point
3lears Beat
3lears 'pper Fiao Beat
3lears TE heat
E6pels )ind
(ene2ts the ear
Gemo!es channel o"structions
3alms the 8pirit
Geduces swelling and
relie!es pain
.ame 'umor 0ate
Ye: humor, water, 1uid Men: gate, door
2lternate names1 Bumor
<ate, 9rmpit <ate
The character ye means humor, ie, the thic0er 1uids in
the "ody, and highlights the moistening function of this
point The ideograph men refers to the entry and e6it of qi
at this point, hence the name Bumor <ate The functions
of this point of addressing !e6ation heat, increasing 1uids
K regulating the waterways are all re1ected in its name
#n the earliest te6t de!oted to acupuncture *8ystemized
3anon of 9cupuncture and -o6i"ustion, this point is
called 9rmpit <ate, perhaps referring its e$ecti!eness in
treating disorders of the upper arm
9s it is a frontier gate, it4s important qi mo!es freely
through this point
)ith a /ire im"alance you may ha!e a lot of super2cial
warmth with no lasting strength or center 'se this
point to enrich the quality of /ire, to warm rigidity,
#E 3 Fluid )ecretion 0ate
coldness, num"ness, lac0 of sensiti!ity *may "e a
-etal pro"lem with the /ire,
#t has a tremendous e$ect on speech and articulation
if the throat is num" *you can4t spea0 if metal is too
cold,, frozen shoulder, etc
'sed as a metal point when the mind is
star!edEcoldErigid, there may "e an ina"ility to recei!e
or appreciate the quality of incoming ideas
F<: 'se when things are dammed up, frozen 'se if
se6ual energy is there "ut help "ac0 This point allows
the waters to 1ow #t "rings spontaneity
#E 3 Fluid )ecretion 0ate
.ood( #oni%cation( )tream( First 2id * *45
+ocation In the dorsal surface of the hand
#mmediately pro6imal to and on the ulnar side of
The head of the :
metacarpal "one
Proximal to the metacarpo-phalangeal joint
Just proximal to the fare of the head of the fourth
metacarpal bone
$hen a loose #st is made
.eedling DA or :5

insertion directed pro6imally 5>1 cun
/unction .ood point
#oni%cation point
)tream point
First 2id1 Exhaustion
3lears Beat
(ene2ts the ear
3lears the head and eyes
Gemo!es channel o"structions
Gegulates qi
+ifts the 8pirit
3lears )ind>Beat
.ame &entral 6slet
7hong1 central, middle
7hu1 an islet 2lternate 8ame1 +ower
This point is located "etween /luid 8ecretion <ate K Yang
;ond, and thus this point may "e li0ened to a small island
"etween two "odies of water
The name may also "e a reminder of TE functions The
character zhong may "e construed as a reference to
source qi which is sometimes called zhong and is mo!ed
"y the TE, while zhu calls to mind the TE4s go!ernance of
the waterways since an island can also dictate the 1ow of
This point is also the wood point of the TE )ood can
"loc0 the 1ow of water, causing water to 1ow around it
5ust as if it were a small island
This is the )ood point of all )ood point for the /ire of
all /ires This point is not used nearly enough #t has a
tremendous e$ect on the mental le!elJ it4s one of the
"est mental points on the "ody
#E * Middle 6slet
The Triple Energizer must ha!e a ready supply of )ood
so that it can control the uniformity of the warmth and
/ire within us
This point is a ma5or lin0 for how plans and decisions
can "e made
The +i!er "elongs to the middle 5iaoJ this point gi!es it
energy K remo!es to6ins
#t can "e used to aid in the "irth of getting well
F<: This point deals with hopelessness #t plans some
seeds of things a person can do right now to "ring 5oy
into the moment #t4s a good mental point
#E * Middle 6slet
)ource point( First 2id point * 9
+ocation In the dorsal 1e6ure of the wrist
Fust pro6imal to the :
metacarpal "one
#n the hollow "etween the "ones of the wrist
At the fexure of the rist
%n the depression beteen the tendons of the extensor
digitorum communis and extensor digiti minimi muscles!
&lex and extend the hand to expose the tendons
And to palpate the space beteen the ulanr and carpal
bones of the hand
.eedling *1, 8lightly :5

pro6imal insertion, ?>5 cun
*2, A insertion towards the radial side of the wrist
"eneath the tendons, 5>1 cun
/unction )ource point
First 2id1 Earache
3lears Beat

7issipates wind
Gela6es sinews
Gemo!es channel o"structions
Gegulates the 8tomach
;romotes 1uids transformation
(ene2ts Iriginal qi
Toni2es 3hong -o K Gen -o
.ame Yang ,ool
Yang: yang, the complement of
&hi1 pool, pond 2lternate 8ames1 Yang
7i!ergent Yang
#n the landscape of the "ody, the spot where TE : is
located resem"les a pond, ie, a shallow depression
where water *or in this case source qi, can collect This
point is located on the yang aspect of the wrist, and is
thus called yang pool
This point is the pond that supplies the ditches and
sluices *what the 3hinese call the communications
The Triple Energizer has a strong water analogyLwater
is a"le to communicate, to re>esta"lish warmth,
#E : Yang ,ond
harmony and stillness, our 2rst le!el of energy, our
primary source le!el of communication
This point can "e e6cellent for educing high "lood
#t may "e useful to mo6a when "lood pressure needs
to "e raised
F<: This is a pool of light Tap into it and "ring the
sunlight out into the rest of the "ody
#E : Yang ,ond
Luo point( Yang .ei Mo M,( Dai Mo &, 5 *4;
+ocation In the posterior surface of the forearm
2 93# pro6imal to the wrist crease
(etween the radius and the ulna
'eteen the extensor digitorum and extensor pollicis
longus muscles
(n the posterior median line of the forearm
.eedling *1, 8lightly :5

insertion towards the ulnar side or
*2, :5 pro6imal or distal insertion towards the el"ow or
wrist, 5>15 cun
*?, Foined "y throughneedling to ;3 6
<Movement of the patient=s arm or hand after
needling can result in a bent needle<
/unction Luo point
Yang .ei Mo Master ,oint Dai Mo &ouple ,oint
Geleases the E6terior
(ene2ts the ear
7issipates )ind
3lears Beat and resol!es
Gemo!es channel o"structions
Ipens Yang )ei
E6pels )ind>Beat
8u"dues +i!er>Yang
.ame >uter ,ass
.ai1 outer, outside
0uan1 pass, gate
2lternate 8ames1 Iuter ;ass
+F Together with ;3 6, this point regulates the inner and
outer aspects of illumination go!erned "y the heart and
2res of mingmen Ine !irtue of the luo points on the yang
meridians is that they are a"le to drain the e6ternal
pathogens that harm their associated element Bence, TB
8 relie!es e6terior and hot conditions #n this respect, TB 8
is li0e a gate that may !ent internal pressure and relie!e
the entire continuum of function represented "y the 2re
The Triple Energizer can "e thought of as a social
am"assador going out to and reaching out to the
world, gi!ing a wider point of !iew on things,
harmonizing our !iew of the world
#E 5 >uter Frontier 0ate
The Iuter /rontier <ate is !ery important for
maintaining harmony "etween our internal
en!ironment and our e6ternal en!ironment This point
opens the gate "etween them, "alancing the two
This point is a source of power and mental strength
#t has a "ig e$ect on all the senses for those who don4t
want to seeEhearE0now, for those who ha!e mentally
shut the gate 9 person may ha!e shut the gate when
it4s too much e$ort to 5oin in and "e part of what4s
going on
This point is powerful in dealing with heat in a person
and is a 2rst aid point for fe!er */ire can "e "lown
away "y fe!er,
F<: This point relie!es constraint in the )ood in
regards to opening and sharing #t4s good for the
person who has trou"le with relationships
#E 5 >uter Frontier 0ate
Fire point( 'orar- point( !iver point 5 5
+ocation In the posterior surface of the forearm
? 93# pro6imal to the wrist crease
(etween the radius and the ulna
'eteen the extensor digitorum and extensor pollicis longus
(n the posterior median line of the forearm
.eedling *1, 8lightly :5

insertion towards the ulnar side or
*2, :5 pro6imal or distal insertion towards the el"ow or wrist,
5>15 cun
*?, Foined "y throughneedling to ;3 5
< Movement >f the patient=s arm or hand after needling
can result in a bent needle <
/unction Fire point
'orar- point ?@p4//p( /Ap4/3a D)#B
!iver point
Gegulates qi
and clears heat in the ? 5iao
-o!es the "owels
Gemo!es channel o"structions
E6pels )ind
3lears Beat
(ene2ts the chest and lateral costal region
7own"ears counter1ow and 2re
(ene2ts the !oice
Gemo!es o"structions from the +#
.ame Branch Ditch
7hi1 "ranch, lim"J descendants
0ou1 ditch, water gully
2lternate 8ames1 /lying Tiger
This point is located on the upper lim" *ie "ranch, and can "e
found in the gully>li0e depression "etween the sinews of the
forearm (ecause the TE helps to regulate water 1ow, this
depression can "e li0ened to a water ditch The name of this
point reminds the practitioner that 5ust as water ditches are
used to irrigate 2elds, the TE channel helps to irrigate the "ody
The name also "rings to mind TE 64s function of moistening the
+F 9s the horary point, TB 6 is particularly e$ecti!e for re0indling
de2cient 2re or draining e6cess 2re 9 1ying tiger con5ures
images of a"undant strength and energy Ine can only imagine
how much inappropriate contact a 1ying tiger could ma0e The
tiger is a yin animal that should "e on the earth rather than in
hea!en, 1ying
This point can sto0e the 2re in all ? 5iaos, therefore in all
oMcials at once This may "ring "alance to them all
#E C Branch Ditch
%(ranch& implies sharing responsi"ility *%7itch& is perhaps
"etter translated as a canal carrying water of an unspeci2ed
The Triple Energizer controls waterways, which are !ital
pathways of communication in 3hina where irrigation was
the 0ey to control
This is !ery powerful for = K =# 3/s who can4t get warm #t
sha0es out the dead ash and enli!ens the 2re #t4s also good
for clearing outEdeto6i2cation
F<: This point clears out the ditches 'se it when there is
some /ire "ut it is congealed This point mo!es it #t4s a good
mental point
#E C Branch Ditch
9i &left point * 54;
+ocation In the posterior surface of the forearm
? 93# pro6imal to the wrist crease
N 93# medial to TE 6
(etween the radius and the ulna
) cun proximal to the rist fexure! one #nger idth ulnar
to T* +! on the radial
border of the ulna! bet. the extensor carpi ulnaris ,
extensor digiti minimi muscles
.eedling *1, 8lightly :5

insertion towards the ulnar side or
*2, :5 pro6imal or distal insertion towards the el"ow or
wrist, 5>15 cun
/unction 9i &left point
(ene2ts the eyes
K ears
Gemo!es channel
8tops pain
3lears K drains pathogenic
heat in the TE
.ame &onvergence and
'ui1 to con!erge, to gather, to
7ong1 a meeting of oMcials, a
ancestorJ clan
(oth BuO K Pong mean to meet or to gather This point is
the 6i cleft point of the TE, which is where TE qi collects
8ome sources in!o0e the meaning of suzerain for Png
Fust as a suzerainty is a part of a country yet rules from
afar, this point is located o$ the direct line of the TE
channel, yet is still an important point
The TE is associated with 2re, and "y e6tension, summer
The meeting *BuO, of oMcials during the summer in
ancient 3hina was termed Pong This point may "e named
after this summertime gathering "ecause it is also a
%gathering of 2re,& ie, the 6i cleft point of the 2re
This point is almost equal to <= 2A in its a"ility to
return control to a person #t4s useful when the TE is
"loc0 or not showing any real mo!ement
#E ; 2ssembl- of 2ncestors
#t4s an assem"ly point of ancestors that can "e used to
"ring calm, peace and tranquillity #t has great
authorityLyou can go here to draw on the supreme
wisdom which will clarify the chaos
The 3hinese ha!e always had an immense respect for
their ancestral lineage The ancestral clan aspect of
the point name denotes all the support, "elonging and
o"ligation to "e deri!ed from an e6tended family
connection in society as a whole when there is
confusion in the (ody -ind 8pirit
F<: This point 2lls a person up with 5oy that heEshe
didn4t get growing up #t "rings in warmth and a feeling
of community to the inside #t4s good for a TE that is
not strong enough to feel Belps a"sor" the warmth
that is present
#E ; 2ssembl- of 2ncestors
!eunion point 9 ;
+ocation In the posterior surface of the forearm
: 93# pro6imal to the wrist crease
(etween the radius and the ulna
'eteen the extensor digitorum communis and abductor
pollicis longus muscles
.eedling *1, 8lightly :5

insertion towards the ulnar side or
*2, :5 pro6imal or distal insertion towards the el"ow or
wrist, 5>15 cun
8ote1 2ccording to the Systematic Classic of
Acupuncture and Moxa and the Illustrated Classic
of Acupuncture Points on the Bronze Man( this
point is contraindicated to needling"
/unction !eunion point1 )6( #E( L6 ?not acc" to DB
3lears Beat
Gemo!es channel o"structions
Ipens the portals and relie!es pain
3lears the 8an Fiao
.ame #hree Yang
)an: three
Yang1 yang, the complement of
Luo1 to connect, to mesh, to
spin *into yarn,
2lternate 8ames1
3onnect (etween,
3onnecting <ate
The ? yang channels of the hand all pass near this point
There is no connecting !essel at this point, so the word
+uo simply implies the connection of these ? channels
This point should only "e used when you4!e achie!ed a
reasona"le "alance "etween the ? yang arm oMcials
#f you use it too early to "ring disparate le!els
together, you may not get much response
This point is used more for the physical le!elLit4s
connected with warmth, acti!ity and mo!ement
#t can also "e used on a mental le!el
#E D #hree Yang Eunction
#t4s good for complete e6haustion, digesti!e disorders
and sleeping a lot
This is a point which cleans and clears out the TE so
that a person can e6perience some new 5oy #t clears
out old negati!ity
#E D #hree Yang Eunction
C *4;
+ocation In the posterior surface of the forearm
@ 93# pro6imal to the wrist crease
(etween the radius and the ulna
'eteen the extensor digitorum communis and the
extensor carpi ulnaris muscles
.eedling DA or :5 pro6imal or distal insertion towards the el"ow
or wrist, 1>2 cun
/unction Ipens the channels K connecting !essels
Gegulates the waterways
(ene2ts the throat
and opens the portals
.ame Four !ivers
)F1 four
Da1 a large ri!erJ to show
contemptJ ditch, drain
2lternate 8ames1 : Gi!ers
#n this point name, the character 7a, meaning ri!er, is
drawn from the 8piritual 96is, where the TE is called
zhong da, %the central ri!er& The term %four ri!ers& is a
reference to the four main ri!ers in 3hina, and "y
e6tension, ri!ers and streams in general #t could "e that
the num"er four was chosen "ecause it nicely follows ?
Yang 3onnection
The 8pleen is intimately connected with the num"er four,
"ecause four is the num"er of tai yin, with which the
spleen is associated, and "ecause the spleen go!erns the
four lim"s The spleen is associated with damp and
"elongs to the earth element TE D is li0e a ditch 5oining to
TE 1A, which is the earth point of the TE channel #n !iew
of this and the TE4s function in relationship to the water
pathways, this point name could "e rendered as /our
7itch, meaning a ditch to the Earth element, or to the
This is li0e a man made ditch which carries away
polluted water #t4s good for clearing out and
deto6ifying the meridian and oMcial of impurities *eg
deafness caused "y a "loc0ed eustachian tu"e or a
painful el"ow 5oint,
#E @ Fourth 0utter
This point is good when you are una"le to get a
"alance on the TELit could "e due to a "loc0ed gutter
3learing it out can re!italize the (ody -ind 8pirit
F<: This point cleans out the oMcial
#E @ Fourth 0utter
Earth point( )edation point( )ea point *45 *45
Forbidden months :G
+ocation In the posterior surface of the arm
1 93# pro6imal to the olecranon
8lightly medial to the midline in the depression formed when
the el"ow is semi>1e6ed
Approximatel- 1 cun proximal to the tip of the olecranon!
superior to the superior border of
the olecranon! on the posterior midline of the upper arm! in a
depression in the tendon of the
triceps brachii muscle
Note: .a"e the patient in a seated position! ith the elbo
Note: The origin of the location of T* 1/ medial to the median
line is un0non
.eedling DA insertion 5>1 cun
/unction Earth point
)edation point
)ea point Gesol!es 7amp K ;hlegm
3lears heat from the TE channel
3lears /ire from the TE
7ispels %masses&
3lears Beat
7ispels stagnation
Gegulates Ying K )ei qi
Gela6es tendons
Gegulates qi and descends
3alms the 8pirit
9cti!ates the channel and
relie!es pain
.ame &elestial .ell
#ian1 celestial, of the hea!ens, s0yJ
.atureJ hea!en
Eing1 water well
This character com"ination in the nan 5ing descri"es a small
pond surrounded "y high cli$s, ie, a %celestial well& 3elestial
)ell is the name of an astrological constellation that resem"les
a well, and is further the name for the courtyard in certain
styles of 3hinese houses
This is li0e a man made ditch which carries away polluted
water #t4s good for clearing out and deto6ifying the meridian
and oMcial of impurities *eg deafness caused "y a "loc0ed
eustachian tu"e or a painful el"ow 5oint,
This point accesses clarity and "eauty, strengthening and
reinforcing the spirit and mind This well contains a supply of
hea!enly qi that recharges and helps the patient to reach
deep into themsel!es contact is lost with the hea!enly
power or who they are
#E /A 'eavenl- .ell
The point enriches the Earth within the /ire and has direct
repercussions on all of the other 11 oMcials This is the most
neglected point in the whole "odyLit4s magni2cent
This is <od4s supply house )e can go here in order to draw
from an ine6hausti"le well 7rawing from this well is li0e
feeding someone in the desert 9ll of the elements stem
from and are contained here
You get no negati!e things from this well #t gi!es sta"ility of
mind, strength peace and serenity to sic0 patients 9 person
can "e made to feel held and secure #t4s good for people
who are emotionally unsta"le, people who ha!e not "een
gi!en a steady continuous lo!e as children #t deals with all
pain *more than ache,
F<: #t4s a 2lling point which says, %# 0now you ha!en4t had
quite what you need& .o one comes "ac0 from the well not
getting what they need
#E /A 'eavenl- .ell
* *4;
+ocation #n the center of the posterior surface of the arm
2 93# pro6imal to the tip of the el"ow
1 cun superior to T*1/ and 1 cun proximal to the tip of
the olecranon
Note: .a"e the patient in a seated position! ith the
elbo fexed
.eedling DA insertion 5>1 cun
/unction /rees channel and connecting !essel qi
3lears Beat K 7rains /ire
7ispels )ind>7amp
3lears 7amp>Beat
.ame &lear &old 2b-ss
HFng1 clear
Leng1 cold, frigid
Yuan1 a deep la0e or a"yss
2lternate 8ames1 3lear 3old
8pring, 3lear
80y, 3lear 8pirit
This phrase is found in ancient geography "oo0s in
reference to !arious la0es #t implies the a"ility of this
point to clear heat and drain 2re

This point has the dual function of

1 clearing heat and
draining 2re and

2 of re0indling aspects of "eing from
which 2re has "een withdrawn # ha!e found this point
e$ecti!e in the restoration of warmth to the uterus and
se6ual organs when warmth has "een withdrawn as a
response to "etrayal
This point accesses the refreshing, cooling qualities of
the Barmonizer who pro!ides thermostatic control
*which cools as well as heats,
%9"yss& can mean loneliness and desolation when /ire
is im"alanced
This point gi!es the patient space and freedom,
quieting mental agitation to the point of mental
#E // ,ure &old 2b-ss
This point is good when /ire is out control and you see
a lot of heat in one part of the "ody as opposed to
#E // ,ure &old 2b-ss
5 *4;
+ocation #n the center of the posterior surface of the arm
5 93# pro6imal to the tip of the el"ow
2ida- beteen T* 11 and T* 1)
.eedling DA or :5 insertion 1>2 cun
/unction 3ourses the channels
and alle!iates pain
-o!es qi
3lears and 7rains heat in the TE
.ame Dispersing !iverbed
9iao1 to disperse, to eliminate
Luo1 a ri!er"ed
2lternate 8ames1 7ispersing
Gi!er"ed, 7ispersing
The character 6iao means to reli!e or eliminate, while luQ
means ri!er"ed, representing water The point name
refers to the clear, cool nature of water *ie the
waterways regulated "y the TE, that can clear heat and
relie!e thirst 9lso "rought to mind is the dispersal of
water o!er a ri!er"ed as a metaphor for the TE function of
dispersing water throughout the "ody
The character for luQ is also pronounced pQ, and yin pQ is
a name for either of two disease conditions The 2rst
in!ol!es the prolonged retention of pathogenic qi that is
stagnant and diMcult to remo!e, while the second is a
speci2c ailment that presents with aching and lac0 of
strength, usually a$ecting either the legs or arms
9n alternate name for this point is 7ispersing (rilliance
The name reminds us of the function of the point in
dispersing TE 2re 9ccording to some sources, this is the
correct name of the point, while luQ is a mista0en
+F The name RGela6 and FoyR does not represent a translation
of the 3hinese characters 3ciao.shuo4 for this point
Bowe!er, the point name as gi!en "y FG )orsley
uniquely e6presses the spirit of this point # consider the
function of this point to "e similar to that of TB 1@ "ut on
a more spiritual le!el This point may allow someone who
is uptight to rela6 and en5oy themsel!es, particularly
during se6 9 function associated with this letting go of
control is the a"ility to restore 1uids depleted "y e6cess
heat This depletion may "e e!idenced in de2cient !aginal
#E /3 !elax and Eo-
secretions during menopause # ha!e also used this point
e$ecti!ely in women una"le to attain orgasm
)hen the solid water ice of a ri!er thaws and gi!es
way to 1uidity, we e6perience a release that can
energetically "e e6pressed as %rela6 and 5oy&
This point is for the person who can4t rela6, sees little
5oy to "e had, and is "usy running around seeing that
e!eryone else is IS
This point is li0e "athing someone in sunlightJ it "rings
warmth to the mind and spirit Seep the sun in mind
and the spirit will ma0e a tremendous change
#E /3 !elax and Eo-
!eunion point( Yang .ei Mo *4; 54/5
+ocation #n the center of the posterior surface of the arm
In the inferior "order of the deltoid
In the triceps
Approximatel- ) cun inferior to T* 15
Note: .a"e the patient in a seated position! ith the
elbo fexed
.eedling DA or :5 insertion 1>2 cun
/unction !eunion1 #E( L6 ?#E( Yang .ei Mo acc" to DB
+ocal point for pain in upper arm
3lears and discharges pathogenic heat
/rees the channels and connecting !essels
/rees the 5oints
Gegulates qi and transforms phlegm
.ame Upper 2rm &onvergence
8ao1 The upper "one of the arm
'ui1 To con!erge, to meet, to 5oin
2lternate 8ames1 'pper 9rm 8hu,
'pper 9rm (one
The character nao refers to the location of the point on
the upper arm, while hui denotes the con!ergence at this
point of the TE channel and yang wei mo, as stated in the
Essential Tuestions
This point is "etter than the sun or infrared heat at
"ringing heat and mo!ement to th:whole shoulder area
7e2nitely consider using mo6a or a mo6a roll with this
#t4s "etter for rheumatoid arthritis than for osteoarthritis
#t is e6cellent if shoulder paralysis was the result of
e6posure to the freezing cold
#E /* )houlder Meeting
; 54;
+ocation In the posterior surface of the shoulder
;osterior and inferior to the acromion
#n the conca!ity formed "et the acromion and the greater
tu"ercle of the humerus
)hen the arm is a"ducted
%n the depression at the inferolateral corner of the
acromion process
At the acromial angle
Approximatel- 1 cun posterior to 6% 17 hen the arm is
Note: .a"e the patient seated and the elbo fexed
.eedling *1, )ith the arm a"ducted, DA insertion directed toward
the center of the a6illa, 1>15 cun
*2, 2A insertion directly distally towards the el"ow, 15>2
/unction (ene2ts the shoulder
7ispels )ind and 3old
, dispels )ind 7amp
Gelie!es pain
-o!es Ti
Gela6es the sinews
.ame )houlder Bone4'ole
Eian1 8houlder
Liao1 (one>hole
The point name is a reference to its location
This is a classic point for arm and shoulder trou"le, as
in "ursitis, 2"rositis, arthritis and symptoms a$ected
"y heat and cold
To "ring warmth to the point, tonify it with mo6a
#f it4s hot and painful with in1ammation, sedate it "y
adding a sedation point and the source point
This point can "e used with other shoulder points such
as +# 15 and +# 16, to "ring warmth to the area
#E /: )houlder Bone
First 2id( !eunion( Yang .ei Mo *4D 54;
+ocation In the posterior surface of the shoulder
8uperior to the scapula
-idway "et the spinous process of the @
cer!ical !ert
and the tip of the acromion
#n line with =## 21 and ##1?
.eedling :5 insertion directed according to clinical manifestations,
5>1 cun
< @A insertion( especiall- in this patients( carries a
substantial risk of ,neumothorax <
/unction First 2id1 &olds
!eunion1 #E( 0B( Yang .ei Mo acc" to D
7ispels )ind
Eliminates 7amp
/rees the channels
Gelie!es pain
'n"inds the chest and regulates qi
.ame &elestial Bone4'ole
#ian1 celestial, of the hea!ens, s0yJ
.atureJ hea!en
Liao1 "one>hole
The character nao refers 2lternate 8ames1 3elestial
The location of this point on the upper "ody accounts for
the epithet %celestial& #ts location in a space "etween
"ones gi!es it the name 3elestial (one Bole
This point has a similar e$ect on the Triple (urner as 8#
11 has on the 8mall #ntestine #t is more for the spirit
than 5ust the "ody and mind
The oMcial has to spend his time sending heat or cold
to all of the other oMcials in order to maintain
harmony within the (ody -ind and 8pirit This point
goes straight to the spirit of the Triple (urner, ma0ing
it stronger and more resilient and ro"ust
You may consider using T( 15 and 8# 11 together,
which will produce a dramatic transformation Ine is
spreading warmth to the spirit of all the other oMcials
while cleansing them with an inner purity
#E /5 'eavenl- Bone
-o6a strengthens the upper respiratory tract and is
good for colds, etc
This point is also good for arthritis, pain and swelling,
colds and wea0ness
#E /5 'eavenl- Bone
.indo of the )k- *45 9
+ocation ;osterior and inferior to the mastoid process
In the posterior "order of the sternocleidomastoid
.eedling DA insertion, 5>1 cun
/unction .indo of the )k-
3lears Beat
7rains /ire
7ispels )ind
Eliminates 7amp
Geduces swelling and stops pain
/rees the channels
(ene2ts the head and sense organs
Gegulates and descends qi
.ame &elestial .indo
#ian1 celestial, of the hea!ens, s0yJ
.atureJ hea!en
You1 windowJ to enlighten, to teach
This point is located on the head, which is the anatomical
parallel of cosmological hea!en The eyes and ears are
0nown as the %windows& of the head The location of this
point along with its employment for un"loc0ing qi and
opening the portals *eyes, ears and nose, accounts for the
name 3elestial )indow
+F 9s a )indow of the 80y point, TB 16 may empower deep
insight into communication, connection and other issues
concerning the triple heater function
The Triple (urner ser!es the other oMcials and must
see what is going on in e!ery corner of the 0ingdom #f
his window is 5ammed shut or open, the result is
con1ict among the oMcials and disharmony in the
)ithin the patient, di$erent parts may "e hot and
other cold, resulting in strife, confusion, depression
an6iety and fear )hen the window is properly
functioning, all confusion is clari2ed and he can
contact the unity of hea!enJ the T(4s spiritual eye sees
#E /C 'eavenl- .indo
the way to ful2ll the needs of all the 0ingdom equally,
and tranquility returns
This point is a"out "eing a"le to see what is going on
and helps a person realize the potential of warmth and
lo!e in hisEher life
#t helps a person to "e positi!e "ecause things are
F<: This point "rings the capacity to see 5oy that the
patient is not currently engaged in Bere they can loo0
out and see it #t4s especially good in 8ummer
#E /C 'eavenl- .indo
!eunion point * *4;
+ocation ;osterior to the ear lo"e
#n the depression "etween the mastoid process and the
9d5acent to the cartilage of the e6ternal auditory canal
(pen the mouth to expose the hollo
.eedling DA insertion directed towards the opposite ear, 5>1 cun
8ote1 6f the needle is directed too anteriorl- or
posteriorl-( pain ill ensue and ma- cause
discomfort on opening and closing the mouth for
some hile after the treatment"
/unction !eunion1 #E( 0B
E6pels )ind
and discharges heat
(ene2ts the Ears
/rees the portals and sharpens the hearing
Tuic0ens the connecting !essels and relie!es pain
.ame .ind )creen
Yi1 a screen, to screen, to shade
Feng1 wind
This point is located "ehind the ear, which acts as a
screen for the point, shading it and protecting it from the
wind #n addition, the point may "e utilized to dispel wind,
thus screening the "ody from wind pathogens The name
)ind 8creen recalls "oth ideas
+F This point protects the shoulder and nec0 from wind "y
strengthening the outer defensi!e function of 2re )ind is
anything that changes unpredicta"ly and rapidly #n Fapan,
rumors are considered to "e a form of wind This point
relates to the triple heater4s function of regulating the
social aspects of the 2re element This point may "e used
to good ad!antage in people who are e6cessi!ely
concerned a"out what other thin0s a"out them # recently
used this good to good e$ect with a 15>year>old girl who
was afraid to report that she had "een raped for fear of
what others might thin0 of her
This point is a %coo0"oo0& point for deafness, "ut
"eware as it can cause it tooU #t can "e used with T(
21 to treat deafness in children
#E /; .ind )creen
This point is "etter for ear pain than total deafness,
particularly ear trou"les caused "y wind and damp,
such as infections and tinnitus
#t4s good for people for whom the outside of the ear
feels damp and itchy They are constantly stic0ing their
2ngers in their ear to scratch
#t4s also used in 5aw conditions, especially (ell4s ;alsy
3onsider using mo6a on the needle here
#E /; .ind )creen
/ 9
+ocation In the cur!e of the hair line
;osterior to the ear
Ine third of the distance from the "ase to the ape6 of the
(n the mastoid bone
Directl- posterior to the helix of the ear hen this is
fattened against the s0ull
To thirds of the distance from T* 18 to T* 1/
.eedling 8u"cutaneous insertion along the course of the channel,
?>5 cun, or pric0 to "leed
/unction 3lears heat and resol!es tetany
Ipens the portals
Gelie!es pain
(ene2ts the ears
3alms fright and paci2es wind
.ame )pasm Iessel
&hi1 to pull, 5er0J spasm
Mai1 !essel, pulse
2lternate 8ames1 8upporting
=essel, 3orporal
TE 1C is used in the treatment of a disease called 3hi
Pong, which is tensing or pulling of the muscles
immediately followed "y rela6ation, ie, clonic spasm
This type of spasm is generally associated with epileptic
diseases or psychotic 2ts The use of this point in treating
this disease is most li0ely the reason for the name 8pasm
The Triple (urner is responsi"le for the well "eing of
e!ery one of the other 11 oMcials, so all of the oMcials
"ene2t "y using this point
This point "rings warmth, lo!e, compassion heat and
clarity of energy to each of the oMcials
#t can feed o!erall !itality
'se this point or 1D or 2A for any ear pro"lems
#E /D Feeding Meridians
9 *4;
+ocation In the cur!e of the hair line
;osterior to the ear
Two thirds of the distance from the "ase to the ape6 of the
(n the mastoid bone
Directl- posterior to the helix of the ear hen this is
fattened against the s0ull
To thirds of the distance from T* 18 to T* 1/
.eedling 8u"cutaneous insertion along the course of the channel,
?>5 cun, or pric0 to "leed
8ote1 2ccording to several texts( this point is
contraindicated to bleeding"
/unction Tuiets the spirit and settles fright
3ourses wind and quic0ens the connecting !essels
/rees the channels and relie!es pain
(ene2ts the ears and clears heat
Gesol!es tetany
.ame )kull !est
Lu1 s0ull, cranium
9i1 to stop, to restJ "reathJ news
2lternate 8ames1 80ull
#n classical 3hinese, 6i can mean to rest, and fullness or
stuMness Thus this name could "e a reference to an
a"ility to calm the spirit *ie allow it to rest,, there"y
treating fright, spasms, epilepsy and fright palpitationsJ or
it could "e a reference to the treatment of clouded head
and stuMness
The s0ull does "reathe and mo!e This point is good
for symptoms of the head *as if "ottled up, #t4s li0e an
9E; for the s0ull
#t4s also good for diMculties in "reathing related to
Triple (urner
#E /@ )kull Breathing
!eunion point 9 *4;
+ocation In the hair line
#mmediately superior to the le!el of the ape6 of the pinna
.eedling A insertion, 5>15 cun
8ote1 #his point( like all points ithin the hairline(
ma- be needled toards an-
direction" Direction depends upon s-mptomotolog-"
#he needle should be
inserted ithin the subcutaneous la-ers close to
the bone of the skull( rather than
more shallol-"
/unction !eunion1 #E( 0B ?G)6 acc" to DB
3lears the head
(rightens the eyes
3ourses wind
Tuic0ens the connecting !essels
(ene2ts the ears
(ene2ts the teeth, gums and lips
3lears heat
.ame 2ngle Iertex
Eiao1 angle, cornerJ hornJ a
)un1 grandsonJ posterity,
descendantsJ a young shoot
The location of TE 2A on the head is similar to that of the
5iao *horn, constellation, which occupies a spot on the
head of a celestial dragon 8un in this interpretation refers
to the !erte6, or end, of the angle formed "y the TE
channel at this point 5ust as a grandson is the end of a
family line
Fiao may "e a reference to the point4s location at the top
corner of the era 9 Ting 7ynasty dictionary de2nes sun
as equi!alent to dun, to conceal or to !anish The
channel4s seeming disappearance *this "ranch of the
channel ends at TE 2A, suggests the name 3orner
The character 5iao can also mean %horn& as in the horns of
a "ull, while sun can mean a young shoot or sprout #f
#E 3A )mall 2ngle of Ear
humans sprouted horns, TE 2A is the place from which
they would grow
This point reunites the meridians around the ear #t4s
good for hearing and also a$ects the mouth and eyes
#E 3A )mall 2ngle of Ear
* *4;
+ocation 9nterior to the superior edge of the tragus of the ear
#n the depression formed when the mouth is open
.eedling :5 inferior insertion, slightly posterior, 5>1 cun
8ote1 Man- classical sources prohibit moxa at this
point if there is a discharge of
pus from the ear"
/unction Ipens and "ene2ts the ears
3lears Beat
3ourses channels K quic0ens connecting !essels
7ispels )ind and 3old
.ame Ear 0ate
Er1 Ear
Men: gate, door
TE 21 is utilized in the treatment of ear disease, and is
located at the entrance or gateway of the ear
This is a classic point for deafness and restoration of
hearing #t4s often used with T( 1@, "ut is a stronger
#t4s e$ecti!e for the other senses as well
#E 3/ Ear 0ate
Exit point( !eunion point *4; *45
+ocation 9nterior to the superior edge of the tragus of the ear
#n the depression formed when the mouth is open
1-19 cun anterior to the superior root of the pinna
Just posterior to the super#cial temporal arter-
At the midpoint beteen :' 8 and :' )
.eedling A insertion, ?>5 cun
/unction Exit point
!eunion1 #E( 0B ?and )6 acc" to LE J DB
Ipens the portals
7ispels wind K frees connecting !essels
.ame 'armon- Bone4'ole
'e1 harmony, peaceJ to come
Liao1 "one>hole
2lternate 8ames1 <rain (one,
Barmony Bollow,
Ear Barmony (one
The 8piritual 96is states that when the S# is in harmony
the ears can hear the 2!e sounds 8ince this point is
employed in treating deafness, it can "e said to
harmonize the 0idney The rendering of the name as
Barmony (one is meant to e6press this idea
TE 22 is also the reunion point for 8#, TE, <( *this is
di$erent than what FG4s "oo0 says, #t is located in a hole
where the channels come together The point name could
"e rendered as 'niting (one>Bole
#n ancient 3hina, the character he was used to descri"e a
gate with "anners hanging at "oth sides The tufts of hair
at the temples where this point is located may "e li0ened
to those "anners, and translating this name as (anner>
<ate (one Bole would e6press this interpretation
+F 9s the thermostat of the "ody, the triple heater must
maintain harmony "etween the many aspects of
interdependent function that contri"ute to health
Barmony (one is the reunion point of the gall"ladder,
small intestine, and triple heater oMcials These three
yang meridians are prone to e6cesses of stagnant qi,
heat, and 2re that may cause im"alances in hearing and
#E 33 'armon- Bone
!ision #n my clinical e6perience, TB 22 is a main point for
harmonizing all manner of im"alances that undermine
clarity of mental function This function is emphasized "y
this point4s location along the horizontal a6is of the head
#E 3* )ilk Bamboo 'ollo
* 9
+ocation 9t the lateral end of the eye"row
#n the depression directly superior to <( 1
At the lateral extremit- of the e-ebro! just posterior to the
supraorbital ridge
.eedling A insertion, medially along the eye"row or posteriorly, 5>1 cun
8ote1 2ccording to several classical texts( this point is
contraindicated to moxa"
/unction E6pels )ind
and resol!es heat
(rightens the eyes
8tops pain
/rees the channels and quic0ens the connecting !essels
.ame )ilk Bamboo 'ole
)i1 8il0
7hu1 (am"oo
Kong1 hollow, empty space
2lternate 8ames1 <iant (one>Bole, Eye (one Bole, -oon
The characters si zhu, sil0 "am"oo, refer to a type of "am"oo
that has tiny lea!es The eye"row resem"les these lea!es, and
the point is located in a hole at the lateral e6tremity of the
eye"row #f TE 22 is rendered as Barmony (one>Bole then it
may "e appropriate to translate TE 2? as 8trings and ;ipes
Bole, "ecause si and zhu *sil0 and "am"oo, refer to stringed
and wind instruments respecti!ely (oth points would then ha!e
names related to music
+F This point is the terminal point of the triple heater meridian and,
therefore, represents the outermost aspects of the 2re element
The function of TB 2? is to "ring this outer 2re "ac0 into one4s
depths This may "e li0ened to the "am"oo plant deri!ing
energy from the e6ternal manifestation of its 1ower *sil0, "ac0
into its hollow core *(oth sil0 and "am"oo were important
resources in 3hina, 9yscough aMrms that the presence of
"am"oo in the #mperial palace %sym"olizes the empty heart
which is ready to recei!e all goods and !irtuous suggestions 8o
should the emperor "e ready to listen to the ad!ice of his
ministers& This point may treat someone whose 2re is
e6ternally focused as a means of pre!enting intimacy This may
manifest as e6cessi!e social chatter that ne!er touches the
heart of the matter or one who ma0es too many social
commitments as a means of a!oiding intimacy with one4s mate
#t is interesting to compare the function of the 2rst point on a
meridian with that of the last point on the same meridian 9
function of TB 1, Gushing the /rontier <ate, is to push someone
who is withdrawn into e6panding their horizons 3ompare this
#E 3* )ilk Bamboo 'ollo
with TB 2? which returns the e6ternal focus one4s 2re "ac0 to
one4s core
This point is good for all eye conditions, li0e a "lood "rother
of (ladder 1
%(am"oo& refers to the eye"row, in its form li0e a calligraph
of a "am"oo leaf
This point is good for the spiritLespecially insanity
#t ta0es warmth right down the hollow, allowing heat to
penetrate deeply
F<: This point integrates Bea!e *sil0, and -an *"am"oo,
Earth *hollow, so that the person can feel /ire on all le!els
#E 3* )ilk Bamboo 'ollo