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Marla Wright

EDU 225
October 19, 2014
John Schmauder
.mortance o/ 'tudent+centered technolog&
in the cla''room

Within the modern learning en(ironment' the 'tudent' la& an acti(e role in their learning roce''
and determine ho# the& reach de'ired learning on their o#n% 0he teacher can emo#er the
learner #ith interacti(e online a''ignment' #hich can a''e'' their o#n learning% Online
a''ignment' al'o gi(e 'tudent' oortunitie' to ractice the material at their o#n ace #ithout
/eeling ru'hed% 0o e(aluate the 'tudent'1 rogre'' teacher' can create online ,ui--e', blog', and
#i*i' to a''e'' their learning in the cla''room% 0hi' al'o #ill hel the teacher' gain the *no#ledge
on #hat the& need to change or *ee the 'ame due to the 'tudent'1 rogre'' in the cla''room
ba'ed on the a''ignment' the& ha(e comleted%
Suorted technolog& cla''room' are armed #ith o#er/ul tool' to hel them gather more u'e/ul
in/ormation% 0he 'tudent1' con/idence #ithin them'el(e' increa'e' a' the& rel& le'' on the
in'tructor% 0he technolog& enable' 'tudent' to maniulate in/ormation in a manner that
accelerate' both under'tanding and rogre''ion o/ higher+order thin*ing '*ill'% Student' gather
more real #orld data and teacher' gain more acce'' to better re'ource'% 0echnolog& i' moti(ating
to 'tudent' and i' #ell 'uited to e2and the learning e2erience% 0echnolog& can al'o e,ui the
teacher' to a''e'' an indi(idual 'tudent1' 'trength' and need'% One aroach i' ma'ter& learning
tied to accountabilit& '&'tem'% 0hi' enable' the teacher' to benchmar* the 'tudent' a' the& ha(e
rogre''ed through a 'tandard+ba'ed curriculum% While the other a''e''e' the under'tanding o/
the 'tudent roduce a icture through thin*ing% 3l'o thi' ro(ide' an acti(e e2erience /or the
'tudent'% 0echnolog& al'o ro(ide' the teacher a higher ,ualit& o/ an ongoing /eedbac* #ith
'tudent' that can hel guide the learning roce'' along the #a&% While incororating technolog&

in the cla''room interacti(e online learning a''ignment' can be u'ed to hel /acilitate the tran'/er
o/ o#er and gi(e 'tudent' oortunitie' to ractice ma'tering the material at their o#n ace%
0echnolog& doe' do a better 4ob o/ *eeing the 'tudent' on ta'*% 0hi' al'o ro(ide' high+,ualit&
o/ ongoing /eedbac* to teacher' and 'tudent' that can o/ten hel guide their learning roce''%
0hi' can hel enhance academic achie(ement, ci(ic engagement, an ac,ui'ition o/ leader'hi
'*ill', and er'onal a' #ell a' 'ocial de(eloment% .t can be de'igned to ro(ide adati(e leaning
and a''e''ment e2erience' /or 'tudent'% Without technolog& man& 'tudent' lea(e high 'chool
#ithout the *no#ledge and '*ill' the& need /or 'ucce'' in /urther education or the #or* lace due
to the increa'ed (olume o/ technolog& 'uort #ithin mo't cla''room' the'e da&'% 0he
technolog& i' 'tarting #ith children a' &oung a' the age o/ 2% 0he /uture deend' on the u'e o/
technolog& and there are man& u'e' /or it%
So #h& integrate technolog& #ith 'tudent+centered re/orm, e//ort' re'earch indicate' that 'eci/ic
u'e' o/ technolog& can imro(e the 'tudent' outcome /or their /uture% 5ather than rel&ing on the
te2tboo* /or the content o/ a le''on, the comuter' a' #ell a' other /orm' o/ technolog& can
ro(ide online acce'' to man& re'ource' that are u to date along #ith the content e2ert' /rom
the original re'ource'% 0he re'ult i' that the teacher i' creating a more engaged cla''room a' #ell
a' imro(ing the 'tudent' learning%

3n'#er =e&

1% 1>2<6 6
2% 6>2<5 2
6% 6>6<8 2
4% 7>1<9 6
5% 4+2<2 1
8% 9+6<8 4
$% 10+5<5 2
7% $+0<$ 4
9% Which da& come' ne2t; Wedne'da&, 0hur'da&, ????
Saturda&% @rida& 2
10% Which month i' 0han*'gi(ing; Ao(ember 6