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Period Career and Technical Education Camp Session #2
Create Your Own Business Instructor: Mike Alpert
8thPeriodEntrepreneurs.weebly.com alpertm@newberg.k12.or.us
Newberg HS Room H101 503.554.5104

Dear Parents and Students,
Greetings! Thank you for your interest in Newberg School Districts Career and
Technical Education (CTE) camps. Over the next several weeks, your student
will work with other 6
, 7
and 8
grade students from both Mountain View and
Chehalem Valley on an ambitious project. In both small and large groups, well
work together to brainstorm, research and develop a single comprehensive
business proposal. Throughout the course, well cover the fundamentals of
entrepreneurship, visit and consult with a local business and have the opportunity
to pitch our idea to mock investors.
An outline of the camp is included below. Topics covered each week may change
depending on field trip or guest speaker schedules. All sessions will be held from
3:15 PM to 5:15 PM at Newberg High School, in room H101. Classes will
typically be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but please note that well meet
on Monday, October 27
and Tuesday, October 28
for the first week (no
meeting on Thursday October, 30
) due to conference scheduling. We also will
not meet during the week of Thanksgiving. Mr. Byerley will meet students inside
the main entrance of the high school (off of Douglas Ave see map below) on
Monday, October 27
to help with our initial orientation.
Check out the camp website at www.8thPeriodEntrepreneurs.weebly.com. This
site will also be a handy resource to hear more about the camp and to stay up-to-
speed on whats happening week-to-week.
Please refer to additional details below regarding transportation to and from each
middle school.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Mr. Alpert (this bald guy) and Mr. Byerley (the other bald guy)

Date Topic
Mon 10/27 Introduction/Orientation
Group Roles What part do you want to play?
Tues 10/28 Brainstorming Bring your million dollar ideas
Types of Businesses Service vs. Product
Tues 11/4 Business Selection
Group Selection
Thurs 11/6 Business Structure Which is best? Um!its more
interesting than it sounds.
Mon 11/10 Financial Planning The magic math that makes it
all work
Thurs 11/13 Marketing Its more than just commercials!
Tues 11/18 Operations How exactly does this all work?
Thurs 11/20 Perfecting the Pitch Telling your story!and raising
Tues 12/2 Guest Speaker/Project Work Day
Thurs 12/4 TBA (Float day for field trip/guest speaker)
Tues 12/9 TBA (Float day for field trip)
Thurs 12/11 Shark Tank Pitch Wrap-up

CTE Standards Addressed
Business Management & Administration Career Cluster
1. Utilize mathematical concepts, skills and problem solving to obtain necessary
information for decision-making in business.
4. Identify, demonstrate and implement solutions in managing effective business
customer relationships.

Business Information Management Career Pathway
3. Access, evaluate and disseminate information for business decision making.

General Management Career Pathway
8. Create strategic plans used to manage business growth, profit and goals.

Finance Career Cluster
12. Access, evaluate and disseminate financial information to enhance financial
decision-making processes.

Transportation Details:
If your child attends Chehalem Valley, and needs transportation to the high
school, s/he will be dismissed from class at 2:35; the bus will leave CV at 2:40. If
you are providing transportation, you will need to pick up your child after school
and take them to the main entrance to the high school off the Douglas Ave.
entrance (not the Elliot St. entrance -- see the attached map). If you are picking
up your child at 5:15, you will need to meet in this same parking lot near the main
entrance. Buses will meet here, as well, for those that need transportation home
at 5:15.

If your child attends Mountain View, they may walk over to the high school after
school. If you are picking up your child at 5:15, you will need to meet in the main
parking lot off the Douglas Ave. entrance (not the Elliot St. entrance -- see
attached map). Buses will meet here, as well, for those that need transportation
home at 5:15.

Transportation will be provided from Newberg HS at 5:15. Students will be
dropped off as close to home as possible. The 5:15 bus will drive within the
city limits only! You will need to provide transportation for your child if
you live outside the city limits.

For questions regarding logistics and travel, contact Andy Byerley
byerleya@newberg.k12.or.us 503.554.4703