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Notes On Koine Greek: Part 25


1. The Uses & Functions of the Definite Article in Koine Greek: In the
last couple of sections of these “Notes”, I’ve mentioned that the next several
installations would explore the “article” and its different uses / functions. We
continue that here.
2. The Nuts & Bolts of the Koine Greek Definite Article: Here’s my
“new” way for remember the functions and uses of the definite article: images of
nuts and bolts! This installation of “Notes” shows the second “lug nut”.
3. Note: If you are unfamiliar with some of the grammatical terms used below,
please, consult my other “Notes” or some Greek (or even English) grammar for
4. The Second “Lug Nut” of the Definite Article: Here, is the “second” lug
nut, which deals with the article as a function marker. I shall refer to this as the
“Function Marking Lug Nut”:

Function Marking (9-Sided) Lug Nut

© 2009, T. Michael W. Halcomb

Nominative Substantives Genitive Phrases

(used with head noun /
(subject) nominative)

(various functions)
Adjectival Positions
(2nd / 3rd Attributive
Participles Subject from Predicate
(substantival / adjectival Nominative
participles) (and also the object from
the complement)

Posessive Pronouns Demonstratives

(acts as a marker) Ideclinable (can have attributive position)
(indicates case)

*Note: You can use the short phrase, starting with Genitive Phrases, to remember (as
an acronym) the “lug nut: “Gas Dippin”