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Dynalink RTA1046VW_Usermanual

Dynalink RTA1046VW_Usermanual

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Dynalink RTA1046VW User manual wireless modem router voip
Dynalink RTA1046VW User manual wireless modem router voip

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Published by: htcstech on Dec 23, 2009
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If you apply for multiple IP addresses from your ISP, you can assign these public IP
addresses to the IAD and public server, e.g., Web or FTP server. Typically the first
IP is network address, the second is used as the IAD IP address and the last one is
subnet broadcasting. Other remaining IP addresses can be assigned to PCs on the

The following example uses the IP address ranging from to
and the subnet mask is In such circumstance, we enable NAT
function but not assign any WAN IP.

1. Start your browser and type in the URL box to access ADSL
web-based manager.

2. Go to Quick Start – Quick Setup. Uncheck Auto Scan Internet Connection
. Key in the VCI and VPI value, e.g.:
VPI – 0
VCI – 32
Click the Next button.

3. On the Configure Internet Connection – Connection Type page, select IP
over ATM (IPoA)
then click Next.

4. On the WAN IP Settings page, select None for WAN IP address settings.
Then, select Use the following DNS Server Address and key in the
information that your ISP offered, e.g.:

Primary DNS server:
Secondary DNS server:

5. Check the Enable NAT box. And click Next.

6. On the Configure LAN side Settings page, key in the information for your
LAN, e.g.,
Primary IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Start IP Address:
End IP Address:

Chapter 3: Accessing the Internet


7. Check Configure the second IP Address and Subnet Mask for LAN
and enter the information needed, e.g.,
Secondary IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Click Next.

8. Check the network information on the Summary page. Make sure the contents
match the settings provided by your ISP. Click Finish.

9. Now the IAD is well-configured. You can access the Internet.

Wireless IAD User Manual


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