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Deloitte Marketing Profile

Group discussion topic: Business & Ethics

Personal Interview questions

1. What brings you here?
2. Why this role in particular?
3. Why do you think you are fit for this role?
4. Why should we recruit you?
5. What is the most interesting thing that you have noticed about Deloitte during the
presentation? (they gave a presentation about Deloitte earlier that day, before actual
process started and it is also in the agenda)
6. Give me the gist of presentation about Deloitte
7. There are 3 ways we evaluate a candidate for selection: a) requirements of the
organization. b) requirements of the job role. c) what is the worth of the candidate. Support
yourself as to why you have to be selected and substantiate.
8. The organization might think you are fit for a different role, but your idea is to work for
this role. Are you ok with that? If yes, how flexible are you?
9. Tell about your internship.
10. Are you fine with the 2 to 11 shift?