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Our English classes are cool,

Thats why we go to school

Doesnt matter if it is stormy or sunny,
Because learning is funny!
And we learn, we learn, we learn,
Vocabulary, grammar and culture,
Because learning is an adventure!
English festive days well celebrate
With happiness and faith!
Halloween is coming
Lets have a lot of fun
Dont stop, keep running
Until the rising of the sun!
Halloween is here
The scariest night of the year!
Zombies, skeletons and monsters
Walk down the street
Asking for trick or treat
The scary black cat, the best friend of the bat
And the witches flying on their broom
Across the sky towards the moon
Hidden vampires in the night
Waiting to have a bite
Dont be scared, just be prepared!
Lets have some fun!
Dont scream, dont run
Its just a game, its just a party!
Bring your costumes and hats
Its tonight! Its tonight!

Turmas do 6 ano

Turmas de 6 ano