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Object Oriented Paradigm

CSCP 1024

Assignment # 1

Course Instructor:
Muhammad Fawad Nasim

Faculty of Information Technology
UCP Lahore Pakistan
Maximum Marks = 50

Identify the objects and simulate the following scenario.Your Code must have all constructers,
Exception Handling, predicate functions ,wrapper functions ,settrs and getters.Use proper names for
functions, classes and variables. Your code must be fully commented. Make useful UML Diagrams to
elaborate. Similar code will be marked zero or it may effect your further grades. Nevertheless, personal
effort will be highly appreciated.
Email softcopy to fawad.nasim@ucp.edu.pk with subject: Assignment1 as an attachment having name of your
attachment as your reg#.cpp e.g L1F13Bscs2145.cpp before deadline. Bring hard copy when come for

Submission deadline: Friday Oct 31,2014