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Course Information sheet (2014-2015)

Mrs. Gurpreet Deol

Title of course: Chemistry E-mail: gdeol@musd.net

Contact at: 209-938-6350(Extension 52866)
Recommended Prerequisites: None

Catalog statement: This course is first course in Chemistry. This course emphasis on learning
atomic and molecular structures, chemical bonds, conservation of matter and stoichiometry, gases
and their properties, acids and bases, solutions and chemical thermodynamics.
Class Text: Chemistry matter and change by Glencoe

Recommended equipment: A scientific calculator. Notebook for the class notes and work.
Students notebook will consist of Cornell notes (Pattern for Cornell notes will be discussed in the
class the first day) and sample of Cornell format will be provided to the students.

Course objectives: To utilize and extend your understanding of basic chemistry in your life.
To help you prepare for college level chemistry.
Course Outline
This course is aligned with the California State Chemistry Standards. You may view these
standards at

Atomic and Molecular Chemistry: Periodic Table and atomic structure
Chemical Bonds: Covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding; intermolecular forces
Conservation of Matter and Stoichiometry
Gases and their Properties
Acids and Bases
Reaction Rates
Chemical Equilibrium
Organic and Biochemistry
Nuclear Chemistry

Student obligations:
1. Attend class regularly. Be on time.
You are responsible for all information provided during class time by your teacher and are
expected to participate in all class activities, including tests, and homeworks, when ever they
2. Consume snacks and beverages outside of class.
There is to be no eating or drinking in the classroom. Please provide the teacher with the
appropriate medical documentation if I need to make an exception to this rule in your case.
Otherwise you will get consequences.

4. You must accommodate the schedule. Not vice versa.
Makeup Work
If you are absent it is your responsibility to obtain any assignments you missed while you
were gone.
Approved absences you have one day for each excused absence to make up your work.
If you are absent during a lab you must make special arrangements to come in before or
after school to make up the lab or get and alternative assignment.
Missed exams must be taken before or after school. A zero will be given if they are not
taken in the time given for makeup work.

5. Be polite and come eager to learn
During class be courteous and considerate to those around you. Do not force your teacher to talk
over your voice and do not engage in distractive or disruptive behaviors during the lecture.
6. Cheating will not be tolerated.
The student is obliged to exhibit academic integrity at all times, which means that all forms of
cheating are forbidden. Therefore, on all examinations there is to be no talking to fellow students,
no passing of notes of any kind, no sharing of calculators, and eyes on your own paper and all
mobile/wireless phones and pagers put away, out of sight, with the ringer turned off.
Identification of any type of cheating could lead to a zero grade on the particular
assignment and student will be referred to the principle. .
Please note:
1. All test dates will be announced in class in advance.
2. Grades will be based on the following:

Assignments 10 Points
Tests 40Points
Participation 10 Points
/Per Class
Lab Reports 20 Points
Projects 30 Points
Final 100 points


3. Grades: A,B ,C ,D F Grades may be given according to the following scale:
90-100 % A or Credit
80-89% B or Credit
70- 79% C or Credit
60 69% D or No Credit
Below 60% F or No credit+

Participation Grade: Students will be required to participate in class assignments, class
discussions, and online evaluations. Students will receive credit on their participation grade
for good behavior, diligent work, active participation, and relevant questions.
Students will lose two points each time for class participation if one of the following activities
Having a cell phone or mp3player out
Not having calculator
Not having materials on desk
Not being prepared for a Test
Showing up late to class
Disrupting class
Not working during class time
Not doing warm up
Not taking notes
Eating, drinking, or chewing gum
Being disrespectful toward the teacher or another student

Final Note:
A. Few more rules to follow in class:
1. Adhere to school rules in the handbook.
2. You will enter the room and take your assigned seat quietly.
3. No disruptive or destructive behavior will be tolerated; School discipline rules will be
followed all times.
4. Work missed for unexcused absences revert to zero.
B. Lab Rules:
1. If you are working on a lab, you must be wearing eye protection.
2. While working on lab follow the directions given by me.
3. Do not try to do the things which are not a part of lab.
The last word: Chemistry is hard class, there are as a many new terms as there would be in the
first year language. With very few exceptions successful students do three things.
1. They read the chapter and work through the in text examples as they read.
2. They keep up to date with the work, so the test preparation is only a review of the learned
3. They try to answer homework questions and lab reports on their on, instead of waiting for
the teacher or somebody else give the answers to verify.
Your teacher reserves the right to make any changes in the course, such changes will result
in improving students learning.