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50/Synthetic coarse filters G3/xxxx/0106/EN

Synthetic coarse filters G3

Typical applications Materials

Coarse mesh filters can be used for a great variety of The coarse mesh filters are made of high-quality,
different air filtration purposes. They are primarily progressive mounted synthetic filter material. The fire
used as pre-filters in multistage filtering systems. classification of the coarse mesh filter meets the
Coarse mesh filters are also used as main filters highest F1 level standards.
e.g. in storage rooms and warehouses, where the
requirements for the purity of indoor air are less
demanding. Coarse mesh filters eliminate the largest
impurities, such as pollen and sand dust, from indoor The inner and outer frames of the filters are made
air. of galvanized steel or incinerable plastic. To ensure
tightness, the filter pockets are glued to the outer
frame. Correct opening of the filter pockets is ensured
by using spacers to ensure an even air circulation in
the filter. Reliable and correct functionality as well as
high dust holding capacity is thus ensured.

BAG FILTERS - Synthetic coarse filters G3

50/Synthetic coarse filters G3/xxxx/0106/EN
Syötetty pölymäärä,
Dust input, g g Arrestance
0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200

Pa Pa



Dust input, g

300 800

2 400
100 200
0,00 0,25 0,50 0,75 1,00 1,25 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100%
Ilman tilavuusvirta, 3m3/s
Air flow, m /s
Curve 11 Käyrä
Curve 22 Arrestance, %
Painehäviö ilman
Pressure drop astilavuusvirran
a function of Painehäviö syötetyn
Pressure drop pölymäärän
as a function of
air volume(puhdas suodatin)
flow (clean filter) funktiona
dust inputtestausilmavirralla
with the test volume

Sizes Specifications

Halton Clean Air Oy is offering wide selection of Filter class G3

EN 779:2002
standard-sized filters. As per special order, we can also
Initial pressure loss 40 Pa
manufacture filters with tailored dimensions.
Initial efficiency 72 %
Material Polyester
Frame Galvanized steel / plastic
Quality and environment
Max. operating 75 ˚C
The operations of Halton Clean Air Oy are certified
Relative Max. 100 %
with the ISO 9001:2000 Quality and ISO 14001 humidity
Environmental standards.

BAG FILTERS - Synthetic coarse filters G3