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The Doctrine of Christ - W. W. Prescott

The Doctrine of Christ - W. W. Prescott

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Published by: Leslie Cooper on Dec 27, 2009
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“As it [the ark] was made of wood, and covered with gold, thus consisting of two materials, one
ordinary and the other exceedingly precious, so Christ has two natures, the human and the divine, the
former represented by the wood, and the latter by the gold; which two natures, however, make only one
Christ, as the wood and the gold, one ark. The acacia was a very durable wood, not liable to decay like
other species of timber, and it was in this respect a type of the body of Christ, which, though laid in the
grave, was not suffered to see corruption. The ark had a border of gold around its lid: so Christ was
crowned with glory and honor. Within the ark were the two tablets of the law; and Christ says, ‘I delight
to do thy will, O my God; yea, thy law is within my heart.’ Over the ark was its lid, covering the tablets:
so Christ covers all our sins which we have committed against the law. This lid was called the mercy
scat, because God was here enthroned above his covered law as a God of mercy; but Christ is the true
mercy seat, since it is through him that God is reconciling the world to himself, not imputing to them
their sins. Prom the mercy seat God communed with Moses: through Christ he communes with us. The
ark, with the mercy seat which covered it, was the place where God dwelt: in Christ dwells all the
fullness of the Godhead. Over the ark were two cherubs, turning their faces toward the mercy seat as if
in wonder and delight: so the angels are said to study with interest the work of Christ in the redemption
of men. The ark had four rings, one on each of its corners, by means of which it, was carried from place
to place as the people journeyed in the wilderness: so Christ through the preaching of his gospel is
carried into the four quarters of the world.”

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