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The Doctrine of Christ - W. W. Prescott

The Doctrine of Christ - W. W. Prescott

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Published by: Leslie Cooper on Dec 27, 2009
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“Christ was the truth; and none but the Spirit of truth could guide them into anything like a
worthy apprehension of his character and work, his sufferings, his death, his will, his help.”
“In the guidance of the Holy Ghost we enjoy that which is fully equal to the guiding,
comforting, and strengthening influence of the Lord Jesus as enjoyed by the apostles.”
“We put on freedom just in the measure that we bring to the study of the word of God the sense
of our absolute dependence upon the Spirit of God to guide us into the truth. Without his guidance it will
prove a mere labyrinth to us. He that gave the truth gave the Spirit of truth.”
“Without the Spirit of truth our memories will remain unacquainted with the words of Jesus.
But before the Spirit thus makes the chambers of memory redolent with the fragrance of the things of
Christ, he subdues the affections and guides the will.”
“What magnificent revelations may we not expect from such a teacher! What sublime views of
Christ must those be that the Spirit himself entertains! How far doubtless do they transcend our highest
conceptions of him who is fairer than the sons of men!”

The Doctrine of Christ


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