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Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA)

Task 1 & 2 Seminars

Who Should Attend?
Candidates in the Multiple or Single Subject Credential Program
Purose of the Seminars!
Provide an overview of Teacher Performance Assessments
Task 1-Subject Specic Pedagog! " Task #- $esigning
-&hat is the purpose of each task'
-&hat are candidates being asked to do'
-(ow are tasks submitted'
-(ow are tasks scored'
-&hat resources and support materials are available to
)espond to candidate *uestions regarding the tasks
"ocation of the Seminars! +randman ,niversit! - )oom A-#
Presenter! $r. /ath! Theuer0 Associate Professor0 1ducation
Multiple Subject Credential Program 2acult! Mentor
#ates of the Seminars!
Tuesda!0 September #30 #414 5654-7644 p.m.
Tuesda!0 8ovember 540 #414 5654-7644 p.m.
Tuesda!0 2ebruar! ##0 #411 5654-7644 p.m.
Tuesda!0 March ##0 #411 5654-7644 p.m.
9Come to as man! sessions as !ou would like. The information presented will be the
same at each session.