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Ensuring Educator Excellence

Commission on Teacher Credentialing

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Office of the Executive Director

December 20, 2011

Dear Dr. Theuer:
I am pleased you have agreed to serve as a member of the Teacher Preparation Advisory Panel
for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (Commission). You and the other panel members
were selected for your expertise and experience relevant to the purpose of the panel as described
below. Congratulations on your appointment!

It is anticipated that the advisory panel will be involved in a one-year study of the preparation of
teachers for California schools. This panel will look at a range of issues relating to the
preparation of teachers as directed by the Commission at its April 2011 meeting

Panel members will consider potential updates and/or revisions to the components of the
Learning to Teach System within the areas addressed in the agenda item referenced above. The
panel will be expected to make recommendations to the Commission regarding a variety of
policy issues, including but not limited to the structure of the multiple and single subject
credentials, issues relating to teaching and learning, national teacher preparation reform efforts
and other issues as appropriate to meet the needs not only of todays teachers and students in
California public schools, but also for the future. The goal of the panel will be to come to
consensus on recommendations for teacher preparation that benefit all learners and all
participants in the Learning to Teach System.

The initial meeting of the panel will be held on February 28-29, 2012 at the Commission so
please delete the January 2012 meeting that was noted in the original survey. Three additional
two-day panel meetings have been scheduled for March 28-29, April 30-May 1, and June 28-29.
During our initial meeting, future meetings will be scheduled between July 2012 and February
2013 according to the availability of the panel members. Upon completion of the panels work,
draft panel recommendations will be presented to the Commission.

Submission of the enclosed confirmation/reply form, as well as the application materials that
you have previously submitted, constitutes your explicit commitment to participate fully in the
proceedings of the Teacher Preparation Advisory Panel until its work is completed. I hope that
you will accept this appointment to the Teacher Preparation Advisory Panel. Please return the
Teacher Preparation Advisory Panel Confirmation/Reply Form via e-mail or fax to Erick
Schmitt at eschmitt@ctc.ca.gov , fax 916- 327-3165 by J anuary 11, 2012. Questions regarding
submission of the form should be directed to Erick via email or phone 916-327-7106.

In accordance with state guidelines, the Commission will pay and/or reimburse you for your
necessary travel expenses incurred when attending panel meetings. You will receive instructions
Ensuring Educator Excellence
on making the necessary travel arrangements for the initial meeting as soon as we receive your
confirmation/reply form enclosed with this letter. For each meeting, the Commission will pre-
pay your travel expenses and overnight lodging if needed. Following each meeting, the
Commission will reimburse you for parking, mileage, and meal expenses. At the initial meeting,
you will be provided with specific information about the procedures for reimbursements.
Unfortunately, the Commission is not permitted by law to provide honoraria or stipends for
advisory panel members.

If you need to secure a release from work, you may forward a copy of this letter to your
employer. If a substitute teacher is required in order for you to attend panel meetings, the
Commission can reimburse school districts for the cost of the substitute teacher.

If you choose to accept the appointment to this panel, I thank you for your willingness to
undertake this important responsibility, and I look forward to working with you. The expertise
and awareness you bring to this important process will provide an excellent foundation to guide
the future teachers and students in California public schools.

If you have any questions regarding your appointment or the work of the panel, please contact
Katie Croy (kcroy@ctc.ca.gov) at 619-675-2264 or Gay Roby (groby@ctc.ca.gov) at 562-477-


Mary Vixie Sandy
Executive Director

Enclosures: Confirmation/Reply Form