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1. Locate the Calibration Room in your LiveText account by clicking on the documents tab
and then clicking on inbox. If you cant locate the calibration room then contact Carla
at piper@brandman.edu who will you them troubleshoot.

2. Once you open the Calibration Room and locate the appropriate program under the
table of contents and then your course.

3. Download the 3 samples of student work, rubric and assignment description to your
computer and then email these to the adjuncts teaching your course. (See Kathys email
for list of adjuncts).

4. Once the adjuncts receive your email they should independently review each of the
three samples of student work and independently score each of the assignments by
filling out the rubric for each of the 3 samples provided before your virtual calibration

5. Conduct a virtual calibration session through Adobe Connect. During that session you
a. Lead a discussion about the signature assignment and work with the instructors to
come to a consensus on the appropriate score for each student work sample. You
will then document the results by filling out a rubric (by highlighting the cells) for
each of the three student work samples. The rubric should be labeled as an anchor
rubric and include the name of the course, student 1, 2 or 3 and the date.
Example of a Rubric Label: EDMU 520 Anchor Rubric Student 1 1.13.14.
You will then upload the rubrics into LiveText by clicking on edit, and then file
attachments, browsing for the documents you need and attaching them.

b. Complete the Calibration Summary of Findings and Outcomes sheet with the
instructors and upload that to LiveText as well.
Example of a Label : EDMU 520 Calibration Summary of Findings and Outcomes