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SS Curriculum Team
Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: February 4, 2014
Meeting Time: 2-3:30
Participants: Alba, Betty, Carla, David, Faith, Joe, Kathy


Discussion: Action/
Alba Kathy suggested that the Grading Tutorials be put them together in an easy to use format
Alba will work with Devon to create this additional tutorial on How to grade from Needs Grading section
of BB
Wikis- still dont work like journals with regard to grading and Alba indicates that they have a ticket into
BB about it
Textbook Deadlines: Summer 2- March 26th, fall 1 and 2 May 28

IQ Tools: Will be checking shells. Let Alba know if you are still working on them
Code Freeze: Summer 1 March 14 for IDs and March 21 FINAL DATE
Adobe Connect: If there are issues record sessions and send links to CII (Sabrina)

Kathy reminded the team of the deadlines: Need to complete sessions by February 7
and load anchor
rubrics and summary sheets into LiveText by February 14
Feedback from the team on the process:
-Calibration process worked well
-Not much of a range in scores on samples -Faith indicated that Twyla sent 10 samples to developers
who selected high and low examples- this may be a helpful approach for us
-Make sure names are not visible on papers
-Some instructors on the master list were not actually teaching
-Discussed the need for some changes in instructions for assignments

MS.SS Online-
Need for more online instructors for all courses especially EDUU 512, EDMU 520/521 and EDUU 540
Bill LaPlante- Roseville 540
Cathy Weitstock-EDMU 520 taught K-3 ms cred, Ed.D, teaches for Fullerton
Stu Goldberg- EDUU 512 (starting next year..currently a CCC, supervising for admin)

Schedule for next year
Possibility of offering some methodology courses online in Summer I and Summer II
Team recommended -EDSU 531 EDMU 525, and EDMU 523
May need to make note in online schedule *This course requires __ hours of observation/fieldwork.
Courses NOT to offer in summer because of tutoring requirements:
EDSU 530,532, EDMU 520, 521, or 524

EDSU 532-
Betty removed the Teaching Case Analysis as an assignment for Spring II so there are fewer assignments
in the course.

Review chart tabled until next meeting
Intern Program
Kathy shared some highlights of the report submitted to CTC on Feb 1
regarding intern program.
If approved the changes include:
-Two terms of Supported Teaching instead of one ( 6 units) plus a term of Directed Teaching (3 units)
-Weekly contact with supervisors
-Supported teaching seminar course (1 unit) taken with each supported teaching course. Meet 11/2
hours per week. ( 2 units total)
-Intern observations (4 per term ) in other classrooms with at least two focusing on ELD/SDAIE lessons

BA Liberal
Kathy shared progress with the BA Liberal Studies program
Approval Process
Deans Council 1.28.14 (approved)
CAC Will be reviewed 2.6.14
CHIT Will be reviewed 2.13.13

Changes that needed to be made to the program since our last CT discussion are noted in red:
Admission Requirements
2.75 or above GPA should be used rather than the BA requirement of 2.0.
Register for CBEST, (pass CBEST at admission)
Certificate of Clearance, TB (within first session of enrollment)

Course Sequence
For a Blended program CTC Program Standard 1- Program Design -requires integrated and concurrent
coursework of subject matter and related pedagogy at gradually more sophisticated levels so there will
be no set term where advancement to credential program happens.
The suggested course sequence would list EDUU 510 as a course they take in their first term

Prior to filing for credential
CPR RICA, TPA, Portfolio Exit interview

Disposition assessments
Since credential and subject matter courses will be taken concurrently the dispositions will be assessed in
the courses we designated

Course Descriptions/Objectives have been developed for NEW courses NSCU 302, 304, HISU 358, 360,
ENGU 420, EDUU 350, LBSU 403
BA Lib St. New

Team approved of the new wording for the Scholarship Statement:
Candidates in all Education credential programs, whether stand alone or embedded within a graduate
degree, are expected to maintain A and B grades, a grade of C+ or lower is considered
unacceptable and the course must be repeated.

P grades are granted if the student earned an equivalent to B- or above in the course. NP grades are
given if the student earned an equivalent to C+ or below.

Early Fieldwork requirement
BA integrated will take EDUU 350
EDUU 395 Changing this for next years catalog? Can we enforce prerequisites? Alter to 45 hours?
Kathy will check about enforcing prerequisites.
-May want to make recommendation at Intake Interview if we have someone who hasnt been in schools
to go do some observing or subbing

TPA 1 and 2 requiring passing it before student teaching? Will discuss at our next meeting

May need to schedule an additional meeting in February
Next Scheduled Meeting: March 4, 2014 1-2:30