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Whites Newsletter
Whats New In Class
Dear First Graders and
Welcome to First Grade!
This year we are going to
have a ton of fun and exciting things going on! We will
be reading, writing, and
learning math and science
through a variety of different things. We will also be
going on some fun field
trips throughout the year.
Parents, your help this year
is going to be very important and much appreciated. I would like to have a
classroom mom to help plan
parties and get sign-up
sheets going for various
needed items for field trips
or classroom activities. I

believe that communication

is absolutely essential and I
will be sending home a
newsletter each week and
my website will be updated
frequently for those of you
that like to view things that
way. Please feel free to
contact me either through
a note or an email and I will
get back to you within forty
-eight hours. Homework
will be sent home in your
childs homework folder and
there will be a weekly packet of graded things that we
have done in the classroom
that will also be sent home
to you. I ask that you sign
your childs graded homework packet and send it

Upcoming Events
Friday Nov. 7th - Field Day
Monday Nov. 10th OffCampus Lunch for Perfect
Monday Nov. 24th
Thanksgiving Day Lunch
and Thanksgiving Party

Wednesday Nov. 26th

Friday Nov. 28th
Thanksgiving Holiday, No
Monday Dec. 1st Field

back to class with your

child the next day. I am so
looking forward to this year
and all the fun things that
we are going to learn and do
Thank you!
Ms. White

Flagler College
Volume 1, Issue 1

Star Student
This will be where I will show
you all who is the star student for the week. To be star
student, you must show excellent behavior, a helping hand
to others and a good attitude
no matter what. The star
student will get to sit on the
comfy couch during the next
week and at the end of the
month all star students get to
go bowling!

Inside this issue:

Digital Citizenship


Prezi vs. PowerPoint


The Cloud


Monthly Calendar

Trip to the Jr. Museum

Digital Citizenship: Our Pledges

This year as a class we have come up
with pledges to promote good citizenship online and in the classroom. We
have done this in an effort to let the
kids know that there should be no
cyberbullying going on this year between any students. We want our students to feel safe and like they are a
part of a big family while they are at
school. As a class, we have decided to
come up with pledges. The students
have built their class pledge on their
own and have come up with things
that they want you, as parents, to
pledge to as well. I feel that this is an

excellent way to start off the year

and to promote good behavior while
online. I just ask that as parents, we
try our best to work together and
teach good behavior online so that
everyone has a great experience and
no one feels like they are going to get
made fun of or like they cannot post
anything. I have posted both their
pledge and the parent pledge on our
class website for you all to see as well
as sign and turn into me by the

All of our awesome students this

year will be practicing excellent
digital citizenship!

Edmodo In the Classroom

Edmodo is a social networking applica-

class. I can also poll the class on as-

by myself. The good thing about Ed-

tion for students and teachers. Think

signments that we do and see how

modo is that you have to have a code

Facebook, but on a safe and helpful

they feel about what we have done in

to get into Ed-

environment. This website is a way

class. Edmodo is free and will remain

modo, you can-

for me to interact with my students

free and the creators have said that

not post anony-

online in several different ways. I can

it will remain free. I am using Edmodo

mously, and you

ask my students questions, have them

to encourage peer-learning and peer-

cannot send pri-

turn in assignments, and get feedback

reviewing in the classroom in an envi-

vate messages

from them on things that we do in

ronment that is controlled and edited

to one another.

Prezi vs. PowerPoint

PowerPoint is definitely

What if I was to tell

except it has the bonus features to

the more traditional

you that there was an-

play music, to actually move through

way to go when it comes

other program out

the slides and you can also post vide-

to presenting new in-

there that might be a

os! So next time you think you might

formation to the class.

little more interesting?

want to stick to your normal Power-

We all know and are

Prezi is the new alter-

Point presentation, remember Prezi

comfortable with Pow-

native to PowerPoint

and try something new!

PowerPoint is the standard

erPoint and we all proband it has a lot to ofoption for teachers to present
ably love PowerPoint.
fer. Its like PowerPoint
information to their students.

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Ms. Whites Newsletter

Popplet is a tool that allows students

over the past couple

outside of the class-

to visualize different ideas. This is a

days. Popplet has a va-

room. Popplet is easy to

way for students and teachers to cre-

riety of different col-

use because you just

ate webs, graphic organizers and

ors, fonts, videos and

simply drag and drop

timelines. It is very visual and can be

drawings that you can

what you need onto the

used for a variety of different sub-

choose from. After you

page. Popplet is a great

jects. For example, you can plan a

create your Popplet,

tool to use in your

writing assignment and have the stu-

you can share it in an e-

classroom and a fun way

dents use Popplet to show you that

mail, on your class web-

for your students to

they have planned how they are going

site, or on a social net-

to write their essay. Or for a history

working site giving your

assignment, you can have your stu-

students a way to ac-

dents use popplet and create a time-

cess the Popplet you

line of the events you have covered

created or the Popplet they created

Popplet is a great interactive create different things

tool for my students to
for you.
demonstrate what they know.

What is the Cloud?

What is the Cloud? How can you use

have access to all your pictures and

cloud from one

it? The Cloud is a place that you can

information that you may have sent

thing, but if you

save or send all your information from

there. The Cloud is an awesome re-

have various Cloud

your phone, email, OneDrive and vari-

source to share various documents

accounts then you

ous other places. When you Snapchat

and pictures to people you are close

have many differ-

a person, where do you think that it

with. You just have to be careful and

ent places that

goes? Your picture did not just vanish

aware of what you choose to send to

you can access

into nowhere. It goes into the cloud

the Cloud. There are some stipula-

your things from.

and if someone hacks your cloud they

tions on how much you can send to the

The cloud,
simply, refers
to software
and services
that run on the
instead of your

ActivInspire provides the teacher

you can import different kinds of

with an interactive way to present

software like PowerPoint and PDFs,

information to the classroom with a

you have free page templates, and

smart board. You can have lessons

since it is all done on your Smart-

that provide an opportunity for the

board you are able to see which stu-

students to get up and do things with

dents might need a little more help on

the game or lesson. Some feature of

a topic.

ActivInspire are: you can access free

content to use for you Smartboard,

Volume 1, Issue 1

ActivInspire provides a way for students to get involved in different


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November 2014








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Thanksgiving Lunch
and Party

Dec. 1
Field Trip to
Jr. Museum