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Hannah Stevenson

I wont really have a problem with this as Im not actually using real life people Im creating people
out of clay as I know how touchy the subject area Im doing about is, so when taking that into
consideration I thought it would only be right to do this and use the clay figures as representation of
what is happening and the people.
As my topic is about Suicide and I am doing about a real story, as I have used the clay people as I
think I will be able to get my message across easier, in a much more surreal way of telling the story
as these will be seen as clay figures and not real people, making the information a little more easier
to swallow.
I decided this will be more effective as Im not trying to scare the people that are viewing this, im
trying to inform people.
Also using people possesses itself is a constraint, as you have to think about their rights, their rights
to privacy, possible discrimination and many many more factors.
I think using an object is much more of a sensitive way of approaching this, it is still hard hitting and
it doesnt take away the story and the reality of what the story is about, but it relieves so of the
I have to take into consideration that I include all people from all racial backgrounds so I dont seem
like I am excluding anyone from this, as its happening to everyone regardless of what your skin
colour is or what colour you are.

Okay so I want you to be real here and think of all of the constraints that could exist when thinking
about the topic Suicide. Its a very hard subject to talk about that society hides in a corner as if it
doesnt happen; its a topic that the government is not willing to talk about. Its a subject that strikes
so much fear that its very controversial as so many people have so many different views.
You have to think about the religious views on this, and how it may be considered as acceptable in
some religions and in others not acceptable.
Telling a personal story could upset people, it may not be found appropriate as it simply is too true,
people dont want to know when it comes to suicide they like to believe that the world is all dandy
and everyone is all happy like a fairy-tale of some kind even though they know fully well that this
isnt the truth and that they cant ignore it forever.
You also have to think about the media, you have to think about how they implement it and how
they corruptly tell storys always trying to find something to blame, many people would argue about
You also have to take into consideration families which have had to deal with this tragedy and dont
want bringing back into that world again, people that are so hurt even hearing the word suicide
breaks their hearts.
Also you need to think about how much the government is failing on this issue and simply is not
doing enough to help people, is not doing enough to stop this or to even prevent this problem from
rising and is now why I would consider it as a academic.
If you educate teens on this subject then they know what to do, they will know how to react and
they will know where to go if they themselves end up in this situation or if someone they love does.
Many people believe that if they dont need to know about this then they shouldnt and you should
protect them all you can, but you cant. Suicide is everywhere, in every country, state you name it
its happening there and if you can feed the knowledge to the ones who realistically need it, they will

Hannah Stevenson
use it as and when necessary.
I want to educate people, I want people to take an interest and that this the point in this video. It
will have the shock factor and hopefully it will surprise people, as it could be anyone and you
wouldnt see it coming it would just happen and before you know it the one person you couldnt
imagine doing this act is gone and you did nothing.
If you teach people about the signs, about how to spot that something is wrong then we can work
together to help prevent this.
I struggled with this part as I am basing the scenario off of a real story but it isnt that story. I will not
be using any names, and I will not be doing anything that would enable to identify a singular person
that has done this act.
I will need consent to get permission as to where I am filming, I suppose you will need my consent to
use my material such as the poem that the story is based off but apart from that I cant think of any
other problem I could face in this area as Im not doing anything that would need apart from getting
consent to use the area.
The main resources that I am using I have found out myself, I have researched and I have personally
been through, I will be using my own statistics and my owns analysis and experience in order to
make this video as sensitive as it has to be.
I will be getting my equipment from college and shooting my video in college premises.
Privacy Restrictions:
If I was using real people or making this video exactly based on the events that happened and
exactly how it did and being explicit about it then yes I would face a real problem. But I am not.
As that is no the message I am getting across, I dont want to encourage or show these teens how to
harm themselves I want to teach them how to prevent it in the most sensitive way possible.
For me I believe the biggest restriction I have is what classification my video would be classed as so it
is appropriate for my target audience which is Secondary school students.
I am aiming my Video to be PG, which means there will be no violence, bad language, sexual themes,
there will be no drugs and there will not be any content that will be promoted as there is anything
good about the consumption of alcohol or anything of that nature.
I will not be showing anything like self-harm, I will not be hinting or saying what actually occurred or
how he killed himself. I will be pointing out his lows, by that him crying and him being sad there will
be no sort of behaviour that in any way could promote anything negative.
I will be telling the story of this issues but I have to remember that these are teens, and I dont want
to create any mis-conceptions or create a wrong way of looking at this issues.
Instead I want to teach them to be open minded, and that even though they make think that they
are too young to know about these sorts of things, they arent is starting to affect them more and
more and more teens are committing suicide.

This is basically when you say something that is untrue that could hurt someones reputation or
make them look bad over false pretences. This is key if I am dealing with the topic of suicide as these
are the following I have to make sure that I dont do, or seem to be doing:
I should make sure that it isnt a discredit so If I say for example that I make out a person is pathetic

Hannah Stevenson
for behaving in a certain way and so forth and that they did a terrible thing then I could get in
I should make sure that by doing this it doesnt make people look down on others who are facing
this problem.
I should make sure that even though this is a sensitive subject that if you did try to commit this that
you shouldnt be avoided or disliked because of it.
I need to make sure that im as sensitive as possible so people who do go through this arent hated or
treated badly.
Say if I made up all of my facts, and I had no backups and I basically based my video on false
information and made It seem like such a horrible, disgusting thing that no-one should do then I am
going against this which I obviously dont intend to do but its an example.
You can be taken to court for this and charged if someone can provide evidence that you have done
this to harm them in some way and that is not what I intend to do and have been careful that I
follow these guide lines.
CopyrightI dont have anything that could make this a problem as everything I am using is my own material, I
have not taken anything from anyone else.
I will ensure that I follow the copyright law and be careful If I decided to use any music that could
provide a risk of going against it.

Data Protection Act:

Basically this act controls how personal information is used at any given time.
These are things that I need to consider:
That I use any information fairly and lawfully, so I dont tell lies or exaggerate.
That I only use it if its relevant in which I am doing and also I am not pointing out any individual or
anything like that, I am only recalling personal experiences.
Basically this law tells me that I have to take everything into consideration and that I need to be
sensitive about this issue, I need to consider everything so that I dont discriminate in any way
against any of the issues I am trying to tell about.
Due to this I wont be using any names because of the way I am doing my video there is no reason
for names its a trick basically to say that it can be anyone, anywhere and that it goes unheard of. I
will make sure to include everyone of all races but I will not go against this act.

Freedom of Information:
Freedom of information is taken very seriously but I dont believe that It is an issues that bothers
me, It basically means that any information held by the public services such be available, this
includes the government, local authorities, the NHS, state schools and the police services.

Hannah Stevenson