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Single camera techniques Codes and conventions/ task

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The pros and cons of using single camera.

In single camera
In Single camera
productions there is
productions the
only one camera and
camera is required to
this means that there
move around and this
is less crew and less
means that lighting
equipment needed and
and sound can change
so it is cheaper
as the camera is in
compared to a multi
different positions.
camera set-up as this
This does not happen
need more crew and
in multi camera
productions because
the cameras are fixed
In a single camera
and all the lighting
production the camera
is pre calibrate to
is free to move
the fixed position.
around all of the
Single camera
time and so this can
give a smother more
productions need more
real feel, helping
editing as they are
the viewers to
made up of clips
connect to the film.
because there is one
In a multi camera
camera that needs to
setup this is harder
stop and move to get
to achieve as the
different shots. Were
cameras are fixed to
as a multi camera
the floor.
setup is recorded
from multiple angle
at the same time and
so there is less
A format is the basic setup of a show this can
include lighting , cameras and length.
A serial drama is one
that has more than
one episode in a
series and more than

one series, the event that happen in them carry over

from episode to episode for example in Game Of
Thrones when Ned Stark dies he will from then on in
any future series or episodes be dead.

Another example of this is Red Dwarf when they first
meet Kytren this effect the plot of many episodes.

This means that viewer will continue to tune in
episode after episode to see what happens next.
A series is broad casted regularly most likely once a
week. Its story is consistent to one or two episodes
and is usually just a different situation with the
same characters, noting that happens I an episode can
will majorly affect the plot of each episode. An
example of this is The Simpsons, when homer dies the

next episode he will be back alive again.


another example of this is South Park where Kenny

dies every episode

The fact that plots do not carry over means that
writers can be more creative with the plots of
individual episodes.

A genre is a category which a film or TV shows fits
into e.g. science fiction or historical drama. A

pieces genre is defined by setting characters and

plot for example Star-trek is a science fiction
because it is set on board a spaceship and has many
Alien creatures for characters.
Historic drama: this is common on American TV

Set in a certain historic period

Based on real people or a true event

Contains lots of violence and action


Hell On Wheels

Black Sails


Detective: these are common on all TV networks.


Tense and very atmospheric

Leaves the viewer to figure out the mystery as

the characters do

Often very dark and sinister




Midsummer Murders

Sitcom: common on all TV networks


Simple sets

Very character centred

Single camera techniques



Friday night dinner

The It crowed

A comedy is often filmed in small locations and uses
small sets this is because they have smaller budgets
that most productions and so focus on writing to make
the show attractive to viewers. They usually have no
more than 6 main characters. It uses primarily single
camera techniques because of their low budget.


this scene in Friday night dinner feature Martins

secret fox being discovered. This is a prime example
of sit-com; there are no special effects, a few
simple props and single camera techniques. The
unusual situation and excellent writing shows this is
a comedy piece.


this scene form Outnumbered shows comedy because of

the constant arguing between Caren and her father. In
Outnumbered the majority of the childrens lines are
improvised, this adds to the raw and real effect of
comedy that the series has.
Period Drama.
A Period Drama is a drama set in a certain period in
history. It has lots of costume and make up
relatively high budgets; some are very action focused
and have lots of special effects. Period dramas
usually have lots of different characters and have
multiple story arks at one time.


this scene from Vikings shows particular Conventions

of a period drama with excellent costume, helicopter
shots show a high budget, it is all filmed on
location and the script is all spoken using older
vocabulary that people wouldnt use today.

this clip is an exelent example of an action focused
Period drama there are lots of special effects,
costume, expensive and realistic sets and realistic

A narrative is the way a story is told for example
weather its linear or non-linear or weather flash
backs are used as compared to story which is the
sequence of events In a production or the plot which
is how those events happen.
Exemplars of narrative structure.
Linear is when a story is told from the start to
finish in chronological order.
non linear
is when the story starts at the end or middle and
often the films explains how the events shown at the
start happened.

flash back
flash backs are when the characters look back and
reflect and there memories are shown on the screen.
This can be used to show characters emotions and they
are sometimes narrated by the character.
realism is made to be a realistic representation of
life, it will have realistic characters setting and
plots. An example of this is the film Trainspotting
This is the opposite to realism and so it means a
production has unrealistic characters and events, an
example of this is Star-Wars.
open ending
an open ending is an ending that is left open for a
sequel or another series, it can be a cliff hanger or
closed ending
a closed ending is one that leave no room for a
sequel for example if all of the main characters die.

Technical issues sounding single camera techniques

Lighting a single camera production can be difficult
because there is only one camera. as there is only
one camera the camera has to move and this means that
as the camera is moved to different locations the
lighting will change. This means that the lighting
needs to be adjusted less it looks unnatural, this
can be done by using additional lighting or by
changing the settings on the camera.

The same kind of problem appears with sound as with
lighting as you move the camera, the actors of
objects making the sound become further or closer or
farther away. This mean that the sound will be louder
or quieter and again ruin the feel of production,
this can be solved by using an extendable boom mic or
by dubbing over the sound latter.
Building a scene
Producers usual build single camera production scenes
in small locations eg a house because it easy to
control an example of this is outnumbered which is
almost entirely filmed in a small suburban house they
do this because in a small space it is more easy to
control lighting and sound and prevent the problems
listed above